Medical Marijuana

Alabama Senate approves medical cannabis bill in landslide vote!

Ask your state representative to support this compassionate bill.

Yesterday, the Alabama Senate approved the state’s medical cannabis bill — SB 165 — in a 22-11 vote! The bill now heads to the House of Representatives, where the speaker has not yet committed to letting it receive a vote.

Write your state rep today to ask them to support patients and to urge leadership to let it get a vote. To have even more impact, you can give your state representative a call after sending your email.

Senators debated SB 165 for hours and considered numerous amendments — accepting some and rejecting others.

The bill, which is sponsored by a physician, Sen. Tim Melson (R), would allow qualifying patients to use and safely access medical cannabis preparations. While it is more restrictive than most medical cannabis laws — and does not allow smoking or vaporization — SB 165 would still be a dramatic improvement from current law. For more details, check out our summary.

After you reach out to your own representative, spread the word to other compassionate Alabamians so that they, too, can raise their voices for compassion.

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Medical Marijuana

Will Kentucky Senate leaders block medical cannabis?

Call your senator’s office and urge them to support giving HB 136 a hearing and a vote!

The Kentucky House has already voted 65-30 to pass the medical cannabis bill, but unfortunately, there is no guarantee that Senate leaders will allow the bill to receive a vote. HB 136 has been referred to the Senate Judiciary Committee, and this week the committee’s chairman, Sen. Whitney Westerfield (R-Hopkinsville), cast doubt on the bill’s prospects. “I know it won’t get a hearing until I’m OK with it, and for sure I’ve still got questions right now," he said.

Please call your senator’s office today and urge them to support giving this bill a hearing and a vote!

Then, please call Senator Westerfield’s office and call Senate President Robert Stivers’ office and tell them this bill is urgently needed for Kentuckians who are battling serious medical conditions.

After you call your senator’s office, Senator Westerfield’s office, and Senate President Robert Stivers’ office, please share this message with your friends and family.

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Tax and Regulate

Volunteers needed to help advance Connecticut’s legalization bill!

Sign up to generate calls to pass S.B. 16.

Earlier this week, the governor’s legalization bill was heard in the Judiciary Committee and received strong support from our allies and supporters. But there was also significant opposition, and we still need to move several lawmakers from “undecided” to “yes.”

Will you volunteer to help generate phone calls to legislators in key districts?

The Call Fire system we use makes it easy to volunteer from home. Please email — or reply to this email — if you’re willing to make some phone calls to constituents of key lawmakers. We’ll send details on how to get started.

All of the lawmakers we’re generating calls to are on the Judiciary Committee. One challenge is that many lawmakers don’t realize their constituents are supportive. With your help, we can change that misperception.

Please also don’t forget to email your own lawmakers to ask them to support S.B. 16.

Supporters like you can help us send a strong message to lawmakers to make 2020 the year we end cannabis prohibition in the Constitution State!


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Medical Marijuana

S.C.: Tell your lawmakers it’s time to move medical cannabis

Call your state representative and state senator TODAY.

Year after year, the clock has run out on patients in South Carolina.

At a gripping press conference last week, one mother described how she’s been fighting for medical cannabis for six years — half of her daughter’s life — and how other parents have lost their children who medical cannabis may have helped.

Margaret Richardson — who suffers from a rare and excruciating illness — described having to “creep around like a criminal” and running out of the one medicine that has brought her relief. State law, she explained, forces patients to choose between agony and opioids.

Watch the video, share it on Facebook and with your lawmakers, and let it motivate you to light up their phones. (Remember not to be hostile or threatening. As heartbreaking as opposition can be, our goal is to pass legislation and aggressive calls will only make it harder to do so.)

Click here to call your state lawmakers. Our automated system will connect you to their office once you type in your address and provide a sample script. You will probably talk to a staffer. Be sure to mention your lawmaker’s name, which our system will provide. Staffers typically work for between two and four legislators. Finally, if you or a loved one has a serious illness and could benefit from medical cannabis, be sure to mention that.

Thank you for your standing up for patients! Together, we can finally bring a compassionate law to South Carolina.

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Medical Marijuana

Wisc. Assembly speaker wants to pass medical cannabis!​

Ask your legislators to get on board with this compassionate issue.

Although he's staunchly opposed to legalization, Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R) wants the legislature to consider medical marijuana. For a bill to make it to Gov. Tony Evers' (D) desk, challenges would have to be overcome — such as Sen. Majority Leader Fitzgerald's opposition and securing the rank-and-file votes.

That's where you come in.

Please send an email to your state senator and assembly member to let them know it's wrong to brand the seriously ill criminals for relieving their suffering.

To have even more impact, give your state lawmakers a call. Or, better yet, if you or a loved one could benefit from medical cannabis, consider requesting an in-district meeting.

MPP's federal policies director — Don Murphy — was once a law-and-order Republican state lawmaker in Maryland. One day in 1999, a veteran with cancer sat down in Don's office and asked for his help. Don had never given medical marijuana much thought, much less considered sponsoring a bill. But Darrell Putman's plea changed everything, prompting Don to introduce the state's first medical marijuana bill, which laid the groundwork for Maryland's medical cannabis program.

Lawmakers are people, and we've seen honest, heartfelt pleas change minds in state after state. If this issue is personal to you, consider sharing your story with your legislators in person. Let us know if you need some guidance.

And please be sure to spread the word. Together, we can pass a compassionate medical cannabis law in Wisconsin.

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Tax and Regulate

New York: Legalization is down to the wire; your senator could be the difference!

The legislature adjourns tomorrow, so call or email your senator TODAY!

Your state senator could be the deciding vote to push legalization over the finish line. With the legislature adjourning tomorrow, it is very imperative they hear from you TODAY.

Please call your senator to ask them to vote to legalize, tax, and regulate cannabis for adults 21 and older. Our automated system makes it quick and easy — it'll look up your state senator when you type in your address and provide talking points.

It is important your senator hears from as many constituents as possible. If you're not comfortable calling, you can send an email here.

After you contact your senator, please forward this message to other supportive New Yorkers and share our action link on social media.

It's time to make history!

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