S.C.: New poll shows nearly 5:1 support for medical cannabis

Feb 23, 2021

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S.C.: New poll shows nearly 5:1 support for medical cannabis

Let your state legislators know it’s past time they pass the S.C. Compassionate Care Act.

A new poll by Starboard Communications found 72% of South Carolina voters support allowing medical cannabis and only 15% are opposed! But because South Carolina doesn’t have a citizens’ initiative process, the only way to translate that overwhelming support into law is for the state legislature to act.

Please send your state senator and representative an email to let them know you want them to do all they can to get the S.C. Compassionate Care Act passed this year.

Then, to go the extra mile, please follow up with a call to your state senator. We provide talking points and your senator’s phone number to make it easy.

Thirty-six states have compassionate medical cannabis laws, including Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Florida. It’s past time South Carolinians have the same medical freedom.

Please write and call your legislators today, then spread the word by sharing this link on social media. Together, we can bring relief to suffering South Carolinians.