Ask your lawmakers to vote “yes” on HB 1633

Jun 06, 2024

legalization, New Hampshire

Despite Senate President Jeb Bradley’s opposition to legalization — and his stated preference that legalization die — he did not stack the committee of conference on legalization (HB 1633) with prohibitionists. Sen. Bradley appointed himself and two “yes” votes and negotiated in good faith.

The House should be proud that it got significant changes, which will ensure the survival of ATCs (medical dispensaries) and reduce criminalization. Now, the House and Senate have until Thursday, June 13 to pass the negotiated bill.

Ask your lawmakers to vote “yes” on HB 1633.

The changes approved by the committee of conference are:

  1. prioritizing the licensure of ATCs (alternative treatment centers)
  2. removing criminalization of passengers for non-inhaled consumption of cannabis in cars
  3. fixing a technical error introduced in Senate Finance that nullified several sections of the bill (restoring the immediate effective date allowing ATCs to convert to be for-profit)
  4. adding one more industry representative to the cannabis control commission
  5. until legalization takes effect on January 1, 2026, increasing the decriminalized amount from ¾ ounce to one ounce (the amount that is legal in Massachusetts and Vermont)

We’re grateful to the conferees for their diligent work while they juggle many other conference committees, as virtual volunteers!

We’ll have plenty of work to do in future years to improve HB 1633. But now is the window to get legalization done. Please write your legislators and spread the word!

Live Free, New Hampshire!