S.C.: Tell your lawmakers it’s time to move medical cannabis

Jan 29, 2020

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S.C.: Tell your lawmakers it’s time to move medical cannabis

Call your state representative and state senator TODAY.

Year after year, the clock has run out on patients in South Carolina.

At a gripping press conference last week, one mother described how she’s been fighting for medical cannabis for six years — half of her daughter’s life — and how other parents have lost their children who medical cannabis may have helped.

Margaret Richardson — who suffers from a rare and excruciating illness — described having to “creep around like a criminal” and running out of the one medicine that has brought her relief. State law, she explained, forces patients to choose between agony and opioids.

Watch the video, share it on Facebook and with your lawmakers, and let it motivate you to light up their phones. (Remember not to be hostile or threatening. As heartbreaking as opposition can be, our goal is to pass legislation and aggressive calls will only make it harder to do so.)

Click here to call your state lawmakers. Our automated system will connect you to their office once you type in your address and provide a sample script. You will probably talk to a staffer. Be sure to mention your lawmaker’s name, which our system will provide. Staffers typically work for between two and four legislators. Finally, if you or a loved one has a serious illness and could benefit from medical cannabis, be sure to mention that.

Thank you for your standing up for patients! Together, we can finally bring a compassionate law to South Carolina.