New York: Legalization is down to the wire; your senator could be the difference!

Jun 18, 2019

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The legislature adjourns tomorrow, so call or email your senator TODAY!

Your state senator could be the deciding vote to push legalization over the finish line. With the legislature adjourning tomorrow, it is very imperative they hear from you TODAY.

Please call your senator to ask them to vote to legalize, tax, and regulate cannabis for adults 21 and older. Our automated system makes it quick and easy — it'll look up your state senator when you type in your address and provide talking points.

It is important your senator hears from as many constituents as possible. If you're not comfortable calling, you can send an email here.

After you contact your senator, please forward this message to other supportive New Yorkers and share our action link on social media.

It's time to make history!