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Out-Foxed: Part III – Steve Fox Discusses Arizona’s Prop. 203 on Fox & Friends

In Steve Fox’s third appearance on Fox & Friends, he discusses the passage of Arizona’s Proposition 203. At the end of this “fair and balanced” debate, Mr. Fox is cut off before he can respond to some extremely dubious statements. Read Mr. Fox’s rebuttal after the video.

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Mainstream Media Broadcasts MPP’s Call for Change Around the World

One of the most encouraging signs of change for the movement to end marijuana prohibition has been the vastly increased level of mainstream media coverage it has received in the last year or so. Last week was no exception. When U.S. officials released new data showing the number of Americans both using and being arrested for marijuana had increased, MPP was there to put those findings in context, and mainstream media outlets all over the world helped to spread our message about the failure of prohibition and the need for a regulated marijuana market.

Here’s a look at some highlights:

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