Steve Fox Criticizes California Alcohol Lobby on NBC

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22 responses to “Steve Fox Criticizes California Alcohol Lobby on NBC”

  1. I am glad they called the alcohol industry out after their statement that “this isn’t about competition”. It is always about competition, that’s business. I love that everyone of the people interviewed thought the whole notion laughable.

  2. smoke screen all the way. who’s to say that the alcohol distributor isn’t drinking and driving? c’mon, that’s a weak!!!!! you know it’s for competitive, and why are they doing this anyways? don’t they remember prohibition??? holy god, they went through the same BS!!!! alcohol industry is garbo!!!

  3. I would respect the alcohol companies much more if they would simply admit what is clearly their motive. There’s nothing overtly immoral about donating to a political campaign in an effort to defend one’s business interests — that’s something that happens all the time, in all sorts of different industries. Just be up-front about it though.

    I’ve never been a big fan of the idea of demonizing alcohol in an effort to remove a stigma on cannabis. Alcohol has objectively higher risks for all sorts of harms, yes. But responsible use by adults of either substance is simply not something that should be illegal or even stigmatized.

  4. To the Alcohol industry: Who the fuck do you think you’re kidding? its ALL about competition, you ain’t fooling anyone. Only a drunk would make a comment like that! How do you feel about OUR little proposition??? Some friends and I think that if somehow Prop. 19 gets shot down, a ballot should be written that would make alcohol illegal! Its not fair that we live in a world where a fucking dirty cop can bust some innocent pot-heads, and then go get plastered in celebration with his red-neck cop buddies. FUCK THAT!!! If we can’t enjoy ourselves the way we choose, then NO ONE should have the right to drink, so YOU better fucking hope this proposition passes, because I’ll never touch a fucking drop of alcohol EVER AGAIN if it fails, and I’LL SWEAR TO IT!!! SO go ahead and push your fucking luck, because Im not the ony one who feels this way.

  5. LOL, it is all about money, Wow, they are lying to the public. If someone is intoxicated, the worst comes from alcohol. So if they are so concerned with public safety maybe they should just take alcohol off the market! What liars! Can’t they come up with a better story than that? It’s about the money, they don’t fool me!

  6. @ DIRTY DIRTY – I know some great remedial English classes you might have interest in. LOL, Schmuck…….You give cannabis smokers a bad name.

  7. the move by the CBBD is an admission that the public will indeed substitute cannabis for alcohol. this is great for people who care about sensible public policy.

  8. @ LOL Funny- IF smoke screen all the way is what give marijuana smokers a bad name then you have problems mate. Cause everything else he said was pritty accurate. Oh and also your bashing of peoples vocalulary is the same as these stupid prohibitionists logic to keep marijuana illegal. So in other words shut up. Mabe we can all thrive to be as smart as you. Your comments gave me the same feeling about you that you feel about him.

  9. I would of bought some beer during the past few days, but I keep having second thoughts. Every beer that I drink would mean that I am supporting marijuana prohibition.
    Beer is no fun to drink anymore.

  10. Most of us are multiple drug users. I enjoy a beer or a glass of wine with my pot. Cannabis and coffee are also a nice combination. It isn’t either one or the other, it’s the freedom to decide for ourselves how we live our lives and pursue happiness. That’s supposed to be what America is all about.

  11. I’m with Donno. Caffeine and cannabis is a great combination if you ask me. My stand on marijuana is similar to his and I believe that any susbstance that does not do harm to the societal structure should not be deemed unusable by our government. It should never be about personal health because it is our body’s and our right to put what ever substance into our body. It is about whether or not the substance can cause people to commit crimes that harm our society as a whole.

  12. I drove a beer delivery truck in AZ. And at the end of the day still on company time we were aloud to drink beer in the curtisy area as we did our daily paper work & deposits with no limits, and were aloud to drink at co meetings after work. Also were asked to go to customer promotions in uniform and given free beer the hole time and not once was I offered a cab or safe ride home I talked with drivers from uther beer co and the same thing went on there so from experience I call BULL SHIT that there concerned with there drivers safety or that of your or my family. Please Arizona vote yes on prop 203. And good luck on prop 19 in califoria.

  13. Just like millions of Americans, I want the choice. When I go anywhere where there is booze, I must limit myself to just a couple or three drinks. When I go someplace where cannabis is being used, I can indulge all night and not give a crap about a drunk driving ticket. The fact that there is no adverse effects of driving while stoned, and it has also been proven by paid scientists, matters a lot to me. I have never had a wreck while using cannabis, in fact it makesme more aware. Alcahol does the opposite. I have never passed out from cannabis use either. I have never been to the hospital because I overdosed on cannabis. But a cop has and it is still funny as hell. Vote yes on prop 19.

  14. I think it is funny that the bartender is being shown serving beer stating that pot smokers need to stay in the house. Uh, did she check with the beer drinkers to see if they had a DD, or walked, or were going to take a cab home? Has anyone here ever smoked pot to “clear” their head from the effects of alcohol? Personally, I rarely drink nowadays. I don’t like the buzz or the after effects. MJ is a way better buzzzzzz!!!!!!! (and less debilitating) Opps, hope the beer distributers don’t read that!

  15. JB, marijuana takes the “edge” of most drugs to be honest. Don’t forget marijuana protects your brain from the damage alcohol causes! 🙂

  16. I ask the alcahol companies this,” Doesn’t the idea of the cannabis tourism industry bring to California beer, wine and spirits consumers along with cannabis users?” It seems to me that if breckenridge colorado is the busiest ski resort on the planet, maybe mamoth mountain could cash in on the wind fall. Now i wish i was still doing the locker installs at the resort. I pissed off a good job years ago because cannabis was ILLEGAL, imagine that. You dumbasses that oppose people like me are going to looks your place on the ladder of success. As it is now if you don’t support my issues then I will not buy American beer or spirits. Yea, I know it still gets delivered but i drink so much less and that is my point.

  17. @JB: watch the video again the bartender says ” that is under the assumption that pot heads stay at home and sit on the couch” , I paraphrased, but her intent didn’t sound discriminatory to cannabis consumers

  18. Just keep passing the word along to likely supporters:

    Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

    Citizens and college students in California can register at
    w w w . .
    (just fill out the form and mail it in).
    And you can request a ballot by mail at
    w w w . .

    In other states, Google your state name and the phrase, voter registration. Print off the form and mail it in (or drive it down to City Hall).

    Five minutes. Register to vote. Change the world. Right now.

    Pass it on (Tweet, Facebook, other?).

  19. The big alcohol lobbyist are really biting themselves in the ass by using their paid federal and local politicians. Because these politicians are drawing so much attention to themselves that America will see them who they really do represent. And what is worse for them is that they are doing a very bad job persuading people.
    It is all about competition and power. ” Organized crime” does not like competition that would threaten their existing power over our government. Many people actually do want to quit alcohol but they don’t have much of a choice.

  20. Alcoholism is real, highly unnecessary, and avoidable, but there are no legal choices. The police knows very well about alcohol and organized crime; that is why they are divided on this issue.
    Don’t let organized crime control your life! Vote YES proposition 19.

  21. I wish the SOB that hit me head on in a collision was smoking marijuana than drinking. his alcohol……. I would probably not have to live with chronic pain for the rest of my life……it has been 16 years with another 30 to go…… evil is found in the heart and spirit of men and women alike, not in a flower of a plant.
    The is no foundation for this scam of a law,, war against your own people is treason

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