Out-Foxed: Part III – Steve Fox Discusses Arizona’s Prop. 203 on Fox & Friends

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In Steve Fox’s third appearance on Fox & Friends, he discusses the passage of Arizona’s Proposition 203. At the end of this “fair and balanced” debate, Mr. Fox is cut off before he can respond to some extremely dubious statements. Read Mr. Fox’s rebuttal after the video.

From Steve Fox:

The closing argument by Paul Charlton about MPP’s disinterest in seeing marijuana go through the FDA approval process was both inaccurate and uninformed. Since 2002, MPP has engaged in a wide range of lobbying efforts in an attempt to pressure the DEA into granting a license to the University of Massachusetts to cultivate marijuana for FDA-approved research. Currently, anyone who wants to conduct research on the therapeutic benefits of marijuana must seek permission from the National Institute on Drug Abuse to acquire marijuana from the only federally-approved marijuana farm in the country at the University of Mississippi. But no corporation or organization would be able to use this marijuana for testing purposes and then bring the product to market, since they would not have control of the substance nor would they be able to prove that they could reproduce it.

A separate marijuana cultivation facility, which could effectively work with a private company or organization to develop and test a specific strain of marijuana, is needed in order to navigate the FDA process and bring a marijuana-based product to market. Yet the DEA has intentionally blocked the University of Massachusetts application for eight years, despite the fact that an administrative law judge within the DEA ruled in 2007 that granting the license would be “in the public interest.”

If Mr. Charlton is truly interested in allowing science to determine whether marijuana is a medicine, he should join MPP in calling on the DEA to award the cultivation license to the University of Massachusetts. If he isn’t willing to do that, he needs to find a new — and accurate — talking point.

47 responses to “Out-Foxed: Part III – Steve Fox Discusses Arizona’s Prop. 203 on Fox & Friends”

  1. Honestly, it’s ignorance like what this gentleman displayed that has me questioning whether this world is a trustworthy place. It’s lies and misinformation like this that makes me feel so anti-establishment. I would truly LOVE to trust my government, but sadly I don’t believe I can. Every day I lose more and more hope. Maybe I’m just going through a stage in my young life. Regardless, I’m at a point where I think I need serious coping help. To be in this world and be hated against for something as minor as marijuana, and as major as this issue; it makes it hard to want to even go on. We are also unconsciously, and often consciously, encouraging people to do more things than marijuana has done. Look at your local prison inmate charges. Most marijuana possession-only offenses are not tied to violence. Yet if you look at the violence-related crimes, they are very often tied to harder drugs and alcohol. This world is so backwards, that it feels like it’s almost too late to fix. It’s so funny how something like marijuana promotes peace, calmness, and forgiveness is harshly forbidden; but other things (alcohol) that cause violence, anger, and narrow-mindedness is allowed quite openly. I just don’t understand.

  2. I understand wanting to get more supporters on the FAR FAR Right of FOX news but this jackass host is the dumbest on the channel there is no getting through to him because there is nothing to get through to.
    DOWN WITH FOX NEWS and federal laws blocking studies on the benefits/nonexisting health risks of Cannabis

  3. Steve, I really appreciate everything you do for the Marijuana reform movement but you are simply too nice of a guy and quiet in these hostile environment debates. Take a look at Ethan Nadelmann’s debate with Bill O’reilly for some great tips on being more pushy and loud against these idiots.

  4. I agree with the others saying that Steve is too nice in these debates.

    The guy said “we need to have an honest debate”, then goes on to tell a lie saying that the DEA is not blocking FDA studies of marijuana. They flat out refuse to remove marijuana from Schedule I despite the AMA coming out, and saying it should be removed from schedule I so that the FDA could study it.

    Marijuana is responsible for a huge part of the DEAs budget, so there’s no way they’re going to allow it to be removed from it’s current drug class. There is no way you will get an honest debate with them when it comes to marijuana, and they will fight the lifting of marijuana tooth and nail as long as they are in existence.

  5. It seems to me that every time I watch one of these interviews the opposition is making outlandish statments with a straight face and calm soothing voice, while the proponent just sits there and takes it rarley do we get to hear the proponent counterpoint the opposition. I am starting to believt that maybe they are right perhaps the FDA would allow research if properly motivated. but I guess we will never know unless we try.

  6. That wasn’t a debate, that was an old “sorry out of time” trick by FOX NEWS. They would also cram in a commercial break to interrupt a certain debater to keep the argument one sided.

    Penicillin and Polio vaccine weren’t initially demonized by the late former president Nixon, and had the both vaccine outlawed without the medical science and health review.

    Before marijuana was outlawed by the “Controlled Substance Act of 1970” it was proven by top researchers in Washington D.C. that the drug is harmless and it should not be a crime.

  7. Why is it if a person was imprisoned with lies, false evidence, and racism for 40 years, if news came out saying this person was actually innocent and it was lies and racism that he/she would be acquitted?? But with a plant its still considered evil and not set free like it should be? Can anyone really explain this logic to me? Our government is like a brain damaged monkey that is continually beat in the head someone needs to put it out of its misery!

  8. The Paul guy is a complete Moron, all he ever says is take it through the FDA. His ONLY argument. Paul, you narrow minded, gov’t puppet, how much are they paying you to speak lies about something you obviously know nothing about? Lets list all the FDA approved narcotics that kill people and damage internal organs daily. Lets talk about how ANYONE can go to a doctor with a hang nail and get a 30 day supply of vicodin or percs or many other pain pills. You bring up stats like they matter but ignore the ones that do. Look up hemp for victory! Show me 1 single fatality from marijuana, just 1 you pillow biting douche-bag. You can’t Paul. Marijuana is 100% from Nature, your stance makes you along the same side of saying lawn grass should be illegal. But I’m looking up because closed minded robots like you and your douche-canoe pirates in DC are getting to the point where you will return to diapers and blending your food before being in bed by 7:30 pm. Because of your completely uneducated stance on God’s gift to us, people like you never get a vote from me or mine.

  9. DEA will still refuse to believe that marijuana is medicine unless the late former president Richard Nixon rises from the grave and makes a public announcement that marijuana is medicine that is safe and effective.
    That is their bottom line.

  10. Let’s get something straight. Nobody should be arrested for their use of marijuana, period. If we must go the medicinal route to legalization, then so be it. This stifling of people’s freedom comes from the right-wing fundamentalist christian wacko Republicans who insist on controlling their neighbors. XXXX em!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. you know why we never pass FULL legalization? all the BS about oh lets blame california

    now lets blame fox news since they are THE people who hate marijuana? really?

    fact is FOX NEWS supports medical marijuana on 70 percent of their programming…

    but as a smart company, they dont support full legalization because those pushing full legalization are the same people SCREWING the medical side..

  12. FOX once again skews the facts to support their ratings. Marijuana is today’s wonder drug and it is only the propaganda brainwashed right and their money interests that inhibit the end of the USA’s most senseless prohibition. Ask your self this…Have you ever known or even heard of a person overdosing on marijuana? It is the most safest and widely effective medicinal substance that God ever gave us. It has ZERO toxicity that has been proven by research. Why then is it still illegal? The answer is drug company big business MONEY and the cotton lobby because it makes a more durable fabric. To the rest of the world where it is legal and commonplace we appear to be idiots.

  13. The federal government does not have any authority to tell any person what they can put into or take out their bodies for example they can’t tell a woman what to do with her unborn child its seams that they should be more concerned with what someone does to another than what we do to ourselves, businesses take advantage of their employees and the government does nothing we have to get a union to take the place of what we pay our government to do. Don’t get me started on how employers have slaved us till they have earned enough to build machines to replace us and then they toss us aside or how they take their companies overseas where they don’t have to pay taxes and they can take advantage of the people of that country they call it outsourcing I call it devious business practices the bible says that it doesn’t matter what we put into our bodies but its what we let come out that de files us. that no matter what we do as long as it is edifying It is good

  14. I think in the future it would be best to not agree to debate this issue on the Fox network unless both sides are guaranteed they will be given a chance to counter the opposition. Extremely unfair in a debate to not allow both sides a chance to counter-argue each other. So much for Fox news being fair & balanced, as they would like to claim.

  15. Actually, Steve, you are well informed, but you need to develop some ruthless genes. Interrupt when a lie is told. Right there and then. Call a spade a spade, take up all the time, if necessary. Bulldoze the opponent — in a nice, but completely unyielding manner.

    Prohibitionists rely on proponents of cannabis reform to be uber polite. Don’t be.

    Simply say: that is a lie, and I want you to show me your sources for this misstatement.

    Confidence is everything.

  16. The opposition to marijuana legalization is founded on two ideas:
    1) Marijuana usage is dangerous to people and society
    2) If pot were legal, its use would go up significantly.
    3) The danger #2 poses is worth “investigating” (spying on and harassing), arresting, and locking people up for. Presumably this is by making the suffering of some people in jail a lesson to others, or as a means to keep dangerous users off the street.

    I would say that #1 could be argued to be mildly accurate. If it were legal, there would be a minor downside possible to society by making it easier to have a “pot lifestyle.” Whether you agree with this or not, it’s at least a plausible argument. I personally believe it’s hysterically overstated by most opponents.
    #2 is highly debatable. I don’t think it’s likely at all.
    #3 is truly the part that makes me sad. The vicious impulse to ruin lives to protect society from a threat that does not exists is highly unfortunate.

  17. LOL — that’s three ideas, sorry. I was not stoned when I wrote that. But if I was, I guess it would support point #1. Hehe.

  18. Prohibitionist main objective is to keep marijuana illegal. Even if it means lying and ignoring the health and scientific facts.
    Unfortunately, the DEA and the Department of Health and Human Resources rely on information provided by prohibition groups.

    The debate at FOX & Friends was just a set-up.

  19. Dear Steve Fox,

    I Keep up the great work, i enjoy visiting the Mpp website and watching your interviews on fox, but if i may make a suggestion, Please Stop letting these other guests go off on rants, i know your supposed to allow each other time, but i remember at the beginning of the debate the host asked both of you if you agree that marijuana has helped people with serious illness, and then immediately the first time the man is asked a question he starts off by saying that it has no benefits at all, I myslef and im sure many other people do as well find this to be quite annoying and a waste of time.

    thanks again, and kep uo the great work!

  20. Sir, One of the herdles for the legalization of medical marijuana is the fact that it makes people high. In some medical indications this can not be avoided because THC is the thereaputic metabolite. In other indications, such as in treating epilepsy, THC is a dangerous metabolite. THC triggers siezures. All marujuana is a member of the Hemp family. But not all hemp is marijuana. Hemp is grown for it’s fibers and it’s seeds as a food. I propose that hemp plant be tested to learn if it may also have thereaputic potential as a medication. Not everyone who uses or may use marijuana as a medication wants to be high, including myself. I want a medicine that treats me – without side effects.

  21. To Steve Fox: Go on Fox News every time you get the chance! That goes for anyone. Whatever it takes to keep peoples’ interest and keep public debate going… No matter what! The truth will surface eventually.

    To Rich: I think you are falling for the hype. How can things get worse per-say? In other countries, where its quazi-legal, the percentage of users drop overtime? Taking this into account, it pretty much defeats your argument at face value. Also, can you define “pot lifestyle” and its negative aspect? If your argument is that it turns you into an un-consumer-erican, please don’t waste your time.

    IMO, cannabis is so diverse a plant that it should be criminal in trying to make it criminal. We need to continue to shift its context. The truth will set it free!

  22. With the amount of rebuttals that popped in my head at the last statement, I can only imagine what steve fox was thinking. Fox i s biases they always are. i seen so many debated over the years and I have yet to see anyone but Gleen “Jackass” Beck concur too legalization. Very inconsiderate guys at Fox, stop claiming to be unbiased when the evidence is clear.

  23. Fox News is an oxymoron. That is unless a one sided news program is actually news. I would not watch a one sided so called news program. I would like to slit the throats of the idiots that think they are fair and balanced. The wimpy looking host is a joke.

  24. I don’t think we should have to even, answere something like this until it is proven, that marijuana actually hurts anyone, these are all unled and unfounded, there for, how can they call it a drug, that doesn’t hurt people. You crybabies out there, that don’t want it, easy , don’t take it, and don’t worry about me taking it. Discrimination, we should all sue the goverment, maybe that way, they couldn’t sell us out. Evidentley the majority doesn’t matter here.

  25. Morfin has no sideeffects because its FDA-approved…
    Also, what was that about aspirin? Does he really think it’s healthy?

  26. Man as much as i like what Steve Fox is doing for the cause. But really he is way to calm and nice when you have to be hostile and a little rude. I really dont even know why the drug warriors even try its only a matter of time before it becomes fully legal, then we can work on getting other drugs legal.

  27. Dear Fox News & friends,
    You are an idiot. Marijuana I.e. Cannabis has been medicine for over four thousand years in Asia. Go-ahead and clime it hasn’t been. Cannabis has been labeled Marijuana just to distinguish it as something that Mexican’s use and therefore could be used against Mexicans to arrest them and send them back across the border.
    Marijuana is not addictive. It does not bring out psychotic behavior. It does not affect your motor skills. It does not cause death. It is a minor distraction, and that is why smokers are looked on as forgetful. I dare you to test me under the influence. The only danger with Marijuana is that you might like it!
    Rob when a small minded person like Paul Charlton or the host of Fox News starts this crap that non-medicinal users are getting Marijuana, just ask how that offends them and what the problem is with that?
    David McDonough 5404 Edna Av. L.V. Nv. 89146

  28. I am with stephen I have watched so many of these interviews and steve gets to say 2-3 lines compared to the other misinformed people. You need to quit being so nice and force your facts on these people that dont want to hear your facts. The only reason they allow you to come is so FOX can say they had a fair and balanced show. The guests were fair and balanced but when fox cuts you off and doesnt allow you to speak that was a waste of your time. Show them bastards you have facts compared to there stupid lies and opinions.

  29. Robin Salmansohn All i have to tell you mate is your dream of a medicine that heals you without any side effects is more far fetched than marijuana being legalized worldwide common man it is hard enough trying to get medical marijuana in the 50 states. It is so funny reading your post because you say THC give people siezures. Yet people can get medical marijuana for siezures lol.

  30. Did anyone catch what Paul Charlton said about marijuana not being medicine or not proving have the same benefits as toothpaste or asprin?<—–Probably not the best examples to choose seeing as most toothpaste has fluoride in it (which supposedly can cause cancer) and asprin has killed people before. Marijuana helps people with serious ailments and as far as I'm concerned, there are no records of marijuana being fatal.
    This guy needs to get his facts straight! And I agree, maybe you guys need to be more aggressive. Every time I watch a video, Steve gets cut off by that bias anchorman. He won't even let him get the truth out there. Anyways, you guys rock! Keep it up!

  31. Steve Fox really disappointed me in this interview. He let both Charlton and Steve Doocey run over him. He stuttered and stammered like he was stoned. It’s NOT true that anyone with a hang nail can walk into a dispensary and RECEIVE marijuana. The FIRST must have a card and they made it sound like all you had to do’s walk in and say,… Hey, my finger hurts can I have something for that? That’s bullshit and Steve Fox NEVER responded.. he acted like a stoner as far as I’m concerned and if that’s his BEST, we need to find another spokesman…

  32. I want to host the show! I would let others have their say BUT … when it comes to the facts of cannabis use, I would never let any guest run roughshod over the facts! Steve, you gotta get some testicles, man!

  33. To hear what that liar was going on about let me be the first or millionth to say I have had Over 19 mini strokes or TIA’s and 1 Major stroke which should have left me crooked for life yet my doctor told me to use Cannabis for my Cadasil disease, and since I have yet to even have a headache with aura or headache to speak of. I am not handicapped though I have a limp on my left leg now due to my having a major stroke but nothing else. Cannabis is a medicine of great importance and has changed the way I look at Cannabis. Sadly this country has taken the honesty basically out of the system and would rather believe that Cannabis is not a Medicine. I also have lost my trust in this country and its inability to test and truly see it as a medicine as it did back in the 1900’s. Cannabis was used by the pharamaceutical companies but the blatant hatred of colored skin put Cannabis out of reach for those who either need or will not survive long if they cannot use this form of Medication. Steve you should be more defensive when being lied to your face. Is this your way of dealing with Lies? To just sit back and think you are being nice to allow someone to blatantly lie to you and the American public? Fortunately I was not brought up that way. A Liar is a Liar any way you wish to split this.

  34. This was a real bad TV appearance. Morgan was not given time to reply to most statements and he was interrupted while talking. 🙁

    Does ist still make sense to write to them at friends@foxnews.com and complain? You are forgetting to mention the time & date when this was on air here and in the youtube video description!

  35. Oh no marijuana is so bad its horrible so you have to be on your death bad to use it? never heard of giving medicine that is dangerous, this dangerous cant be used by someone that is already sick! Oh but your sick so its ok, dont be too healthy or you cant have it and they will make you a criminal and lock you up for longer sentences than if you had raped someone! All this makes so much sense! Oh and the DEA is not allowing anything! FDA is owned by big pharma and big pharma doesnt want people to be able to grow their own medicine they cant profit from it. Geez come up with better arguments than these old lies!

  36. How is this supposed to be a “fair and balanced debate” when this clown opens up by saying “Speaking of DANGEROUS — marijuana.”?

    …typical FauxNews propaganda….

  37. WHY does MPP never mention patent 6630507, which they know the federal govt. owns? The existence of this patent refutes the claim that cannabis has no medical value, yet even our staunchest advocates NEVER mention this during these interviews!!! Come on! Bring out the big guns!

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