Steve Fox on CNBC Power Lunch

Feb 01, 2013 , , , ,

MPP director of government relations Steve Fox was interviewed on CNBC’s Power Lunch on Wednesday about the implementation of Washington State’s new legal marijuana market regulations.

Here’s the clip:

It is interesting that despite voters in two states making marijuana legal for adults, and with over 20 states considering marijuana reform legislation in the 2013 session, some folks in the mainstream media simply cannot stop making jokes about this serious policy issue. The time for puns is over. It is time for change.

4 responses to “Steve Fox on CNBC Power Lunch”

  1. I too find the prejoratives and puns offensive. I’d suggest politely correcting journalists at every turn. ‘We try to encourage others to avoid the Cheech and Chong thinking. It’s a movie, not an accurate representation of the very serious issues of cannabis and the larger drug war. It’s killed enough, made enough suffer, and has destroyed enough lives that we think it’s time to treat the issue with the respect and seriousness it deserves.” What will any journalist say? The jokes are appropriate?

    Getting on CNBC is a BIG deal. The market demographic watching that channel is among the most affluent, most educated, and most conservative among our business ranks. It’s true. So getting on CNBC is a very big deal. Hope you can get on the show again (Squawk Box would be fabulous as a forum!). Well done.

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