Del.: House committees approve cannabis legalization and regulation bills!

Apr 13, 2022

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Email your lawmakers today and ask them to legalize cannabis for adults this year!

Today, two separate cannabis legalization bills were passed in committee!

HB 371, which would simply legalize possession of up to one ounce of cannabis for adults 21 and older, was approved by the House Health and Human Development Committee.

HB 372, which would regulate and tax cannabis sales for adults in Delaware, was approved by the House Revenue and Finance Committee.

Please reach out to your lawmakers today and urge them to end cannabis prohibition in Delaware this year!

Next, HB 372 must be considered by the House Appropriations Committee before heading to the House floor. Because it has no fees or taxes, HB 371 should head straight to the floor. It only requires a simple majority of 21 votes to clear the House, while HB 372 will require a supermajority of 25 votes.

By passing both HB 371 and HB 372 this year, Delaware can reduce the number of cannabis-related arrests and police interactions, free up law enforcement resources to focus on more serious crimes, and generate a new revenue source for the state.

A strong majority of Delawareans support legalization, but the legislature must act to bring this important policy change to Delaware. Ask your lawmakers to stand with a majority of Delawareans and legalize cannabis for adults this year.

Stay tuned for future updates!