Connecticut legalization goes into effect today!

Jul 01, 2021

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Connecticut legalization goes into effect today!

Just last week Connecticut became the 19th state to legalize cannabis for adult use. Today, the law officially goes into effect.

Starting today, adults can legally possess up to one and a half ounces of cannabis on their person and up to five ounces in their home, a locked container in their residence, a locked glove box, or their vehicle’s trunk. Additionally, the odor or smell of cannabis can no longer be used as a basis to stop or search. Lastly, the law sets aside fifty percent of the licenses for equity applicants and dedicates upwards to 60 percent of the revenue to equity efforts. You can check out a full summary of the law here.

Connecticut is one of four states to legalize cannabis legislatively this year and now joins Massachusetts, Maine, and Vermont as legalized states in New England.

We also want to remind folks that driving under the influence remains illegal, and we encourage everyone to please consume responsibly. We are extremely appreciative to all the lawmakers and advocates that contributed to this historic achievement. Congratulations all!