Obama Ignores Popular Marijuana Question. Again.

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This should come as no surprise by now, but President Obama has once again failed to address questions about the need for marijuana policy reform in a public forum. Once again, this issue was among the most popular, but it seems that after laughter, disagreement, and capitulation, the president’s responses are wearing thin, and the question will no longer be asked or answered.

Last week, the White House asked for people to submit questions to be asked during a Google+ Hangout with the president. As usual, marijuana questions dominated the site. Unfortunately for the majority of Americans who support making marijuana legal, the popularity of this issue no longer matters.

First, NORML’s question was removed for being inappropriate.

Then MPP’s question suffered the same fate.

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition spokesperson Stephen Downing submitted a video question that quickly became the second most popular on the site. During the forum, however, the folks at Google decided that the president had already answered their question in previous forums and opted to ignore the people and ask inane questions about midnight snacks and tennis instead.

The White House, of course, had nothing to do with the exclusion of a marijuana reform question (or so they say).

The time has come to demand real answers to these pressing questions, not jokes or simple platitudes. Marijuana prohibition is a failed policy that causes far more harm than good, and alternatives must be seriously discussed in open forums before this juggernaut can do any more damage.

It is time for the president to take this issue seriously.

31 responses to “Obama Ignores Popular Marijuana Question. Again.”

  1. Why aren’t one of us up there asking the questions? And WHO is gatekeeping the questions from being asked? I know these events…they are all pre-planned and staged just like in major companies. We need to personally bombard HIM with the question with letters to Obama.

  2. I believe it is time to stop hoping that “Hope and Change” will change anything. When over 1/2 the US population polls that they want it legalized, you know the number is actually higher. But 1/2 is enough for “mandate”, at least according to W.

  3. I’m have been so disappointed in President Obama’s stance in this matter. It was one of the reasons I voted for him in the last election. I felt from his views before the election he would have been more compassionate and understanding about legalizing marijuana. I’m not really sure I can give him my vote in the next election, and I really wanted to support Obama.

  4. Start going to the Obama FB Page and bombing it with No Answer No Vote . Be articulate and respectful, but tell him we are done. He will have to pay attention if we just plaster the we suppport our president pages with this. Ron Paul is toting the Repulican line and is not the answer.

  5. Morgan:

    Lay off the Prez.

    It’s an election year, by golly!

    And, the last thing we want is Prez O’bama to look bad to independent voters going into his 2nd term.

    Once Prez O’bama has been re-elected, the real movement for comprehensive ‘Drug Reform’ will start.

    But, until at least his inaugural address on Jan 20th, 2013…I think it is best to simply leave him alone for now.

    He looks tough to the independents when he authorizes the raiding of Med Mj facilities out west.

    He doesn’t consider that to be a liability to his campaign to get re-elected.

    So, chill on the Prez, and hit the grass-root campaigns in the local legislatures of the many states across the USA who have NOT yet passed an initiative, as we have in Arizona.

    We need additional sufficient legislation at the state level to help turn the tide.

    You all do a great job, and the many members of the Cannabis Nation of North America (CNAA) salute your effort.

    But, the Prez is ‘off limits’ until the election is over in Nov 2012.

    Otherwise, you just may get your wish and a slap in the face by either Newt Gin-grinch or Mitt Romney come election night, Nov 2012.

    And, your own report shows those two clowns at the ‘F minus’ level when it comes to Cannabis reform.

    Gin-grinch called the ‘Med Mj’ movement a ‘joke’ just the other day.

    Support your President, slam Gin-grinch and Romney, not O’bama, you egg-heads!

    Robert Hempaz, PhD. Trichometry™

  6. I sympathize with Ron Paul on many issues but I believe that Suzanne Lee is right. We can’t rely on just one of the major political parties in order to push cannabis law reforms.

    As long as Obama is the “left-most” major candidate, his incentive is to move as far to the right as possible. This is politics 101. You need to get as close as possible to the median (center-most) voter.

    What the cannabis reform movement needs is a major challenge to President Obama from the left. It would have been nice if we could have seen a primary challenge to President Obama from a major left figure such as, for instance, Dennis Kucinich. Unfortunately, it’s too late for a primary challenge from Obama’s left.

    The best possible thing we could hope for would be if Ralph Nader could challenge President Obama. He’s a well-known and savvy media candidate. And he has plenty of reasons to be pissed off at Obama: undeclared, unconstitutional wars; civil liberties violations; and lack of progressive economic reforms.

    Run, RALPH, Run!

  7. We have to vote out Obama. Mitt the twit is no better but we cannot have 4 more years of a socialist leader. If trump does not run America has no chance of any national cannabis reform for another 4 years, period! Obama WILL tell us we wants reform but the truth is Obama is now and always be, just another elected official, elected for himself.

  8. Obama ain’t gonna do shit but set himself up to fill his own pockets later on after he is out of office. If re-elected, he might get behind something after somebody else does all the hard work. He sure as hell ain’t been yankin’ Holder’s chain to get him to call off the federal dogs, especially that bitch Leonhart and those federal prosecutors who are going after us in California and Colorado, Montana, and elsewhere, you know.

    If Jersey can get it up with limp duck Christie there not lifting a finger to help us out, the feds might have some Soprano style gumbas to deal with if they go fuckin’ with MMJ. Jersey is currently suffering from a NIMBY problem: Not In My Back Yard.

    I would recommend somewhere in northern New Jersey to influence the Big Apple. Once the NYC domino falls, there goes cannabis prohibition into political free fall, and splat when the shit hits the ground.

  9. I’m sorry but if you still support Obama and the fact that he has not done anything as President other than get our country into more debt you are a fucking idiot.

  10. @Mrs. Rat’sRectum

    animate what you said and make it into a super bowl commercial!
    LOL I’d love to see the look on some folks faces 🙂

  11. Call 202-456-1414, tell the switchboard operator your displeasure with this. Your opinion counts. The more people do this will help the cause.
    We must have cannabis rescheduled, it’s the only way.
    Then find your local congress representative and do the same thing. We must use votes to get rid of the politicians who aren’t speaking for us.

  12. What a bunch of schmucks we Americans are.We never learn. The government isn’t going to listen to us until we REVOLT like they did in Egypt.

  13. If obama does anything it for sure will not be before he is reelected. My bet is he’s happy with things the way they are right now. there won’t be any change on the issue till after the election.
    He has talked about the prison problem we have and you can’t talk about prison populations without talking about the war on drugs, so I guess something might happen after the election. At least I hope so.

  14. I think it is important to point out that Obama did not ignore the question – YouTube/Google did what they always do when cannabis is involved – they censored the question and never presented it to him.

  15. It seems no politician has the courage to stand up to the lobbyists from Big Pharma. The pharmaceutical industry and it’s sizable campaign contributions make legalizing marijauana difficult if not impossibile. The only hope we have left is that Obama will change course in his second term and decriiminalize what is one of nature’s best medicines. Big Pharma is afraid of legalization because it would cut into their industry profits. However the costs to society for not legalizing would be greater. Over crowded courts, prisons, and the costs of an overburdened enforcement bureacracy could be greatly improved by legalization.

  16. Either legalize cannabis or out law beer an goverment killing drugs ,they seem to think that the opiom plant is ok ,NEED more studys on the CBAs an CBDs of the plant

  17. Ron Paul is not going to get elected so that’s a moot point. If Obama is re-elected the country will have much bigger problems than legalization of marijuana. The economy can not afford and the population is too large in the united states to sustain the socialist programs Obama wants for the the country. An unbridled Obama in a second term will trample the constitution via executive orders. Unfortunately the republicans don’t offer up much better but anyone will be better than Obama.
    The key to legalizing marijuana is to take stepped approach from the bottom up ie. the states. On the federal level the movement should focus on reclassification from a schedule 1 to schedule 4 or 5 drug. To try and gett legalization in one shot is like trying to eat an elephant in one bite. Focus should be put in state efforts maintaining each state separate thereby maintaining an article 10 constitutional argument and avoiding invocation of the commerce clause. With over 50% of Americans in support of legalization, there is a solid base building for a national effort but when a majority of the states have positive laws towards marijuana, medical or otherwise, the federal government will be forced to acquiesce no matter who is in power. Between big pharma, tobacco, and alcohol, there is a huge force against the movement at the federal level. Water flows at the path of least resistance.

  18. I think a good way to tackle this issue with the president is to have everyone write an essay in answering the question “If I were the president why would I promote legalizing marijuana?” List all the good reasons why marijuana should be legalized and send these essays to the president. Domingo Torres

  19. I’m have been so disappointed in President Obama’s stance in this matter. It was one of the reasons I voted for him, not again.

  20. this is the Actual, if general and oversimplified law we need to obey and then the dominoes will fall…

    1) your home state Must schedule pot to a medical level and not be like my Iowa, calling pot the same as heroin.

    it can not be over stated, the DEA is totally Waiting on this and won’t budge until this first step happens

    2) the sort–of freed medical users such as myself sue the governor/state to protect us medical/legalized state users from the federal agencies that can Still harm me, sound familiar?

    We have used voter registrations efforts and the like and they do not satisfy the DEA/feds needs to be called to Have to reschedule, but they Can be with existing law!

    3) the unwilling fakes who suck your money calling themselves “representatives” but aren’t, will lose that suit and then be forced to obey current law and the state will no longer be able to snivel like the Washington governor when he/she should be roaring to the fed, “I am the States, obey me Now!” and this is done by notifying Holder that “a” state has fulfilled the legality of medical use allowed by state law.

    4) Holder is compeled to notify DEA to initiate schedule hearings and that, fellow friends of the Gentle Herb, will be one of the utterly most fun dog and pony shows you will ever see.

    Do NOT ask those feds for schedule two! stop that dumb shit right now!!

    Tell them, “Take marijuana out of schedule one right away!” and the law will take over and force them to examine whether pot should be in Any schedule and that will be schedule “carrot”

    God Bless Your Gardens!

  21. no bama. obama, osomia, kinfolks? we need a change. obama is bad for america. did he ever get a birth certificate? declairation of independence was written on hemp wasn’t it?

  22. Fear your Goverment couse your goverment has NO fear of the people. If your not rich, your called a useless eater. Did you know the senate & congress members don’t have to repay there gov. loans. And the laws they pass DO NOT APPLY TO THEM……. That they serve one term and are paid for life……..Well’ All us useless eaters better get more J.O.B.s to halp support those rich sobs……….Thenwe can still fear our goverment, or maybe someday we will boot there sorry souls out of office for good……………..

    Fear the u.s.goverment ,america, the U.S. goverment fears no one for anything. If things arent the way they want, they just piss a new law to make things there way,(and to make them more money, for more control of more people and on and on..

  23. The Goverment makes so much money from the war on marijuana, (not the war on druges), People don’t understand that the goverment, The F.D.A. a gov body that makes drugs, wouldn’t be able to produce the money it dose if marijuana was not outlawed ,the goverment has for almost 90 years covered up the medical values of marijuana. Becouse the gov can’t control it,control the making of it. so if the gov can’t tax it then the people can’t have it. FEAR YOUR GOVERMENT!! Your Goverment owns you. to the tune of $50,000.00 or so, the day of your birth.
    Have you ever knowen anyone in goverment that told the truth? The real truth? I’am NOT in gomerment anymore, so the truth is…Fear the U.S. Goverment,wake-up america before things get worse…

  24. there is another way to get what we want. There are several states looking at LEGALIZING the sales and possession of up to an ounce of marijuana. if every state would legalize the herb then the federal government would be spread to thin to effectively enforce its own rules.

  25. Where’s all these so-called medical marijuana advocates sitting on their ass,smoking that cali weed…What about N.Y.S.No mention of if it in New York, Maybe Cuomo the gov. He has 4 yrs. so his job is secure and maybe by that time this shit finishes, the weed might be legal, me, personally i have 5 chronic diseases that would have people in the ground i take 23 pills a day, for 25 yrs,when i use weed the count is reduced to about 75%, the pain, no appetite, and my bi-polar makes me calmer. Phar has used me as i guinea pig, legal DRUG pushers and the script writers . New York NEED’S HELP!!! Luis M. Diaz Like BoB says “everything is broken!!! Yes i have been illegally using weed, that’s the medicine i need. A veteran of the Gov Rockfellor’s law’s been burning since 1966. What we need street action, no more fucking around…

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