2012 MPPeeps Contest Results

May 29, 2012

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This year, the Marijuana Policy Project held its first annual MPPeeps Contest, in which contestants were tasked with using marshmallow Peeps to create dioramas related to marijuana or marijuana policy. These submissions could be related to the historical aspects of marijuana policy, something currently in the news, or even something depicting the future of the movement!

We received many excellent submissions, and in order to determine the winner, we asked our 40,000+ Facebook fans to vote for their favorites. We’re excited to announce that Jay Fisher of Marietta, Georgia won the 2012 contest for his outstanding work! Check out his work, “Peep Walk,” along with the second and third place submissions:

Winning Image

2nd Place              3rd Place

As you can see from our first and second place entries, the Oaksterdam raid, in which federal agents seized the property of law-abiding citizens working at a tax-paying medical marijuana training school, featured prominently in this year’s submissions.

Thank you to our dedicated community for sending in all of the wonderful submissions. We appreciate your support, and it was a lot of fun seeing so many creative entries. Check out our Facebook Gallery with the winning submissions to share them with friends and family!

The staff here at MPP is already looking forward to seeing the submissions for next year’s contest. Congratulations to our winners!