Senate bill would protect Alaskans with cannabis convictions

Mar 08, 2019

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Senate bill would protect Alaskans with cannabis convictions

If you live in Alaska, click here to support Senate Bill 8 to stop derailing lives for old cannabis convictions.

This year, Alaska lawmakers have a chance to stop derailing lives for some old cannabis convictions. Criminal records can make it difficult to get a job, housing, or further one's education. It's outrageous that Alaskans are still haunted by records for conduct that is now legal.

Follow this link to send an email message to your lawmakers in support of Sen. Tom Begich's sensible measure, SB 8.

SB 8 would prohibit the state from disclosing records of marijuana possession cases involving personal-use amounts of cannabis before voters legalized adult-use marijuana in 2014.

Following decades of marijuana prohibition, many find themselves limited by criminal histories that remain frozen in time, even as states continue to update cannabis laws. SB 8 would help protect individuals who got in trouble when laws were different.

Under the current proposal, the protection would apply for those who were not charged with any other type of offense and would be limited to marijuana cases involving less than an ounce. The text of the measure is available online here.

As the failure of marijuana prohibition is left behind, we shouldn't also leave behind those who were exposed to the criminal justice system for choosing a substance that is safer than alcohol. Click here to express your support for SB 8.

And please forward this message to those who also support this important protection!