Voter guide for New Hampshire’s primary election published!

Aug 03, 2020

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Voter guide for New Hampshire’s primary election published!

Learn candidates’ positions on cannabis policy and become an active participant in the election!

Our voter guide for the New Hampshire primary elections, which will take place Tuesday, September 8, has now been published. The voter guide includes survey responses, votes cast by incumbents, and any relevant comments. In N.H., it’s never safe to assume a candidate’s position on cannabis policy on the basis of party affiliation, so please take time to read the voter guide and learn where candidates stand!

If candidates on your ballot have not yet publicly taken a position on cannabis legalization, reach out to them and ask their opinion. And if you determine that a candidate is worthy of your support, be sure to thank the candidate for supporting cannabis legalization — you might also offer to volunteer, put a sign in your yard, or donate to their campaign!

Please note that if you are concerned about voting in person due to COVID-19, the state has made it clear that this is an acceptable reason to vote by absentee ballot.

After you read the MPP voter guide, please share this message with your family and friends and remind them that the primary election is Tuesday, September 8.