New Jersey Poised for Big Changes After Election

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Gov. Chris Christie has said that he is the “only impediment” to taxing and regulating marijuana in New Jersey — and he is leaving office in January 2018. Phil Murphy (D), who has repeatedly touted his support for legalization, beat Kim Guadagno (R) by about 10 percentage points and will be the next governor!

Senator Nicholas Scutari (D-22), sponsor of the bill to end marijuana prohibition in New Jersey, won easily, and Senate President Steve Sweeney (D-3), another vocal supporter of legalization, was also victorious.

New Jersey is now well-placed to be the first state to end marijuana prohibition through the legislative process (as opposed to a citizens’ ballot initiative) — but a bill still won’t pass without hard work. And the details of the bill — things like ensuring people who have been criminalized for marijuana possession can expunge their records once marijuana possession is legalized — will require close attention to guarantee New Jersey implements the best possible public policy.

4 responses to “New Jersey Poised for Big Changes After Election”

  1. I hope they don’t try the scam that ‘it’s safe enough to trust businesses to sell for a profit but not safe enough to trust people to grow their own’.

  2. Please let’s us who work that can not get a discount growing it to make it affordable. I work for a living. There’s too many people who a taking advantage. I will work for a discount. New Jersey always gets it wrong. We make it to easy for hand outs. I deserve a discount too. But told I go to work so make to much. But when you look at what I have after I pay all the bills that you occur when it comes to work. I have less than a person who doesn’t work I understand there people with disabilities. I have been injuries badly still hold my Job. Told every day I need to find a different job. So I believe there is a job for all different people. We all should get a discount or let me put the work in to growing so I can afford my medicine.

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