MPP TV Ad Hits California Airwaves Today

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In the shadow of California’s historic budget crisis, MPP is airing a TV ad calling for an end to marijuana prohibition in the state.

The 30-second spot features a marijuana consumer who – along with millions of others in in the state – wants to pay taxes to help bridge California’s massive budget gap. Nadene Herndon, 58, declares that “instead of being treated like criminals for using a substance safer than alcohol, [marijuana consumers] want to pay our fair share.”

The ad will be running on cable and network TV all over California beginning today:

There’s a litany of reasons to end marijuana prohibition, but the financial benefits have recently amplified calls for reform in California. In February, State Assemblyman Tom Ammiano (D-San Francisco) introduced a bill that would make marijuana legal for adults over 21, and tax and regulate it comparably to alcohol. The annual state tax revenue from legal marijuana sales is estimated at about $1.3 billion – enough to pay the salaries of 20,000 California schoolteachers.

Not everyone in California wants both sides of the debate aired. Some networks actually refused to run the ad based on the bizarre assertion that it somehow supports illegal drug use

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  1. sweet! the onlycritique i have is i wish they would have use the word cannabis. it makes it sound more acceptable. still a great move. heck ya strike while the iron is hot!

  2. im loving all the pro-marijuana commercials that are popping up here and there…. I would love to see a full feature film, something on the lines of Doug Bensons Super High Me, but where lots and lots and lots of tests are done….. but don’t just show all the positives, show the negatives too….. we cannot say that marijuana has no negative effects and is some wonder drug, because it does have some negative effects(on some people) and it isnt a wonder drug(ok, in a way it is…. we need a lot more research on it to unlock its full potential) That is the problem that most Antis have with the Pros, that we say there is nothing wrong with it…. we need to schedual a massive (millions-tens of millions) rally to support the legalization of marijuana….. if you taxed marijuana at $50 an ounce, you would still see it in stores for less than you would find on the street…. marijuana is VERY cheap to grow and well, the only manufacturing in it is to cut it down, dry it out, and trim the buds…. boom done…. the street prices today are extremely inflated due to it being illegal….. marijuana costs roughly $200-$400 per lb (indoors, including electric) to produce… those numbers would decline rapidly if it were done on a large scale. you could tax is at $75 an ounce and it would still be cheaper than street prices….. Think of all the people who smoke 1/2ounce -1 ounce a week…. $50 from these people every single week….. marijuana is the ULTIMATE cash crop

  3. Fantastic Ad! Just saw a news blurb on MSNBC national news and they showed part of the ad. Thank You MPP.

  4. Just saw the commercial on MSNBC. Great!!! Also, GREAT choice of a spokesperson. She looks like the average 50 something mom, not a stereotypical stoner.

  5. Great commercial – just one criticism however, she comes off sounding a little too much like she’s reading off a prompter. I realize she’s no actor (or president, lol), but a few more takes might have made her delivery come out more natural after some practice. It might seem trivial, but I wonder if some prohibitionists would use that as an excuse to say that she’s not really saying what she’s thinking, even though they’d be wrong.

  6. Great job Mr. Mirken!

    Why doesn’t anyone ever mention Federal Medical Marijuana??

    I’ve noticed whenever Federal Marijuana is brought up against these so called Drug Warriors, they just shut up crawl back in their little offices. Montel Williams uses this in his pro-marijuana debates as it puts them in a situation to where they would not dare discredit the US Govt.

  7. MPP, I also have to agree. We should use the term Cannabis. Lets not keep playing the game of the prohibs by using thier terms.

  8. I’m sick of it!!!!!!!!! I like pot. You like beer. Who’s correct on this? It’s insane.

    The millions should not need a buffer like medical marijuana to get smoke.

    The intolerant squares (that enjoy a drink) say they just want medical marijuana to get high. And saying it’s medical is an excuse. Well so what. I will never touch crack, coke, or meth. And it’s never been gateway drug for me or any of my successful adult friends.

    I get high once every 2 weeks. Why do I have to have excuses? This whole thing pisses me off.

    Why not make donuts and soft drinks illegal? They make you fat and give you diabetes. And everyone knows one donut leads to another.

    I like pot. So what. Am I a sinner? Have I hurt anyone? Have I stole anything?

    You like a drink. I like a puff. WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE? Just legalize it, tax it, regulate it. AND END THE CRIME AND VIOLENCE CREATED BY KEEPING IT ILLEGAL!

    What a bunch of *%*^$& hypocrites! Think about that the next time you’re watching the big game with a beer in your hand watching a Budwiser commercial.

  9. Again, guys, this is why I’m confused. We support taxing and regulating and at the same time want to pass a decriminalization bill that effectively shuts off that possibility.

    Which is it?

  10. By the way, the reason decriminalization so ruins the chances of legalization is that it makes law enforcement’s jobs tougher trying to find the still-illegal sellers of marijuana. If two people are claiming a non-profit transfer of up to an ounce and one of them is a cartel member selling to a user, what happens? Cartels make money.

    Marijuana deserves to be treated the same as alcohol and tobacco even if it’s much less harmful. Regulate, tax, etc. This “limited amount” and “no-sale” trash is going to hurt us big-time.

  11. I don’t even smoke. But legalize it, tax it, and focus on REAL PROBLEMS like cocaine and meth.

    Pot is not the issue. Prohibition and closed minds are the issue. The same people who say no, were probably drinking at last night at bars across the US… Hypocrites.

    How strange is it that every other commercial during a sports game is for beer, and how people at work talk about how they went to a party and got drunk and yet my friends that casually smoke can’t say they stayed home, smoked a little, and watched a movie.

    Just treat it like alcohol. I don’t get when people say they are worried about kids. If treated like alcohol, as the post says above, they won’t be able to get it. The “what about the children” argument makes no sense.

    Finally, the US can make tons of money if they tax it.

  12. i just voted on the msnbc link. 83% yes with >8000 votes. go vote every one so we can make this poll valid and then people will have to pay attention. also stop watching the channels that won’t air this ad. hit them where it counts their wallet! peace be with all:)

  13. I spent around 5 hours spreading this ad link. The video view amount was 3k when I started and now its 9k. I feel as if I made a differance. I speard it to many fourms and youtube videos I ask all of you to do the same. Those of you who cannot donate. I cant donate ( im 17) so instead I do them a favor by spreading the link. 1. It helps our cause. 2. WHOS AWSOME YOUR AWSOME.

  14. If you live in California, and you are in a viewing area of a station that is not showing these commercials, it is your duty to give them a lot of grief.

  15. Guys seriously stop being lazy and spread this link around saying they should repost it we are doing good so far 14k views today starting at 3k before we spread. Lets keep it going until its a featured video.

  16. dude, i just saw the commercial on my local news, they had a prohibitionist douche that said the social programs that would be needed to battle cannabis addiction would outweigh the profit from legalizing. cannabis isn’t even addictive you douche bag. then they had a clip of bruce saying that we are missing out on billions of dollars of tax money.

  17. Pooch – great idea. I’ve been doing the same. Spread it all over TOPIX in the PERSONAL FINANCE forums.

    People are bitching about Obama’s stimulus plan, so I stuck the video in their faces.

    Also, I wrote Congressman Peter King in NY, you know, the jealous racist who went on YouTube bashing Michael Jackson. I sent him the video as well, but the chickenshit sent me a generic reply acknowledging my email.

  18. I love her comments on driving high. I have driven totally stoned on hash oil 90% thc- no problem. Every thing is totally slowed down it’s a total trip. I could never that good with just 2 beers!

  19. Thanks to all of you for helping to spread make this video go “viral” across the internet. The ad spot is now at more than 36,000 views on YouTube!

    To answer a couple questions…

    styles215: These are the stations that rejected the ad:
    KGO-San Francisco ABC affiliate, KNTV – San Jose’s NBC affiliate, and KABC, KTTV, and KTLA — all of Los Angeles.

    Mark, Glenolden, PA: We’re not certain on exactly how long we’ll run the ads, as it is mostly contingent upon funding. If you want to see more of these spots aired, please help us pay for them at .

    The above link is coded so that all the gifts given through it will be used solely to buy more time for this ad.

  20. Aaron Smith, I spent all day yesterday spreading the link. When 4chan a fourm with millions of people comes back online your views will at least hit 100k I asure you.

  21. Hello my /b/rothers and sisters. Yes it is time to legalize Marijuana. Here is a link to the new Marijuana Legalization ad (CA). Repost this in random videos if you care about the cause.

    Okay guys see that message up there post that around youtube and where ever ive been doing it for a long time now. Its a good way to say you care if you cant donate.

  22. Now at 46k views the video is now set to private and people can no longer view it I wish for a explanation please.

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