Minn.: Legalization bill heads to the House floor!

May 10, 2021

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Minn.: Legalization bill heads to the House floor!

Ask your state rep to vote "yes" on HF 600.

Minnesota House Majority Leader Ryan Winkler’s marijuana legalization bill has passed through 12 House committees and is headed to the full House floor! This will be the first time ever that a legalization bill has gotten a House floor vote in Minnesota.

Ask your state rep and senator to support legalizing cannabis.

Our automated system makes it quick and easy to write your state lawmakers. Simply type in your name and address, look over our draft letter, make any revisions you’d like, and hit “send.”

Legalization would create tens of thousands of good jobs and hundreds of millions in tax revenue, and it would reduce unnecessary stops, searches, and arrests that unfairly and unequally target Black Minnesotans. It would also treat adults like grown-ups, allowing them to make their own choices about a substance that is safer than alcohol.

Please write your lawmakers TODAY. Then, forward this email to others or spread the word on social media so that others can raise their voices for humane, sensible cannabis policies.