Del. Legislature adjourns; legalization effort pushed to 2022

Jun 30, 2021

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Del. Legislature adjourns; legalization effort pushed to 2022

Contact your lawmakers today and ask them to prioritize HB 150 in 2022!

This year, two House committees approved HB 150 — a bill to legalize and regulate cannabis for adults in Delaware. The bill was cleared and scheduled for a House floor vote on June 10, but unfortunately, that vote was postponed to allow more time to work on amendments.

The legislature adjourns today. However, since the General Assembly holds a two-year session, the bill will pick up where it left off in January 2022.

While it’s unfortunate that the bill wasn’t taken up this year, we must keep the pressure on lawmakers to prioritize HB 150 when they return in January. Please reach out to your lawmakers today and ask them to support HB 150 next session!

Be sure to stay plugged in to the Delaware Cannabis Policy Coalition email alerts leading up to 2022 for actions to take to help make sure HB 150 makes it over the finish line next year.

Mourning Deborah Hamilton

We also wanted to share some very sad news. Deborah Hamilton — who lobbied for medical cannabis, decriminalization, and legalization for MPP over the years — passed away recently. Debbie was among the most respected and skilled advocates in Leg Hall, and she was absolutely crucial to the progress that has been made in the First State for humane cannabis policies. We are lucky to have worked closely with her, and our hearts break for her family and loved ones.