Alaska Prepares for 2014 Ballot Initiative

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On Tuesday, the Anchorage Daily News reported, marijuana policy reform activists in Alaskaalaska map presented a drafted ballot initiative that calls for taxing and regulating marijuana like alcohol along will 100 signatures to the state lieutenant governor’s office. It’s the first of many steps needed to put marijuana on the 2014 primary ballot.

The measure, which would allow adults 21 and older to use and cultivate marijuana, will now undergo a 60-day review. If state officials allow the initiative to move forward, 30,169 more signatures will need to be acquired by mid-January in order to force a vote.

A similar initiative in 2004 failed to pass; however, unlike the past measure, the new initiative would not include amnesty for past marijuana offenses.

9 responses to “Alaska Prepares for 2014 Ballot Initiative”

  1. If you can’t get fired from your hone for responsible booze use than you can’t get fire for responsible m.j. Use
    Give us all equality. People are tired if being the victims. You can’t be against faire and equal human rights

  2. As a grower (medical patient) of over 8 years SAFE access is all I need in this land of the free. 420 for LIFE !!!

  3. All States should allow these ballot initiatives, the voters need to have their say as to what is legal for adults to grow and use and what is not.

  4. Is it really a good use of resources to got for the 2014 ballot rather than waiting
    for the 2016 election which will bring out many more of our voters?
    The numbers of Alaska voters who support legalization in recent polls is
    not very encouraging.
    Is MPP supporting this project?

  5. Just stumbled on this site and it was like Cheech and Chong Man! Please everyone read The Emperor wears no clothes” by Jack Herer Yes the Jack Herer who had a Canabis club winning strain named after him! If we would just use commonsense wise and grow and market Industrial hemp, creating new markets and millions of jobs raising enough money to upgrade our infrastructure and pay down on our debt. Find a way to strengthen our dollar and then lead the way to legalize and tax and regulate. Creating medicines for our sick and elderly! YOU IN LESS THAN 25 YEARS I’D GUESS! THINK TWICE BEFORE YOU CUT YOUR OWN THROAT AND HAVE TO WATCH SOMEONE IN YOUR IMMEDIATE FAMILY Maybe a SPOUSE OR CHILD? vomiting violently, uncontrollaby and unable to eat wasting away to a fraction of their healthy normal size! All because of chemotherapy and radiation treatment eating away at body and mind Just awful because you wanted a moral victory and kept medical marijuana illegal. Marijuana that fixes the three miseries of middle stage or better cancer first the nausea! Stop it dead in it’s tracks! Which leads to second their misery you feel wanting to just die! and third you feel like eating laughing for the first time since being diagnosed maintaining at or near their healthy weight. Has fewer moments of Sorry I rambled

  6. My name is fred west I am a buisness ouner for 18 years in alaska. My two sisters are both cancer survivals. I support the legalizing of marijuana for growing and selling in a retail out let. Paying taxes , licenses, all the above to the state of alaska thank you fred west

  7. It takes a very long time for a slow large ship to change course from full right rudder to full left. But with the helm turned, the ship will eventually come to port. All that is needed is time for the old guard to die off enough. I don’t mean that with a forked tongue. I just happen to believe it to be true.

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