Prohibition Stirs Interest in Phony Marijuana

Feb 16, 2010 , ,

Authorities around the nation are expressing concern over the rising popularity of a legal marijuana knockoff called “Spice,” also known as K2. Spice is a mixture of organic and synthetic ingredients and apparently, when smoked, it produces a euphoria similar to marijuana.

Spice is sold legally as a marijuana alternative in stores across the country but some are suggesting that it’s more dangerous that the real thing. We’ve known for a long time that our marijuana laws are leading people to use more dangerous drugs like alcohol. Now, Spice might be added to the list of dangerous concoctions marijuana prohibition is encouraging people to use in order to stay out of jail.

I suppose there could be stranger ways to achieve a legal high.

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  1. I have tried K2. I does create the euphoria. I did not like it cause I was still in pain and my pain still created nausea. Screw K2. Legalize

  2. To all fellow bloggers. If you choose to try K2 – commonly known as Spice, please be carefull, as some people have had some very bad reactions. Just recently in Russia there was a suicide case that was attributed to Spice, this girl took a leap of faith off of 12 story building. Some people even reported hallucinations.
    I personally just found out about Spice few days ago when I heard that report on the Russian news, but I hear it’s becoming very popular among young adults since it’s a legal substance.
    I wouldn’t say that people using Spice as a substitute for marijuana. I would think that people who want to smoke their weed, will get their hands on some weed and people who want to experiment with other substances will experiment with other substances.
    I might even consider trying this Spice myself but I’m definitely not planning to use it instead of weed.
    Free The Weed. Free The People.

  3. Calling K2 or Spice dangerous, without any credible science to back up your…. sounds like prohibitionist rhetoric.

    How do you know it’s dangerous? The lab work I’ve seen seems to indicate that it’s no more dangerous than pure THC.

    Let’s not stoop to using the tactics of the enemy please. We are smarter than that.

  4. Do you realize how many places on the internet there are to get Legal Bud? God only knows what toxic substances lurk within the stuff they call safe! Only man could take a substance that God made and turn it into something deadly! It’s time to not only Free The Weed and the People, it’s time for us to Free Our Minds! It’s time to legalize!

  5. Exactly. Attributing a teen’s suicide to Spice? Come on. That’s the same BS the feds used to say regarding pot. Deperate people are prone to both thrill-seeking (experimental drugs) and depression. There needn’t be a correlation between suicide and drug use.

  6. Sorry for double posting, but it’s worth mentioning. The active substances in K2/Spice have the following characteristics:

    -No odor, even when vaporized.
    -No taste.
    -No cough.
    -Doesn’t fail drug tests.
    -On average 80% cheaper than marijuana
    -Easy synthesis from OTC sources

    It is much stronger that marijuana, so people easily overdose, though panic and associated symptoms seem to be the extent of severity. Tolerance builds MUCH faster than with marijuana, so people quickly become used to dosing.

    People talking about this stuff making people jump off of buildings remind me of the 80s when everyone was saying the same about acid. Maybe if they were sick in the head first. And why look at Russian reports? Plenty of reports about this stuff in English speaking countries…..

  7. The report I was talking about was on the Russian national TV. The reason I watch that stuff is because I was born in Russia.
    I am not claiming that the news report was true. It could be the same scare tactic that US government is doing with marijuana. I just wanted to bring it to your folks attention, just an FYI.
    This article did make me do some research and I know now that I will not be trying Spice or any of it’s variations.
    The bottom line with Spice – this is a chemically produced substance that was never inteded for human ingestion in any form. There was never any studies done on how this would affect human health. Several countries in Europe already made this substance illegal and several states in US are also moving towards prohibition.
    I guess this article got the point right. If weed was legalized and regulated, who would ever want to even try this crap called Spice.
    Free The Weed. Free The People.

  8. Calling K2 or Spice dangerous, without any credible science to back up your…. sounds like prohibitionist rhetoric.

    Yeah I agree; I’ve seen no credible evidence showing this stuff is dangerous in any way. To me, the point isn’t that this is dangerous so much as stupid. Here we have a perfectly natural, safe substance that people enjoy, yet because it’s illegal users are driven toward a chemically manufactured approximation. Just a stupid situation that doesn’t pass even the most cursory sniff test.

  9. Most of the OTCs and scripts you get from you doctor are synthetic chemicals that weren’t meant for human consumption – unless you believe the FDA really cares about your health…

    Synthetic does not mean bad people. It just means it was created via a chemical synthesis. Synthetic does not mean radioactive or carcinogenic. It just means synthetic – like your t-shirt, your bathtub, the sugar replacement you use in your coffee.

    People have no qualms about sitting in a traffic jam and breathing carbon monoxide. No problems eating fast foods with trans-fat-mono-sodium-carbo-toxic-crap. No problems drinking alcohol, which has an enormous history of eating brains, hearts, livers and kidneys.

    But a 99.5% pure cannabinoid, produced in completely sterile labratory conditions with labratory grade reagents? Hell no, WAAAAAY too dangerous. Gimmie that piss-smelling weed that was grown in a Mexican septic tank and smuggled across the border in a horses ass….

    Keeping things in perspective is good.

  10. Do you have a source for the claim that Spice or K2 has “99.5% pure cannabinoid”? If so, what cannabinoid are we talking about? Many cannabinoids have zero psychoactive effect.

    Also, it sounds to me like you’re getting some really crappy weed, probably time to find a new dealer.

  11. This is what wikipedia has to say

    There’s also a more detailed article which even contains a formula for those who are interested. Just google K2 spice.

    Either way you look at it. Dangerous or not. This is not intended to be smoked. This is not as good as the real thing.
    Screw K2 spice. Legalize Weed.
    Free The Weed. Free The People.

  12. Mike R. I understand your argument, but if no information is provided for bad results, isn’t on the safer side to abstain until more research could be found that’s good. I could think of a million things that are dangerous that still will remain dangerous even if I haven’t found a study to prove it.

    Good point to not to try to sound like the prohibitionist do though. I’m sure many people tend to forget that when they become on opposing ends. 😉

    I guess I’ve just learned with my daughter’s many allergies, if I don’t know or not if somethings in the food, DON’T give it to her.
    Hemp products are the only thing keeping her healthy with her limited variety of nutrition. I’d sure like to see this area expand in products, not a synthetic version of any derivative.

  13. It’s just pure absurdity in the end. A natural organic mix of cannabinoids is listed on Schedule 1. But CP 47497, CP 55940, JWH-018, etc — all synthetic, highly potent cannabinoids — have no legal restrictions whatsoever.

    It’s about as logically consistent as outlawing coffee while leaving No-Doz on the shelf.

  14. This leads me to believe that government simply has a specific agenda that they follow blindly. There’s no logic or common sense to how the drugs are scheduled and regulated right now. The government will continue to follow that same agenda regardless of the reality of the situation.
    I just want to know who the hell came up with that agenda and what exactly it entails and who’s interests is it protecting, cause it sure as hell dont make sense and is not protecting the rights and the interests of the common people.
    Free The Weed. Free The People.

  15. You said:
    “Spice is sold legally as a marijuana alternative in stores across the country but is likely more dangerous that the real thing.”

    And you did not give any reference as to why it could be more dangerous…Only that it is “Likely”. This is the exact type of anecdotal evidence that MPP goes after when stated by drug warriors. Please do not become one of them. (Shame on you, and MPP)

    K2/Spice is currently legal, and if it can remain legal, and possibly regulated by user age and dosage, then it will be very easy to draw similarities between it’s affects and Cannabis. This will only help us win the war on Cannabis prohibition.

    I urge you not to throw Cannabis analogues “Under the bus”

  16. #18
    JWH-018 ect ect… has been found to be almost 2000x more cancerious as nicotene… but other than that, im completly against getting high for recreation. but if people were to try using spice, genie, chillin, all that stuff for medical perpouses, its far to expensive. they clearly say DO NOT INGEST OR BURN!!! why? if its truely safe, why r they side swiping this discusion with there little lawful mov.? money money money greed greed greed.

    a camel has a better chance fitting through the eye of a needle than a rich man into heaven

  17. I can tell you from experience all these alternatives ARE dangerous. Not saying they should be illegal just saying that JWH made me think I was having a heart attact. K2 made me see ghosts and salvia made me speak in tongues. I wouldn’t recommend these drugs to anyone. Once again Marijuana is the safe alternative…

  18. This K2 spice is all a big woop. All you can say about it is that it can be dangerous and quite interesting actually. I do dream of a better cannabis high where im not so forggetful…but doing it by synthesizing the compounds of marijuana is not the way to go about it. Lets just say highly supior gentic cannabis.

  19. Tony @ 19

    You are absoultely incorrect. There are some chemical relationships to substances that could potentially be more carcinogenic that marijuana could possibly be based upon its relationships to…..

    Yeah, crap. There isn’t even a conculsive study that shows how carcinogenic marijuana is. There is next to NOTHING available on JWH.

    People throw around the term carcinogenic and talk about cancer like anyone really has a clue. Relative to.. Potential.. Possible.. all garbage terms. Rely on your own senses and experience to make a determination as to the safety of JWH. I, personally, have not found it to be any more dangerous than good weed.

    Truth be told JWH line is being researched for transdermal delivery via patch to treat various forms of testicular and prostate cancers.

    I really dislike when people just…. well….. lie.

  20. LEGALIZATION! That is all that we want. What is so wrong about that? Nothing, except that means hundreds of millions of dollers the gov won’t get. Ha Ha Ha, you try and keep the gov out of your pockets and you go to jail. Now some scientist is getting rich for a drug that acts like cannabis, bullshit, just legalize and no one gets rich, no one goes to jail and most importantly, no one dies, ever!

  21. Lets go ahead and spell out a few things for the stupid or lazy people.
    iv tired spice. Its teh closest I ever came to weed, with out it being weed.
    Now care to talk about what it is?
    its damiana leaf.
    go ahead, google that, Ill wait for you.
    its safe in doses under 200 grams. after 200 grams, you start building up enough cyanide in your system it becomes dangerous.
    I doubt that will happen as whats available in stores around here is 1 to 3 grams at a time.
    1 gram for between 16 and 34 dollars, pending what the retailer charges you for it. Been around for several hundred years and used for alot of stuff, some with success, others with about much use as leeches to drain evil spirits.
    I use it because I can pass a drug test and still get pretty high.
    I would prefer weed, the high is very close, but something is missing besides just the paranoid I get from weed.
    at these prices, its much more expensive than weed, course I have found sources for a pound of it for less than 20 bucks.
    its another scam to get people rich while screwing the people that use it.
    If its recreational use you are using for, spice is nice, effective.
    if its pain relief, best stick to weed.
    just to let you know, its not spice, spice is a brand name, so is black mamba, tribal warrior, and many others.
    the K2 I never heard before now. spice is NOT synthetic MJ, its a plant all of its own, and has a long history of medical uses, some the same as weed.
    a bowl full will fuck up 4 people, 2.5 grams is needed to make a cup of tea, and it does lead to lucid dreaming, from the tea, I could never smoke enough to get that much in me. It tastes like ass, some brands add flavoring and it makes it taste worst, but smell better.
    Its something interesting to investigate, but I prefer the weed.
    If you can not smoke due to probation or parole or your job, or want something you can take for a camping trip or amusement park and not have to worry about going to jail over, spice is nice.
    WIth the same doses Id use for smoking pot, no hallucinations, no thinking I can fly, no stupid bullshit, jut very relaxed, not as stupid as I am on weed, and no burned out feeling after its over.

    Not telling anyone to try it or not try it, just wanted to give some information to anyone that reads this about what it is and how effective it is.

  22. “Calling K2 or Spice dangerous, without any credible science to back up your…. sounds like prohibitionist rhetoric.”

    Yeah, I have to admit that I regret having used the words I used in this post. It looks like it’s *possibly* more dangerous than marijuana but the science isn’t in yet. In any case, I still think it’s absurd that people are forced to use a substance that’s less tested than marijuana in order to keep their jobs and out of jail. Anyway, I do apologize for leaping on the bandwagon of demonizing K2 with little knowledge about it. I admit it was kind of a reflexive response in order to further point out the stupidity of marijuana prohibition but it was inappropriate to jump to the conclusion that K2 is more dangerous than marijuana.

    Thank you all for your interesting comments on this!

    @Lea – I’m glad you like the new photo. The last one was almost 5 years old and had to go! I’ll pass your message on to Mike. 😉

  23. JWH018 is available in it’s pure form online from US manufacturers (haven’t even seen any Chinese sellers yet) if you search around the going price seems to be $50.00-60.00 a gram. The active dose of this substance is 4mg smoked so roughly 250 doses or $0.20 per dose. Because it is a very pure (I have seen 99.5-99.7% purity advertised) it is extremely potent. 4mg is a tiny amount, and not something that is easy to eyeball, there are many reports of people having dosed with 10 times that amount and ending up in the ER with severe anxiety attacks chest pain .etc. There were also some lethalities reported in lab rats that were given the drug in excessive amounts.
    The problem with the spice incense is that you have no idea of how much JWH you are getting when you smoke it. It isn’t even listed as an ingredient. Also unlike the real thing JWH takes about 5-10minutes to fully hit you and if you are impatient smoke more before waiting that time it would be easy to take too much.

    Here are a few off site links for those thirsting for knowledge:

  24. I see your point, and thanks for clarifying your language.

    But I also believe we must embrace and protect ALL marijuana analogues, even the synthetic ones. Especially if they may be dangerous, after all, that is what the prohibitionists claim of marijuana.

    If the current legal analogues get banned in this country, it will give more ammo to the prohibitionists and make it harder to legalize marijuana. but if they stay legal, and can be successfully regulated, it can serve as a template for marijuana regulation, and will make it easier to get there. Which is what we all want.

  25. I would love to see some references for the claims of JWH-018 causing cancer. Please post them.

    I have a reference the the preliminary toxicology reports on it that show it NOT causing cancer….and I have a link to it. (sorry you have to join to download the reports though)

    text quoted from above link:
    A series of pre-clinical ADME/Toxicity studies were conducted on JWH-018 including CYPs, Genotox, hERG, Cytotox, Rodent Tox (LD50, Acute Dose, Repeat Dose & Pharmakinetics). All tests passed within tolerable guidelines. JWH-018 tested negative for genotox (ie cancer) using standard GreenScreen HC both with and without S9 (fraction from liver hepatocytes which metabolizes compounds and looks for genotoxic metabolites).

    not saying this proves it, but it is a good first step.

  26. Very True! My son used to smoke weed. Since he has to pass a pee test to go see his kids, he decided he wanted to see his kids so he turned to alcohol. Now he is an alcholic and a drunk driver. It is just a matter of time before he kills himself or someone else. I can’t stop him, he is an adult just like they could not stop Michael Jackson. He said he would still be smoking if it were legal but he is forced to find a worse vice. Screw you Obama, step up to the plate and make pot legal. Were all sick of your BS in “staying out of it” You promised! Thats why we voted for you.

  27. There are many “legal highs”. Just because they are legal don’t mean that we should do it. Sniffing Glue, Drinking Alcohol….etc. I’ll take the illegal weed over any and all things! I am 49 and I will not give up my weed if it is legal or not. I don’t give a shit, I will buy it anyway.

  28. If they legalized marijuana, I bet then more than 75% of the kids and adults would choose marijuana and that’s why it would probably always be legal. But what scares me is that if weed becomes legal it’ll turn out like cigarettes – they’ll add a bunch of chemicals saying that they make the weed safer and then turn around and say “See it is bad for your health.” Or they’ll turn the harmless plant into one of the “legal buds” they have now.

  29. I truly cannot believe the Bull that these so called Americans are pulling now. I have tried that garbage and you know what I got? Nothing it did nothing for me. So if this is a cop or a police organization please pull your own plug the oxygen has been depleted.

  30. I can not believe you people bitching about this.
    what happened to your old arguments for MJ? its jsut a plant, its natural, its good for you or at least its not poison made in a lab!
    what do you think this shit is?
    Maybe Im wrong, maybe I think the shit I played with is what your talking about and its actually different than the K2 described here?
    Let me first state that MJ is my first choice, its great, I love it.
    However I have been smoking the other shit.
    THe high is not as nice, but very close, medically speaking? I dunno, there is alot of evidence that the new stuff has some medical benefits, goign back hundreds of years, but claims are not proof.
    More cancer causing? maybe, no science to credit or discredit that claim as of yet.
    Iv tried it, many times, its a very nice high, but not teh same as MJ, very close if you smoke ground and dried damiana leaves, a very nice high if its damiana mixed with blue lotus petals.

    what makes you think that there is nothing else out there thats ‘safe’ or effective besides MJ?
    All this shit is just plants, and herbs.
    I see no reason to give up teh fight to make MJ legal, how ever with no science on your side to call for this shit to be taken away, or no one should use that shit!, your doing the exact same shit that prohibition did to MJ all those years ago.
    Your spreading rumors and opinions, not fact.
    someplace above me someone named steve said it right.
    Just because this is legal and not MJ you think if MJ becomes legal (NOT IF WHEN) that nothing else will still be used to achieve a high?
    When MJ was legal people still drank, when its legal again people will still be drinking, they will and do still turn to other illegal substances.
    Much like MJ, all the stuff Iv smoked looking for an alternative till it is legal, has been herbs, flowers, natural things with some great effects, and some not worth while effects.
    I am now asking you to do the same shit we tell other people to do in defense of MJ. research it, do not form an opinion based on propaganda and bullshit and lies.
    For all we know, these otehr herbs and plants could be better medically for people than weed is. Maybe they are worse than a cigarette. At this point there is nothing founded in science that says one way or another. SO while Id caution anyone who chooses to use it to be careful, and know the risks, I wouldn’t shit on it just because its not the exact plant we want.
    Much like MJ’s possible wonders, they could hold the same or better, no one has taken the time to study it yet.

  31. To those that are shitting on this because it did not help them, or it didn’t make them high or it did not help as much as MJ with the pain or sickness, just stop.
    You are the breaking edge of what will happen to these things as they are found by more and more people.
    You really want to shit can all of them just like weed was shit canned 7 decades ago ?
    I like the new shit, it allows me to get high and still pass drug tests on a moments notice.
    I would prefer the weed, I honestly would, its better, it lasts longer, and with this shit hitting the market in 1 gram tiny cans, its about 5 times the price of good weed, and tripe that of great weed.
    If it does ntow ork for your particular ailemtn, or you jstu wanted to get high and id did not get you high, then state that.
    Hey, Iv been using weed for 20 years and for the last 5 to help treat my sickness. I tried this shit, product xxx, label says its pure damiana leaf and flower, it did not work for pain or sickness in my case.
    Im a stoner, plain and simple, I tired it, I did not like it, or maybe it did nothing at all to me.

    see those examples? accurate. it tells the truth, the product name, the actual ingredient, and the effects on YOU.
    thats a fact, not an opinion.
    you can back up facts. IF you said I heard about it, but i think its shit, thas an opinion.
    As more people find out about it, more use it looking for an alternative to what they want, weed.
    Some will prefer this shit, some will prefer weed.
    Anyone shouting it down, your only doing to this stuff what you had done to you with weed.
    Stop trying to limit peoples choices, part of our fight for legal weed says that the government has no right to step in and tell us what we can do to our own bodies.

    This subject drives me batshit.
    can no one see the parallels between the two?
    Its not synthetic, its a different herb.
    IT has very much the same effect, close but not exact. It however is not tested for on drug tests, so it does not show up. its not illegal (at this point) even if they tested fo0r it, you can not be held on criminal matters over it or fired for it.
    Its a nice thing to take for a walk, or to a concert, or amusement park. Its good for using in public places when youd like to be high but can not afford the risk.
    Till someone provides proof that its pure shit, I will continue to use it when it fill s the need better than weed.
    That being said, if weed were legal, in my opinion, that time would never come, Id always rather have real weed than the other herbs Iv been trying.
    I do not think its for everyone, but I never thought everyone should smoke weed either. different people react differently to different things.
    There are those people that should not smoke weed, ever. I know one personally. getting high with him is like baby sitting a snake 3 times your size who snorted some coke and then got out of its cage while you were sleeping and had some oil in a pool it soaked in before you found it out.
    THe guy is a total idiot, and breaks shit, his shit, and hits himself in the head, and beats his head against the tv or wall or floor to see how it sounds and then wants you to take him out in public so he can really have fun.
    Ever smoke with a guy like that?
    I have, ONCE. Never again, and that was nearly 10 years ago.
    still buddies, but he does not smoke any weed anymore.
    different people, different reactions.
    Not everything is for everyone. Maybe this would be better for you than weed is, maybe not. Maybe its a filler so you can be more vocal about weed and ending prohibition, while still being able to relax now and again. Maybe it just lets you pass a drug test for a new job, or lets you pass one to keep your job.
    Maybe once weed is legal you never touch it again, or maybe you decide you like it better and never touch weed again or only rarely.
    Just keep an open mind, wait for science to catch up to the people before you declare it to be pure shit.
    I only ask the same of you people, that we all ask of prohibitionists, keep an open mind, do some research, do nto spread lies, and tell the truth about experiences with it instead of making out to be something its not.

  32. Tony, let me educate you on a tiny bit of how it works.
    you asked”im completly against getting high for recreation. but if people were to try using spice, genie, chillin, all that stuff for medical perpouses, its far to expensive. they clearly say DO NOT INGEST OR BURN!!! why? if its truely safe, why r they side swiping this discusion with there little lawful mov.? money money money greed greed greed.”

    You know why it does not say for human consumption, or why it onyl says its not or jsut incense or what ever other little trick they used to sell it for getting high with out saying its for getting high.

    Its all herbs. Iv been looking in to it for a while now, its jsut herbs, and plants.
    for the most part its damiana leaf. You can google that one yourself, it lists many things that that is supposed to treat according to home remedy’s and new age healing based on ancient ideas. If you say its for human consumption, then the FDA steps in to test claims and see if its safe (ha ha! SAFE and the FDA! thats a laugh all in its own)
    If you sell it for incense or what not, people that know will spread the word, and more will know. no regulations because its not designated as fit for humans, even though we all know thats what its being used for.
    This does not make it unsafe, just untested.
    That can be a real bad pile of shit, or it can mean nothing at all.
    Our own beloved weed has never been tested in any scientific trials to determine that its 100% safe for human use.
    We know it is because of small studies, and because of thousands of years of history showing no case ever of weed being the cause of death or cancer.
    All this shit is is another herb, one sold many places in bulk to be used in making tea, seasoning food, and as daily supplements for health.
    The only thing we are unclear on is if smoking it changes the effects, or creates new ones.
    Its been used for a long long time for uses outside of smoking.
    Its also notable that the same effects can be achieved by drinking the tea, however it takes 2.5 grams to make tea by the cup, and it only takes a pinch in a pipe to fuck you up.
    Seeing as how its now being sold for between 12 to 34 dollars a gram, when packaged in smoke shops, its far to much money to make a glass of tea, but will fuck up 3 or 4 people for a Friday and Saturday night if you smoke it.

    DO not trust the FDA to make your choices for you, they pass out all sorts of shit to the American public after testing that has been recalled because it turns out its really bad shit.
    Use your head, look in to what your dealing with instead of just blindly jumping off the fence on one side or the other of the argument.

  33. The fact is, I don’t want another drug out there, I don’t care if its less dangerous in alcohol. Alcohol is horrible, I’ve seen it destroy people and I’ve seen Marijuana destroy people. All your fighting over is to get “high.” It’s pretty pathetic.

  34. First off let me start off by saying that I had to quit smoking weed so I could find a better job. Now im looking at this damiana leaf, not really knowing what what of high it generates. I started a little organization I called Giggles. It was a program to start a poll to basically get stoners opinions on marijuana. Do u realize, british studies have PROVEN results people drive better when they are high? Or that NO ONE has ever died from an overdose. If America decided to legalize weed, of course they would tax it and do not forget our current economy…. our taxes provided for it would definitely help. They could sell grams for the same cost of cigarettes and still be profitting billions. Therefore taking us out of such a shitty depression that none of us can prosper from. Marijuana is NOT hard to grow!!!! They could grow it almost anywhere except deserts. Really, do they also realize that it can be used for a medication??? or that all the people jailed for this shit could be realeased and the TAXPAYERS moneys would be elminated by 25%??? they would be making more money selling it legally then recieve taxpayers money and they just refuse to really take a detailed look at what is really bad about it? Ive sat debating and debating what are the cons of weed? how is it such a big DRUG? DRUG is a chemically mixed substance… so no weed is not chemically mixed when naturally grown. Yeah people are fighting to get high…. why? what else can peoiple afford to do with there time? throw rocks? kick dirt? commit suicide? or be happy? or yet again and hungry….. more money for the government… jesus christ we are dealing with retards. who said it could be illigal in the first place? Everyone against it, is against it cause they dont do it, or have heard bad things regarding it… whats bad that they heard about it so I can re-educate u on the subject. Put them in our situation, sick, depressed, bored, etc etc… let them have a bowl.. maybe they get scared? maybe they feel they are having a heart attack? well guess what??? Ill smoke a pound and fall asleep before I die. IT DOES NOT KILL YOU!!!! simple as that! There is no OVERDOSE simple as that! There is no reason for it not to be LEGAL!!! Im starting another poll… I dont want to have to smoke this damiana when weed is simply good enough.. Oh by the way for all you haters… OBAMA USED TO SMOKE…. OUR PRESIDENT!!!!!! USED TO TOKE THE BOWL… Get you facts straight…….

  35. I smoke spice on occasion, Black Mamba to be exact. It’s pretty potent as it creates vivid visions that you could swear your dreaming. The visions can last for days. I can say that I, myself have hallucinated from it. I wouldn’t consider it dangerous unless you’re operating some sort of machinery, and you can have panic attacks if you smoke some while stressed. Other than that, it’s fine.

  36. ive smoked the k2,and evenn a little of the spice,but the store near me sells the brand “kind” and im getting 3grams for 20bucks which is a way better price then what these other stores are charging for the k2 etc…im also on methadone,which is synthetic opiod.and im legal completely on synthetic versions of what i loved and in case of opiods had problems with..its a great buzz,and better then some marijuana out there.i only miss the taste of weed mainly,but strawberry kind has had the taste of black opium to me at times so thats the brand&flavor i smoke if im choosing..lagalize it all!!stop the war on drugs&let grown ass people make grown ass decisions!and i have NEVER hallucinated on the kind etc..or marijuana!!thats out right insane sounding to me.i used to dose acid to hallucinate,lol

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