Drug Czar Walters Goes Out With a Whimper

Nov 06, 2008 , , ,

On Nov. 4, voters spectacularly rejected eight years of the most intense government war on marijuana since the days of “Reefer Madness,” led by outgoing White House drug czar John Walters — voting overwhelmingly for a variety of reform proposals, including marijuana decriminalization in Massachusetts and medical marijuana in Michigan.

The Office of National Drug Control Policy has reacted with eerie silence, making no statements and issuing no press releases. But today on ONDCP’s blog, the drug czar’s office unveiled what may be their lamest anti-marijuana campaign yet. Yes, your tax dollars are actually funding this. For now.

By the way, jobs held by people who’ve acknowledged smoking marijuana include governor of California (Arnold Schwarzenegger), astronomer (Carl Sagan), mayor of New York (Michael Bloomberg), billionaire rock star/songwriter (Paul McCartney), and — well, you get the point. 

13 responses to “Drug Czar Walters Goes Out With a Whimper”

  1. Anybody know the status of Prop 5 in California?
    This would reduce jail time and increase treatment options for
    non-violent drug users. I am hearing nothing of this.

  2. My boss is a 48 year old pothead who owns her own company. She actually says that I wouldn’t be working for her if I wasn’t a pothead too because she wouldn’t be able to trust me. Now try to tell me and the rest of the country that people that smoke weed don’t go anywhere.

  3. There would be more jobs for potheads if the government didn’t allow employers to perform unnecessary and unconstitutional pre-employment drug tests. These drug tests unfairly target cannabis users because of the lengthy detection window of pot.

    Alcohol causes more accidents, sickness and death but is metabolized out of your body within 24 hours. How many alcoholics have to worry about a drug test?

  4. Hahahahaha! That’s f’ed up. Let’s make a mock version with a picture of John P. Walters and a Unicorn that says :

    Become a Unicorn Herder. Start herding now. Arrest All the Americans You Can and then Lie about it to good Americans. NonViolent Americans are like enslaved prisoners. Waste Jillions of Buckaroos with little to no impact on Drug Consumption. Lying and Dishonest in every ad, press release and statement.

    “Sorry, not to be like a dick, but there aren’t too many jobs out there for EX-drug Czars. Good Bye Mr. Walters”

  5. my problem with this is the lack of jobs for “pot heads” is real..and it is due to drug tests…if marijuana was legal however..the drug tests would no longer be manditory and the lack of jobs would cease to exist.

  6. so where are the “piss yourself every night” and “hangover tester” and “bodybag filler” for the anti-drinking ads. oh thats right drinking is taxable…how foolish of me.

  7. I hope that Mr. walters realizes that he has kept really wonderful people from working lots of jobs in the government. I personally would have loved to work for the FBI and chase down real criminals. I would have been great at it.. Instead the government officials became the criminals in the eyes of the American People living under this unjust prohibition. I’m a Veteran and have been underemployed my entire life doing warehouse jobs and secretarial jobs. I love my country and I believe it can become great again. It may be too late for me to earn boat loads of cash, but the suffering that I have endured has made me a more compassionate person in spite of it all. Please all elected officials, take this stumbling block of prohibition away from our people so that their financial lives will not end up like mine.
    God bless you.

  8. I have all of these ads in my recent issues of Nintendo Power. I’d have to agree that these are pretty lame. If they were true, then I would of not recieved a 3.5 GPA in college last term and I would not be busting my ass right now as I’m trying to get a 4.0 GPA this term. Working hard to get into the Phi Theta Kappa honor society is a far cry from “burrito taster.”

    I don’t know what crap these guys are smoking, but if it makes you that retarded, then I don’t want it. I rather have the good herb to help mellow out after work or after a hard day at school.

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