Bill O’Reilly Doesn’t Get Us At All

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On his wonderfully fair and balanced show on Thursday, Bill O’Reilly was nice enough to highlight our Top 50 Most Influential Marijuana Users list. He then started on a long rant, joined by his co-hosts, about the evils and deadly health risks associated with using marijuana. Apparently, these folks didn’t quite get the message.

O’Reilly seems to think that MPP just wants everyone to use marijuana, and that the organization “devotes its life to trying to convince you to get stoned and inebriated.” What he fails to understand, and what many supporters of prohibition refuse to believe, is that marijuana reform is not about getting high. It is about changing our obviously failed policies that put non-violent adults in jail while making it easier for young people to obtain. It is about changing the focus of law enforcement away from people who are already using marijuana and allowing police to focus on more serious crimes.

Papa Bear and friends also didn’t understand the message behind the list, which is that these influential marijuana users likely would not be where they are today had they been arrested for marijuana. How much human potential are we squandering when we arrest three quarters of a million people for marijuana possession every year, saddling them with a criminal record that limits their educational options and job opportunities?

After totally missing the point, the three pundits then proceeded to rattle off a long series of completely inaccurate and unsubstantiated talking points about how marijuana is deadly and will turn you into a zombie. They covered all the bases, too, from the debunked gateway theory to the “lazy stoner” myth.

It is really pretty sad, considering a brief look at MPP’s website would have clarified our mission for O’Reilly and provided all of them with actual scientific research on the effects of marijuana.

And we’re the lazy ones?

Here’s the video. Try not to throw anything through your screen.

44 responses to “Bill O’Reilly Doesn’t Get Us At All”

  1. You are all so STUPID when it comes to Facts, as you pull yours out of your ASS! Do a little research before you open your dumb Pie Holes! One more ignorant then the next! Pathetic!

  2. It’s sad indeed that such uninformed, ignorant, and lazy “commentators” are allowed to spew such dis-information.
    They no NOTHING about the matter. Do your homework, “news” people.

  3. There Is Just Too Much Evidence how beneficial this plant is.Just Because These People Have Blinders on.And If You Get Get High on It Along with all the medical Benefits,thats just an added bonus.It Is Safer Than Water.Wake Up America Don’t Believe everything a bunch of ignorant commentators say.

  4. O’Reilly is just a skinny Rush Limbaugh that is nothing more than a talking head.Asshat for sure and nobody takes what he says seriously unless they too are an asshat.I lost 170lbs puking and cannabis saved my very life…so kiss my ass Bill

  5. I agree Marijuana can make some people act stupider than they already are and I feel strongly that Bill O’Reilly (of the O’Reilly Factor), Gretchen Carlson (co-host of FOX and Friends), and Jeanine Pirro (author of the book “Sly Fox”) should NEVER use marijuana or any other legal or illegal mind altering substance because they are already stupid enough. These people are more dangerous than any marijuana users I have ever known and I have known plenty. I don’t think these narrow-minded, self-righteous jerks mentioned above should have access to guns or lethal weapons either because they think they should have the right to control the lives of all adult Americans who actually believe in Freedom and their Right to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit to Happiness.

  6. The sad part is that it seems like there are more “Republicans” saying that cannabis should be legalized than any other group.

    O’Rielly is just a slow learner, when he realizes his “party” is for legalization he will be in lock step with them saying he always did believe in legalization of medical cannabis!

    The thing you need to remember is he does not bring you the news, he is entertainment only same as Limbaugh paid in full by the GOP for all they do!!

  7. It should be well understood by now that Bill O’Reilly, Gretchen Carlson, Jeanine Pirro, and the people they work for and with are PROPAGANDISTS. They are not concerned with facts. They are concerned with swaying public opinion and discourse. In addition to chiding them for not having the facts, we need to also point out that their agenda is NOT one of disseminating facts in the first place. Their agenda is one of manipulating public opinion. The more we point out the fallacy of their arguments and WHY they are fallacious, the better we can broadly expose their agenda.

    So, why do they manipulate and ignore facts? That answer is simple. Their profit (and the profits of their employers, colleagues, and “brain trusts” are entirely dependant on the status quo. Changes in popular opinion threaten their bottom line and serve as a means to dethrone their dominance. Changes in public discourse will ultimately be their demise. They spend inordinate amounts of time defending untenable positions because if they do not, their way of life will die and with it their power.

    Keep fighting the good fight because it’s obvious from their fervent denial of facts that they’re already scared to death that change is inevitable. They are flailing in their throes.

  8. Yea, Like FOX News is Unbiased! And the Pope is Jewish and the Moon is made of green cheese too! Bill and most of them are ALL hypocrites, The SAY they are for individual liberties and freedom but yet they blatantly want to tell others how to live, If they were to tell the truth about Cannabis, FOX News would immediately FIRE them and they would NEVER get another “Media” job as long as they live, It`s ALL about Corporations now, Has been for many,many years now, Corporations are the ones that OWN the Mainstream media and our very own Government now and they will report ONLY what THEY want the people to hear, Public discourse, Drug War casualties and conflict drives ratings and inflames people, Would you expect anything less? They cry about Mexico but continue to support the very cause of the problems on our southern boarder – PROHIBITION! DUH, It STILL does not work!!! Never has and NEVER will!!!

  9. CAUTION – Not using marijuana might lead you down the slippery slope of believing the above “news” / informative / helpful.

    REMINDER: TV Shows are the things they play between the commercials to get you to watch… the commercials.

    Bil O’Reilly has limitedly supported the idea of legal marijuana,,, but those cases must have been geared to some DIFFERENT advertising targets.

    YOU are a target of commercials. The more you know, the more you know.

  10. I’m a contributor to MPP and support your efforts however obviously OUR message is not effectively reaching these people on their terms – which means MPP and it’s supporters should be trying to do just that. I completely disagree with these dummies on fox, and we all know they are wrong, however — the education is NOT reaching them — so who is to blame: ourselves. We must work harder to educate them, all of them, everyone. We will not win them over with disdain towards their ignorance, we must reach them on their terms. Make it an issue of liberty and personal choice, make it an issue of financial liability for our country – O’Reilly likes to talk about the disgraceful state our country’s economy is in, point out the waste spent on marijuana law enforcement, I could go on and on, but we must remember that if they are getting the message, that is reflecting on us, because it is OUR duty to get that message to them.

  11. Lazy stoner? I graduated from cardiovascular school with honors, a BS with a 3.914 gpa and 3.8 gpa MBA while I was a daily cannabis smoker. I body build and volunteer in the community and I am in my 50’s. I have been a regular user since I was 14. Bill is uninformed and doesn’t want to learn the truth. Typical for most republicans. I know, I am one but disagree with their viewpoint on cannabis.

  12. The message is not registering with main stream because of the number of people sending the “wrong message”. The number of UTube and Weed War video clips where users publicly mock the community by lighting up a joint and staying “I can do what I want now” is degrading the cause. Main stream doesn’t really care if you smoke it or eat it. Just don’t give it to my kids, stay out of the schools, and follow the rules.

  13. I find it interesting that Mr. O’rielly, in his early books, advocates the decriminalization of people who have marijuana but are not the “distributors”. It is truly amazing how far his opinion has drifted from his earlier days. But, if you want to be a chihuahua at master Rupert’s dog dish, you gotta bark where ever he points.
    At least “Billy” still sounds more moderate than his cohorts Hannity & Limbaugh.

  14. First of all… I appreciate the efforts of MPP to promote discussion on this subject. If one thinks about this campaign as a war… there won’t be any one day or one event which leads to a changed collective thinking concerning marijuana use. It will be a war won incrementally, one battle at a time.

    Again… any debate is welcome, even when we disagree with those who have differing opinions.

    Bill (& crew) are entitled to their believes, opinions, etc. and they are certainly entitled to express their free speech. Never mind they are wrong. We’ll get over it.

    I tend to agree with Cat, that the issue is more about education and common sense.

    I’m a Christian conservative, and I tend to vote Republican and watch Fox News somewhat regularly. I’m a former pot smoker, because the jobs I’ve held over the past 20 years or so require drug tests, and as everyone knows… these tests tend to target pot smokers, as the compounds in marijuana are oil soluble, not water soluble, so they stay in the body for a long period of time. (I’ve heard 30 days.)

    I have a family to support, and I can’t afford to lose my job over a doobie.

    But this whole argument against legalization of marijuana is wrong-minded. It’s NOT a gateway drug! And legalization of a vice isn’t acceptance of the vice itself. For those who are against usage… fine. Don’t smoke. But prohibition isn’t the answer. It didn’t work with alcohol, and it wouldn’t work with tobacco either. And it certainly isn’t working with marijuana.

    Ultimately… congress needs to repeal those laws which describe marijuana as a narcotic. It isn’t. We need to stop prosecuting petty offenders, and filling our prisons with non-violent “criminals”. But congress is completely inept, and this country is already headed for disaster. So, expecting them to make common sense decisions is unreasonable. They won’t. They’re politicians, not proper statesmen.

    All we’re doing is putting money in the pockets of gangs and mafiosi (e.g. think Mexico), as they try to supply demand in the US. This “demand & supply” thing is a basic economic principle which Adam Smith described as the “invisible hand”. Our current policies can’t possibly work against this huge tide of demand. It’s futile. And the money being spent in the so called “War on Drugs” is simply wasted taxpayer dollars. It’s crazy!

    The government needs allow growth; distribution; and sale of marijuana. And, yes, the industry could be taxed at all levels. The marijuana industry could be a source of revenue, instead of a drain on the national treasury.

    Meanwhile… some of the proceeds could be used for Public Service Announcements (PSAs) to discourage marijuana use.

    [We do need to be mindful of what we put in our bodies. And just for the record… I’m a tobacco smoker too.]

    Thanks all for your comments. Don’t get too bent out of shape by Bill & Gretchen. I’d be glad to sit down with them some time and burn a doobie, and drink a beer (or wine). I’m sure they’re a lot more cool when they’re laid back with a little “buzz” going on.



  15. The attitude reflected from Bill O’ Reilly and his two subjects are somewhat old fashioned however I do agree that Marijuana smoking will contribute to lung cancer as my guess is that smoking ANYTHING , including the grass on the lawn will never be good for our lungs. As far as the factual information regarding Marijuana smoking, I think it’s time we get the straight facts and go from there. I will be the first to admit that I love the effects of Marijuana however we must get smarter in how we use it. Marijuana is not going away-Not in this lifetime.

  16. As information can be read, I understand that Obama administration deems Marijuana as a health risk, I think this is fair until we really get a handle on what were dealing with. I also believe that we must continue to fight for our use of the effects we recieve from Marijuana because there is something to be said.
    As things are now, people will be sent to jail for buying it and for the REDICULOUS HIGH PRICE$$$ it is from those who cultivate it here or from another country, then posessing it, and/ or selling it however people will continue to want it and will be using it till the end of time. Where does that put the whole idea? Marijuana Reform.

  17. I keep hearing how Marijuana leads to harder drugs? So tell me, are we not being educated in our schools regarding the dangers of HARDER DRUGS?
    People every day are being informed and regardless of what they learn, they are making personal and informed choices to try things like Cocaine, Heroine etc. while they know they are truly addictive.
    The uses of Marijuana are not matched to the effects and dangers these other drugs have on the human body. I realize that smoking Marijuana isn’t good for your lungs yet our government allows alcohol (an intoxicant) and cigarette smoking and taxes both of which we use to help us just get by in life. I see more hope in Marijuana than alcohol and cigarettes and improved use of it.

  18. What do you expect from a news channel that is beholden to the interests of ‘Big Pharma’ (and, indirectly…’Big Oil’)?

    Did not the conspiracy to demonize the then quite capable medication of Cannabis do so to pave the way for petroleum-chemical based concoctions that now kill over 20,000 people a year?

    Do you think ‘Big Pharma’ wants Americans to stop popping their pills of poison?

    It is UNPROFITABLE for politicians and drug companies to stop what they are doing and return to ‘MA ZI’…the mother of all herbal pharmaceuticals.

    Not until the population of America starts to DEMAND their right to access phytocannabinoids legally, will we ever start to supplement our own treasure trove of endocannabinoids for the betterment of our general health and wellfare.

    Castrate the idiots at ‘Fox Noise’.

    They are of ancient ilk.

    Robert Hempaz, PhD Trichometry
    Victoria, British Columbia CANADA

    Follow me on Twitter @hempaz

  19. They actually let this guy spread misinformation like this on TV and the 2 bimbos sit there and nod their heads up and down without a clue.

  20. Very sad commentary from a few knuckleheads. We all know pot is illegal for one reason…MONEY…….which funds a very lucrative business called “Prison” and of course our legal system with fines, trials, etc.

    Does anyone have a solution?

    Why does the federal government have a patent on marijuana if there is not medical benefit to it? Patent # 6630507……….Hmm? Could it be to benefit big pharma sometime down the road?

    It will take another 20 years before a logical approach is addressed with marijuana.

  21. After watching the video clip all I could do was to set my phone down, sigh and shake my head. I acknowledge that we are all entitled to our own opinions, but what Billy and the other 2 clowns are spewing from their mouths goes way beyond opinions. Why must they use such false and misleading statements to defend their opinions? The day will come when all will see that, truly, THE EMPEROR WEARS NO CLOTHES!

  22. I am 56 & I can see this relic & a lot more need to retire. The people that can’t seem to keep up with the times or change, need to admit that they are just getting in the way of progress.
    Just pop one of your pills & shut up until you have something intelligent to say.

  23. The whole issue isn’t about the substance, it’s about using the law as a tool to enable and protect the interests of the few over the many and to suppress whatever segment of society conflicts with those interests.
    I didn’t watch the video, as I have no more tolerance for the words/thoughts of the deceitful, and do not see any benefit in enraging oneself by witnessing the acts of fools.

  24. Enjoyed reading Bill O’Reilly’s book, Killing Lincoln – I recommend the documentary, The House I Live In. It’s a compelling look at one of the biggest issues in American society today. Grand Jury Prize Winner; Best Documentary: Sundance

  25. P.S. to Miguel,
    Marijuana does NOT cause cancer, if anything it inhibits tumors. Too bad the DEA won’t even allow medical research on it – one of mankind’s oldest and safest medicines. They obviously have no compassion, no sense of right and wrong, and no shame.

  26. Send this to fox news; I have been persecuted for using marijuana medically. I have psoriasis. Before I had to stop, I had psoriasis a little worse than the average person. A little on my knees and shins, and a little on my back and scalp. I have been on pre-trial bond since may of last year and my whole body is covered with this horribly painful disease…Before you make an ass of yourself do your research it actually is good for your lungs…they don’t say don’t smoke the pot in Mexico, but they do say don’t drink the water.

    MPP when you need someone for a visual example I’m here!

  27. Watch little bill NO Thanks , The government lies to me all the time why would I want to listen to his lies besides watch fox news lol comedians on HBO are better!

  28. These 3 folks know nothing about cannabis consumption. However, this should come as no surprise since these folks are fairly ignorant on most of the subjects they discuss. Here, on this clip, they are simply regurgitating misinformation from the 75 year old Reefer Madness Cult. The really sad thing is they haven’t taken the time to inform themselves on the issues they discuss because they are comfortable with their ignorance due to their arrogance.

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