Barney Frank: “We should press our advantage.”

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I attended a progressive event with MPP’s Morgan Fox in D.C. last Tuesday, where Congressmen John Conyers (D-MI) and Barney Frank (D-MA) both spoke.

Unsolicited — in front of the 60 or 70 activists and opinion leaders in attendance — Rep. Conyers made an off-handed criticism of the drug war, which was nice to hear.

And Rep. Frank spent most of his time at the microphone talking about the marriage-equality victories on November 6 in four states, saying a few times that the gay-rights community “must press our advantage.”

In other words, if the political momentum is on your side, you should use that momentum.

After their remarks, I chatted with Rep. Frank one-on-one.  (This would surely be the last time I speak to him before he retires from the U.S. House in January.)  After congratulating me on our wins in Colorado and Washington on November 6, he said to me, “We must press our advantage.”

In fact, that’s what we’re going to do with a new slate of ballot initiatives for November 2016, as well as congressional legislation to allow states to determine their own marijuana policies without federal interference.

I want to thank Congressmen Barney Frank and Ron Paul (R-TX) for their service in the U.S. House; both men are retiring on the same day, as it turns out.  They’ve made a wonderful contribution to the marijuana-policy-reform movement through their legislative leadership over the last three decades.

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  1. Such a shame to see 2 guys like Frank and Dr.Paul are retiring seeing as they have done a lot of legislation over the years for our cause. Now who is going to take there spots speaking for us now that they are gone? Hate to see em go together.

  2. Congratulations to you Rob and to all the great activists working with and for MPP. This has been a very good year for reform and you carried about 1/2 of that collective weight.
    It is my sincere hope that our countries military Veterans are able to ride this wave of reform to achieve the long held goals of addition of PTSd to various state medical marijuana laws and Congressional hearings on the issues surrounding cannabis medical use and the Veterans Affairs Dept.
    MPP has been our champion and we thank you for this support but I pledge closer cooperation in the new year if you think Veterans out in front will help more than it hurts your various campaigns..
    Happy New Year and much love!

    Michael Krawitz
    Executive Director – Veterans For Medical Cannabis Access.

  3. Many thanks to Frank and Paul for getting us this far, now an idea or two what next:

    In cities in Washington, Colorado and Uruguay, open One Hit Vape Toke Head Shops offering a chance to sample 25-mg single toke utensils, personal vaporizers (liquid formula e-cig) and high-prestige plug-in vaporizers such as Volcano. Not included: hot burning monoxide $igarette papers, big-bowl pipes etc. producing dopy symptoms blamed on the cannabis– this is protection against an inconvenient rise in “incidents” and backlash against legalization.

    In a nearby workshop, a manufacturing staff can assemble cheap parts & materials– 1/4″-i.d. Suckit Wrench, form-fitting #40 Mesh screencup, flexible extension tube (Hookah Hose) and Screen Maintenance Utensil (wirebraid-attached 2″ safety pin)– into traditional kiseru, midwakh, sebsi or high-tech Yumettes, Choomettes and Chwmdwbbles.

  4. “We should press our advantage.”
    That was how the politicians took hold of the anti-cannabis crusade of the late 1980’s. ” Who is more tougher of drugs?” Candidate A or B?
    Back then, whenever a political opponent questions the “Tough on Drugs” campaign, he was considered being “Soft on Drugs”, and would loose the election.
    Liberty, freedom, and personal rights was all sacrificed for the drug free America and for the sake of the children.

    It’s been hell ever since.

    The battle of us and them would never end, but it is time to favorably rethink about cannabis.

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