Virginia Senate Unanimously Approves Limited Medical Marijuana Bill

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On February 5, the Virginia Senate unanimously passed legislation that will permit doctors to recommend CBD or THC-A oil to their patients for any diagnosed condition or disease. The companion bill passed the House of Delegates unanimously on Friday, and the bill will now go to Gov. Ralph Northam, who is expected to sign it.

This bill expands Virginia’s CBD oil law, which previously limited the use of CBD oil to cases of “intractable epilepsy” only. This bill represents a major expansion of that program, allowing doctors to determine whether CBD or THC-A oil is right for any given patient. This law will provide relief to thousands of patients in the commonwealth and could help curb the ongoing opioid crisis in Virginia. We applaud all of the activists and patients who worked diligently to see this moment.

6 responses to “Virginia Senate Unanimously Approves Limited Medical Marijuana Bill”

  1. I’m very happy to hear about the CBD and CBDA oil in my state of Virginia. I’ve had multiple surgeries, suffer PTSD , and other types of depression. I pray my pain management doctor will let me try one or both oils and have great hope of getting off of opioids. Your org had mentioned that VA would soon be voting on the decriminalization of small amounts of marijuana. Has that happened ? If sadly not , is it still in the works, and when will the possible vote to decriminalize take place ? I really hope VA becomes a medical marijuana state very soon. Having a laundry list of Legitimate well documented and quite painful health conditions myself, I can only pray that the legal use of marijuana vs several pain pills and antidepressants is a very real , and legal option. Thanks for all that you do to bring healing and the end of the medical marijuana and its users being deemed nothing but stoners and criminals. This madness has to be stopped. S1 as harmful as heroin ??? Come on 😡😡😡😡

  2. Hoping you will permit personal use of marijuana. So many other states are going thru with this. Medical marijuana at least. I have horrible back pain from my lower back to my neck. I don’t take anything for pain but I know marijuana helps very much. I come from MA where it is legal so please please consider this.

  3. There’s still much to do. Hardest part is convincing the Delegates and Senators that have investments is the crime and punishment system to consider divesting from those related industries. I believe once we convince them of that, I believe we can move forward with decriminalization.
    Votes still along party lines in the committee. Still along the same old idealisms.

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