UPDATE: Florida Medical Marijuana Patient Raided Hours After Being Mentioned in Newspaper

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Cathy Jordan

Yesterday, the Miami Herald published an article discussing a recent poll that shows a majority of Florida voters support medical marijuana. The article specifically mentioned the Cathy Jordan Medical Cannabis Act and talked about how it could affect the gubernatorial race in 2014.

Apparently, certain folks in law enforcement didn’t like what they saw.

In a bizarre twist that some see as more than just a coincidence, Cathy Jordan, who has Lou Gehrig’s disease and for whom the bill is named, had her home raided by Manatee County sheriffs just hours after the article was published.

Deputies entered the property, claiming they had probable cause to search based on a tip and found two mature marijuana plants and 21 immature seedlings growing inside.

A spokesman for the sheriff’s office claimed deputies had no knowledge of the pending legislation, and that they have no desire to get involved in the publicity of such a discussion.

Luckily, no arrests were made, but the case is being reviewed by the state attorney’s office.

The bill’s sponsor, Sen. Jeff Clemens, was not amused:

Clemens said Monday he was angry about the raid on the Jordan house.

“Do we want to be the kind of state that raids the home of a woman in a wheelchair in order to enforce outdated laws?” Clemens said Monday night.

If you are a Florida resident, please contact your lawmakers and ask them to support the Cathy Jordan Medical Cannabis Act.

18 responses to “UPDATE: Florida Medical Marijuana Patient Raided Hours After Being Mentioned in Newspaper”

  1. Leave it to American law enforcement to consistently do things that would make the East German Stasi look good. I suppose they’d say we should all be proud we live in a country where we don’t let sick little old ladies cause us to think, even for just one moment, about what real justice would be in this situation. I’d suggest throwing those two goons with badges in jail for a few years.

  2. The courts and lawyers are very corrupt in every state, its called “the game” basically herding us around like stupid sheep while denying us our basic rights and sucking money.read behind the lies.

  3. I think the Texas State Troopers would like to differ Mr. NinthOption. That poster with the soiled glove up a womans’ private’s had already secured the woman’s vote.

  4. As a Florida Resident I would like to answer the question posed above as what type of State Florida would like to be.

    Do we want to be the kind of state that raids the home of a woman in a wheelchair in order to enforce outdated laws?”

    YES Florida is the most Revenue driven Police State I have encountered in my life. Law Enforcement here is based on the Theory that you are guilty until paying fines going to court and being part of the system that generates revenue at every turn. A more corrupt Law Enforcement State I have never seen.

  5. man it is time for this kind of crap to come to an end now,go get crack,heroin,all that common u can do better,marijuana will be a main corse of revenue to come so be nice to it,it’s gonna feed u sheriffs to,,,

  6. So, incredibly disgusting! and they found 2 whole plants, whoop dee doo….The woman is sick, is she chooses Medical Marijuana…..LEAVE HER THE HECK ALONE!!!!!

  7. according to local news polls here in MANATEE COUNTY 97% of those who voted are in favor of legalization, so that being the case our elected officials should understand that the voting public are in favor of this measure in overwhelming numbers and the NAZI tactics will not be tolerated by MANATEE COUNTY citizens ( poll quoted was taken by wtsp news channel 12 in February 2013 by electronic media results are +or- 3%)

  8. I’d like to know how much raid’s like this cost the taxpayers of the area. It is completely ridiculous.

    And of course cops are going to go after the non-violent, other wise law-abiding citizens. Why would they risk their lives going after the real/dangerous criminals who are carrying guns??? It’s not a difficult decision to either risk your life on the job or take the easy route and throw our non-violent college kids and senior citizens in jail, all because of POT.

  9. This article literally made me want to vomit. Is our law enforcement really insane that they are drawing their guns on a ill old lady? I’m truly losing all faith in our government, it doesn’t even feel like a democracy anymore.

  10. The good news is that this travesty of their-version-of-justice should be the push that this bill needs to make it through. Cops can read, but they can’t play chess.

    I just hope that Mrs Jordan isn’t forced to switch to the “conventional” medication that at best gives her a couple of years to live. I’ve met this remarkable lady. She really is the poster child for MMJ as far as I’m concerned.

  11. I lived in Florida for 20 years and the law enforcement in Florida persecutes average citizens from using marijuana. Legalize marijuana as many people need it. Alcohol and tobacco are worse. I had to move to California to live free. New Hampshire has a liscence plate that reads ” LIVE FREE OR DIE”
    In Florida this is not possible. You should be ashamed the state of Florida, that you arrest and prosecute and forfeture citizens property because they grow a little weed for personal use, but instead they have groups of narcotics officers that are the true criminals that do fake raids on peoples homes with fake search warrants trying to fool you to open the door to these people who waste their time. Go after the theives, rapist, real hard criminals, the people that are bad and harm others, not us peace loving pot smokers who do not bother anybody.
    This country has gone nuts and we need to take a look at our marijuana laws. Legalize it, decrimilize it for personal use, and go after the bad drugs like Heroin and Cocaine, Ectasy, mdma etc. VOTE YES TO MEDICAL MARIJUANA IN FLORIDA.
    Marijuana is available in abundance in Florida anytime, and the drug dealers make all the profit. What people do in the privacy of their own home is their business. So why waste tax payers dollars on marijuana. People that due physical harm to others via assauls, attempted murder get out of jail faster then a citizen who has a pound of marijuana for personal use. Tell me this is correct in the great USA.
    Wake up America and vote yes for marijuana as Americans enjoy and need this natural medicine.
    I use it for sleep disorders and anxiety and it works great.
    Or maybe I should take these horrible anti-deppressants with those lovely side effects. Look at poor Robin Williams. If he had not taken those anti deppressants, he more then likely would be with us today. He was a great comedian and human, and will be missed dearly. Yes for Marijuana America !!!
    Thanks for reading my opinion.

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