The White House Lies About AMA Position

Dec 16, 2009 , ,

We told readers a few weeks ago that MPP would update them on how the government was responding to the American Medical Association’s new policy on marijuana. To refresh everyone’s memory, the AMA’s new policy is:

Our AMA urges that marijuana’s status as a federal Schedule I controlled substance be reviewed with the goal of facilitating the conduct of clinical research and development of cannabinoid-based medicines, and alternate delivery methods. This should not be viewed as an endorsement of state-based medical cannabis programs, the legalization of marijuana, or that scientific evidence on the therapeutic use of cannabis meets the current standards for a prescription drug product. (source)

So they don’t go as far as we do, but they are calling for a review of marijuana’s Schedule I status (Schedule I drugs being defined as having no medical value). Now, lets look at how the drug czar is characterizing it. To quote the Office of National Drug Control Policy’s latest anti-medical marijuana literature:

The American Medical Association: “To help facilitate scientific research and the development of cannabionoid-based medicines, the AMA adopted (a) new policy … This should not be viewed as an endorsement of state-based medical cannabis programs, the legalization of marijuana, or that scientific evidence on the therapeutic use of cannabis meets the current standards for a prescription drug product.” (source)

Notice the ellipses? Here is what the press release they’re quoting from actually says in full:

“To help facilitate scientific research and the development of cannabionoid-based medicines, the AMA adopted new policy urging the federal government to review marijuana’s status as a Schedule I substance. Despite more than 30 years of clinical research, only a small number of randomized, controlled trials have been conducted on smoked cannabis. (source)

What you’re seeing here is a blatant misrepresentation of the American Medical Association’s policy on marijuana. The ONDCP should be held accountable, and you can help do that by sending them an e-mail here.

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  1. All along, Sean Hannady and Rush Limbaugh has been saying, “The Obama Administration is lying to the American People.” I am ready to start listening to them after this BS. Be sure and click on the link and write!

  2. Christie,
    The Obama Administration didn’t omit the vital part of the AMA’s new policy, the Office of National Drug Control did. Although Obama would never endorse marijuana in any way because of the controversy, he undoubtedly had nothing to do with this obvious violation of the public’s right to the truth. Keep your faith in the Obama Administration, they’re doing great things for America.

  3. Even with the facts being proven to be in our favor, big bro and big pharma cannot tell the truth. Censorship is alive and running and it starts at the white house. Pawlenty from Mn. is going to try to get in the white house, and we have eaten enough crap. He vetoed our med mj bill. What will happen if he is allowed to be pres?

  4. JJ is right what the house and senate just did is absolutely a crime in that D.C which is a federal district, governed by the Feds just said that marijuana has medical value. That’s the simple truth, the president has until the 18th to sign it into law, and when that happens MMJ should be legal for all medical use with dispensaries in place in every state.

  5. Good point JJ. There needs to be even more active involvement from the people at MPP & NORML who are stationed in or near Washington D.C.

    Seriously. I mean, the AMA is with us, and so many more. They just passed a law in D.C. for medical cannabis, yet keep saying this? There is no way this can continue the way it is.


    The United States government has a patent on cannabanoids for medicinal reasons!! This is a sham, and we all know it! MPP gets so many donations, and runs on millions of dollars a year, and still can’t bring this to the light? Seriously? Too busy in Arizona trying to make it so people can’t grow their own cannabis for medicinal reasons, have to make it so people HAVE NO CHOICE but to go BUY cannabis at a dispensary. Wonder how much money the MPP will make off of that in any way that they can.

    Seriously, MPP doesn’t seem to be doing much of anything for the people anymore, and people on this site seem to be starting to realize it.

    If you think MPP is so grand, then think again. Just look at what they are doing with the dispensaries in Arizona, and how they are trying to prohibit people from growing their own cannabis for medicine if they live within 25 miles of a dispensary. This is bullshit. Not being able to grow your own plants because you live close to a place that SELLS cannabis? Give me a break… MPP is being shitty.

  6. I am living proof of Marijuana’s Medicinal Values. At 3yrs of age I was diagnosed with a brain tumor and said to be terminally ill. Fortunately thanks to the Amazing doctors at salt lake city children’s hospital in 1992 my life was saved, unfortunately the tumor caused damage to my brain that could not be repaired, causing the left side of my body to grow at under half the rate as my right, also leaving me with a permanent metal plate that holds my skull together. Because of these conditions I have had to suffer from severe headaches, depression, anxiety, server back pain, and consistent muscle spasms. I have been prescribed numerous medications that either had little or effect on my condition, some of these included 4 different anti-depressants, 2 headache medications, 1 muscle relaxant, 3 pain killers, holistic treatment, and going to the chiropractor 3 times per week. I tried to be on 5 different prescribed medications at one time totally killing my liver, after discovering the medicinal values of marijuana I now only consume 1 gram of medical marijuana per day, through out the day with no negative side effects. If cultivated the right way marijuana is 100% natural, and relieves pain incredibly fast in so many different cases. Mr. Barack needs to step up to the free throw line, call the shots, and help out the sick and suffering people of his country. Tylenol and Advil have immensely worse side effects and are not nearly as effective in any way as marijuana is
    Why are they legal Barack????

  7. JJ/Me/R.O.E.:

    Clarification… Congress DID NOT just vote to legalize medical marijuana in DC. That was not what they were voting for. The vote was for the Omnibus Spending Bill (i.e. the Federal Budget for next fiscal year). Generally tucked into this bill (since 1998) has been the Barr Admendment. This was removed finally this year. This PAVES THE WAY for medical marijuana in DC. In 1998 the VOTERS OF DC approved a referendum to allow medical marijuana. Before the referendum could be initiated in DC, Congress added the Barr admendment which essensially cut off funding to DC if a medical marijuana program was developed. The Barr Admendment is gone so DC City Council can begin to implement a medical marijuana program (recomendation requirements for Doctors, access, distribution, ect.). Basically the Barr Amendment would prohibit the official certification of the election results by the Board of Elections and Ethics for DC. The fight to remove this admendment was more about “home rule” for DC than it was about medical marijuana. HOWEVER, what ever is decided (as far as the implementation of any medical marijuana program) will still need to be approved by Congress. So the fight isn’t over in DC yet!

    Don’t be upset with MPP… they have been the driving force to get Congress to lift this admendment. So I hope you continue to come to this site and continue to provide your thoughts on the issues of the day.

  8. JD, it’s people like you who hold the world back. Your inability to see where true change needs to occur hurts us all, and your words only demonstrate your destructive position.

    “Cry me a river”

    Try to make a change, you are overly dull in the mind right now.

  9. James Crosby @ #9:

    Seriously people… before you start slamming MPP please have a clear understanding of what actually just happened in DC. Read my comment above (#12)…

    As far as Arizona goes… do you understand the political process? If the research polls show that support TO PASS a bill means that tough regulations on cultivation have to be included, then those regulation need to be included. The first point of any State Initiative is to START a MMJ Program. Once SOMETHING is in place the citizens can work with their legislators to ammend it to fit their liking. The “grow provision” is something that the right wants (they are worried that you will grow more than you need and will sell the extra on the underground market) and this bill goes nowhere without at least SOME support from the right. MPP’s position (and Bruce please correct me if I am wrong) is it is better to get access for some than to not have access at all. Look at Maine and Rhode Island, both States have recently voted to improve and extend it’s original MMJ laws. Arizona will have that chance too.

    The “ALL OR NOTHING” attitude will get this movement NOWHERE in the political process. If you’ve read any of my posts you damn well know I favor full and complete legalization including the freedom to grow your own. However, I have a more practical point of view in regards to how this will ultimately be implemented….. MPP is doing a great job with what they have to work with!

  10. BEN:

    I just sent out a letter to ONDCP about the clear misrepresentation of the AMA policy. I can’t believe that they would clearly edit the actually change in policy that the AMA made. Originally their policy was that they thought Canabis should remain a Schedule I substance and there new policy is to urge a Government review.

    When I took a look at the website link you provided I also noticed that ONDCP is using a statement from the IOM:

    “Because of the health risks associated with smoking, smoked marijuana should generally not be recommended for long‐term medical use.”

    The IOM is talking about medical use for one. Number two they used the word “generally”. Generally indicates that there ARE situations in which recomendation would be appropriate. They also were talking about long term use and say nothing about short term use. This is just another example of who ONDCP, DHHS, and the FDA are completely blind to ENGLISH. The CSA just says that there need to be use for treatment, it says nothing about treatment for how long and that the treatment must be the best treatment available.

    I was also ammused by the statement being used by The American Academy of Ophthalmology regarding marijuana use and glaucoma. To bring this up, when the entire reason there was a IND program was because of glaucoma, just astounds me! But the statement they use further illustrates my point:

    “believes that no scientific evidence has been found that demonstrates increased benefits and/or diminished risks of marijuana use to treat glaucoma compared with the wide variety of pharmaceutical agents now available.”

    It doesn’t have to be the BEST treatment… it just has to be A treatment! This statement says that marijuana is a treatment, just that there are better alternatives available.

  11. Freem #4

    Ever heard of Harry Truman? He too was president of the US, from 1945 to 1953. He had a sign on his desk in the White House. It read simply “The Buck Stops Here”.

    If you can’t figure out what that means, it’s probably because of the state of our schools. Of Course, that’s not the fault of any president, current or past.

  12. Amazingly the DEA is now quoting the full declaration (no ellipses) on a different page that was previously mentioned by MPP.

    Seems us writing them does have an effect. Maybe we could write them and ask them to explain the reason for the ellipses? If they won’t properly address it, maybe somebody could file a FOIA request for any internal memos that reference the AMA’s new position.

  13. DarthNole – I slammed MPP with a clear understanding of what happened in D.C. and Arizona alike. I never said I had an “all or nothing” attitude, that was merely you inferring that.

    I know about the grow provision, and they had “some support” from the right before they implemented the provision. How general that statement is.

    You think you have a more practical view, and I hope you are right. Because if you are wrong, we are being led down a bad road. However, I think that implementing “partially fair” laws is a shitty way to go.

  14. Either way, I hope you are right about MPP, and this process that they –seem– to be going through for the betterment of the general public.

  15. Seriously though, DarthNole. You sound just like a tool of the system should, and just like MPP in that regard. I bet you throw your weight behind any cannabis initiative that looks like it’s going to pass, even if it screws us over in the long run. I bet you even support Tax Cannabis 2010 over the California Cannabis Initiative, just because it looked more like Tax Cannabis would make the ballot than the CCI.

  16. ok JJ a flaw in your plan….You walk up to the president with a camera your liable to get shot by secret service OR put in jail for not just a night but a while for interrogating and what not, The secret service doesnt let the president walk around unaccompanied and it hasn’t passed in washington yet anyway… still has more votes to go it isnt on its 3rd voting period like newyork is and newyork needs to hurry cuz im on dialysis and a renal patient and marijuana helps me and i use it illegally cuz its the only thing to help me releive pain/nausea because vicodin just makes me puke more and tylenol doesn’t even touch it, and im perscribed ambien but that makes me sleep walk and lathargic and nautious so idk i wish they would hurry. I am not a criminal unless it’s a crime to wanna feel better… i smoke marijuana…i don’t murder ppl…i don’t steal…. I don’t even have a fucking record im sick of our countrys trickery too JJ thats why i don’t completly dissagree with you they should just legalize it recreationally….I am 100 % calis will pass next year and when it does u bet ur ass im moving out there.

  17. James Crosby:

    I only said something to you about the DC issue because so many people in here think they actually voted in Congress to allow MMJ. As far as the AZ initiative, like I said it’s not perfect, but is the current policy helping any?

    Would I support the initiatives you mention… yes… why?… because they are better than the laws that are in place, and I also realize that if there is something in them that does not work, it can be legislated later.

    Specifically regarding the different CA initiatives… if all three make it to the ballot then a decision can be made as to which is the overall best of the group. I agree the Tax Cannabis 2010 is not the “best” but it may be the only one that gets enough signatures to make it to the ballot, so in the end it may not matter.

    I just don’t see how any of these initiative could “make things worse in the long run”. What’s better have a law that allows use or the current laws that don’t.

  18. Tax Cannabis 2010 does not give any power to the people to alter it in any way once it is passed. It gives full power to the California government to change it as it sees fit. This could have long term implications that are just as bad as current day laws, or worse. It has a provision in it that says “no use around minors… Period” basically. This means that they could have grounds to come into your home to make sure that you are not using the cannabis around minors. Are these not two things that could be horrible for the future? Do you want the California state government to decided what goes into cannabis? Who can smoke it, and where at? Granting the ability for the authorities to make sure we are not using it around kids by any means could be in the future.

    There are obviously these ways, and more, in the “bag of why things can get fucked up in the future when it appears that they are doing what is in the public’s ‘best interest'”.

    Seriously. if you haven’t thought about at least these things, then it’s clear why you wouldn’t be able to see how things could get worse. These provisions in this law allow them to do what they want, and make inferences about the personal smoking habits of people that could pave the way for future disasters.

  19. As for Tax Cannabis being the only one to make the ballot, I have this to say: Do you think that if the individuals who put forth Tax Cannabis 2010 re-located their manpower in order to assist the better initiative, do you think it would make the ballot? Of course it would, and it would be the best one that they could present. Now, why did this not happen? Because Richard Lee makes a lot of money off of cannabis, and would like it to stay that way. That is why he wrote his own initiative, and backed it with a ton of money when there was a better one that I am sure he knew about; and could have helped. The only reason Tax Cannabis made the ballot, and not CCI, is due to special interests, and those interests not wanting to help out those who have created the better proposal.

  20. Let me give you an example of how the AZ medical cannabis initiative could ultimately prove more harmful than helpful. The best example I can think of off hand, is that people will see this provision in the AZ initiative, and think that it is the new best way to do things. This is not true, but many people might think that it is the best way to go about the issue, when really it’s just another way to limit our freedom.

    If we pass partially fair laws, people may start to believe that they are already “up to par” on the way things should be set, and that they don’t need updated. They may start to accept the guise of fairness, or freedom, when really we would need to take it a step further.

    By passing a fair law the first time, we can show people the real freedom, and not just give them a taste. Which they may then assume is the right way to do things because it has already been done that way. This is a fear of mine in passing partially fair laws. That people will no longer be willing to implement the full extent of the fairness, as they will feel that they have already done the right thing.

  21. First of all, to the people complaining that the MPP and NORML aren’t doing enough:

    Are you doing enough? Are you lobbying Congress and petitioning and sending in letters? I know I’m not. I have real life that intrudes upon my idealism. The Marijuana Policy Project by maintaining their website and appearing on news networks and leading this fight against the lies of the current drug czar vs. the AMA opinion are putting forth a SERIOUS effort. If you want them to do more, why not join them?

    Secondly, to the Tax Cannabis 2010 initiative and problems contained therein, let me offer you this tidbit: I’m a member of a group called Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (not a speaker, just a member) who believes we need to legalize and regulate ALL drugs and NOT JUST marijuana. In this way, we hope to accomplish the things accomplished by ending marijuana and when alcohol prohibition ended.

    A fear exists that says that if marijuana is legalized, the fighters for ending Prohibition will be satisfied enough even though those who truly wish to end the War on Drugs wish to end it completely. That fear is somewhat justified; after all, acceptance of alcohol grew while other drugs were demonized. The same could happen with legalization and regulation of marijuana.

    However, I will not abandon the marijuana law reform side because of this fear. I believe marijuana reform is just the “first” step (the real first step being alcohol prohibition repealed) to legalizing and regulating ALL drugs despite this fear that Prohibition will simply continue on without marijuana.

    Nor did I abandon the marijuana policy reform movement when the MPP and NORML announced their support for a decriminalization bill which would legalize the possession of marijuana up to an ounce but not more and not sale. That law would also allow the not-for-profit giving of marijuana to another person. I believe that to be a serious mistake (and many members of LEAP do as well). However, that does not mean I must completely abandon the people who have been fighting for this before we (or at least, I) ever heard about marijuana law reform.

    Furthermore, I’m not going to try to stave off marijuana law reform until all drugs are legalized and freedom gained completely (see the point above).

    In my name link, I’ve linked the blog of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) if you’re interested.

  22. I know about LEAP, and follow your Facebook pages & such. I have a grand respect for LEAP, and also have no plans to abandon this fight.

    But, I have a problem when those that want to legalize cannabis say that they want to legalize it for sale in stores, but not allow us to grow any. Or, worse yet that I’ve heard, they want to allow it to be sold & regulated, but put even stiffer penalties than we have now for those who are growing it at their homes.

    Again, that is:
    1)Being allowed to sell it commercially
    2)But stiffer penalties than we have, even now, for growing it without a license. This will effectively force more people to buy it from the store to avoid those ludicrous charges that could be filed against them.

    This kind of action would “herd” people towards the commercial enterprises who want to make money off of them, while curtailing any populace competition, or rights. This is one of my fears, and what I have heard so many talk about.

    Sometimes you hear people say something about having the States grow the cannabis, but keeping stiff penalties of decades in jail for those growing it for themselves. This is essentially the same idea. Where we are trying to force people into buying the “regulated” cannabis by imposing even harsher penalties than we have now on people growing on their own land. This must be avoided at all costs. But, Tax Cannabis 2010 & what MPP is doing in Arizona is promoting this kind of behavior; and that will blow up in our face when we try to grow even a small amount of plants for ourselves under a “legal” system. See? Using this analogy, I’d rather take the lesser penalties of the black market system.

    Seriously, just cuz it gets legalized, doesn’t mean it was done right; or that we’ll have a brighter future because of it. I want it legalized & regulated as well, but if we do it wrong, we’ll be giving even more power over to those we don’t wish to.

    That is why the California Cannabis Initiative is the best one, and falling way short of that as Tax Cannabis 2010 has done, or the MPP in AZ, could potentially promote a future desolate of hope.

    That being said, I do have high hopes that MPP & NORML are really doing the right thing, and I do still mostly support the two groups. That isn’t to say that I don’t watch what the hell they are doing though. As any organization that has millions of dollars a year to spend (yes MPP has that) should be closely monitored to make sure they are who they say they are.

    *Here’s to hoping that MPP & NORML –really– are in it for the good of it all*

    It’s not like they have done all wrong either. They have done some wonderful things, and for the good they have done I commend them. I also would likely not abolish the MPP or NORML if given the chance, as I do believe that they mostly do more good than harm.

    But, watch them close, and always make sure that they are fighting for the people & not for special / personal interests.

  23. I won’t write a book.

    The ansewer to the drug czar office reply: Job security.

    And can you blame him? Gil probably makes six figures, goes home, fires up the bong, and gets a good chuckle over the whole thing.

  24. # 4 Freem,
    Your delusional, Obama and his goons are ruing this country…right along with the rest of our useless congress, right and left..dem,repub…who ever.

  25. Not being able to grow because you live next to a dispensary is like not being able to brew beer or make wine cause you live next to Budweiser or Nappa valley. Give me a break.

    This is all about who can make the money off it.

  26. MPP is proposing legislation in AZ that would make it criminal for a medical patient to grow their own medication within 25 miles from a dispensary?!?!? Are they applying to be the Drug Czars in AZ?!?! Sure seems like it……

    MPP had 13 other successful states to pattern their initiative in AZ, but they chose to take a step backwards in order to protect so called “Non-Profit” organizations.

    Sorry, but DarthNole sounds like a cheerleader for MPP. The best response we get from MPP is a no response or some kind of political rhetoric. I think their initial reason for not allowing patients to grow with 25 miles was to guarantee that patients get the best medicine!?!?! Biggest crock of BS I ever heard and anyone supporting that theory is in bed with MPP.

    Last time this subject was brought up, someone at MPP edited and discontinued the blog because their true colors were being exposed by several other bloggers.

    MPP and NORML are good at repeating (oops), I meant reporting the medical marijuana news though.

    Isn’t it funny how they seem to do enough to get noticed, yet start to hold back the punches when they start to see light at the end of the tunnel. Controlled Opposition????

    You guys really want to make a difference?!?! We all need to come out the closet just like the gays did and be fuckin’ proud that we use this God Given plant which should be free for everyone to grow!!! (uhem, MPP)

    Let’s not rely on MPP or NORML to make any real changes. Real change comes from ourselves.

    I will no longer trust these Cannabis Politicians in suits and ties anymore. They’re just like all other politicians, they just smoke weed.

    I’m gonna go light up some of this HOME GROWN MEDICINE, and yes I live within 25 miles of several dispensaries?!?! Ooooo, arrest me, I’m committing a crime!!!!!

    What a fuckin’ joke this is!!! MPP is trying to make criminals out of Medical Patients that grow their own meds!!! Way to go MPP 🙁

  27. Isn’t it funny how MPP’s AZ proposal protects dispensaries even more than children’s schools. A 25 mile radius is much larger than the 1,000 ft radius from schools as indicated in others states…….Forget the kids, lets protect the profit of the dispensaries!!! Capitalism at it finest!!

    Can’t wait to hear the MPP spin on this one… LOL

  28. I don’t think it will do much but I wrote to them:

    “You quoted the AMA’s new policy on medical marijuana in your “medical marijuana factsheet.” But you failed to actually state the new policy (which is to urge “the federal government to review marijuana’s status as a Schedule I substance”). Why is that? I voted for Obama because I actually expected change. This is not change. This is Bush-style dishonesty.”

  29. Here We Go Again #32 and BigDFromWA (nice name, by the way) #17

    First, Here We Go Again, how exactly is Obama “ruing” (I assume you mean ruining) this country? He’s been in office for a year, and he has some rather large issues on his back…you know, the state of the economy, two wars, a massive debt, restoring the rest of the world’s faith in America…you know, just little things like that. In addition, none of those problems are his fault. I believe Bush and his spend crazy cohorts are behind the “ruing” of this country.

    Yes, I’m not an idiot. I know who Harry Truman is/was. BUT, that was on Truman’s desk, not Obama’s. I think Obama, like I stated earlier, has some more pressing issues as of right now than getting tied up in this very controversial medical marijuana business. A few months ago there was a poll that said 51% of our country was for legalization whereas 49% was against. That’s almost directly down the middle. Obama needs as much support as he can get from anyone who will give him theirs. Taking a risky and strong stance on something like medical marijuana would lose him a lot of progress in other places. I still doubt Obama had anything to do with the omission of essential words in the publicly released adaptation of the AMA’s policy. Besides, if he signs the bill that paves the way for medical bud in D.C., then we’ll know where he stands.

  30. Without law there would be chaos
    without stupid leaders we would have nothing to bitch about.
    The world is and always will be chaotic, ever mixing the good the bad the healing and the destruction. We can only fight for what we know is right and try to prevail.
    Politicians are like used cars. People drive them for awhile and then say “wow I bought this piece of shit?” then they get another and another and another

  31. #34
    I agree that we should all be free to do excatly what your saying. I myself have wounderd why mpp has choosen to discontinue the blog whenever questions rise over the despenseries pricing, placments and owner operations. taboo??

    I have meet a great person through a family member that has started a desp. He and I have talked over the last few weeks and one of his biggest concerns, were, the prices at all the other disp. in colorado and the rest of the nation.
    The only way to be free of the profit cravers is be the humanitarian.
    We have come up with a solution that could and might eventually end the profit wars in our area . Everyone that has a hand it is looking ahead and see the money sighns. This seems very simliar to the perscription drug wars that were finally bang profited by big brother. when big brother see’s profit bam! They have to have that shit and put a number to it then give it a religious definition for effect and moral suclusion.
    I’m not mad at mpp but sure the hell would like a answere other than empty email and a blank blog screens.
    peace bro and keep on growing

  32. What a bunch of shit!! I sent an e-mail to the ONDCP and it is not there anymore. They do not want us to ask questions or give our opinion. This is plain CENSORSHIP!!! They tell us and we have no way respond. They just cannot stop the lying.

  33. This is a direct copy of the email I just got from sending a letter via the link in the article above.

    Dear Sir or Madam:

    Unfortunately, the email address you are looking for,
    [email protected], no longer exists. In an effort to better serve you,
    we now use an online form to handle your questions.

    Please feel free to use our online form to ask your question:


    Office of National Drug Control Policy

    Find information about State and local drug problems and programs at:

    It seems somebody is having an impact.

    Peace to all.

  34. Ben: What’s going on over at ONDCP? They want us to use their online form to submit questions, but that form kicks the questions to an email address that no longer exists.

  35. Think about what you are saying:

    “What a fuckin’ joke this is!!! MPP is trying to make criminals out of Medical Patients that grow their own meds!!! Way to go MPP ”

    Are the current laws protecting MMJ patients from growing their own meds??? How can MPP “make criminals” out of people when they are already criminals according to the current laws?

    And Yes… I do cheerlead for MPP… as I think all of you should too… Why??? Because they understand the legislative process and what coming to a compromise is all about. When you have only two political parties and those parties are generally on opposite sides of an issue, the only way you get something done is to compromise. You take the extra restrictions (because it at least allows for some access) and over time you show the local governments that the restrictions either don’t make sense or are not fair, and you lobby for them to be changed or relaxed.

  36. I cant believe that anyone whose state allows medical marijuana would be complaining. I live in Oklahoma and would bet both my nuts that it will be the last state to initiate any pro marijuana reform. I am optimistic everyday that I read MPP or NORML and some progress has been made.

    MPP and NORML should take up the fight to outlaw drug testing. That would be good enough for me.

  37. Darth Nole :

    “Are the current laws protecting MMJ patients from growing their own meds??? How can MPP “make criminals” out of people when they are already criminals according to the current laws?”

    No the current laws don’t protect patients AZ and neither will the MPP initiative in AZ!!!

    What kind of compromise is talking a step backwards by tying the hands of medical patients by preventing them from growing? What if the patients couldn’t afford to buy the medication, but has the means to grow their own meds???

    You must be planning to open up a dispensary in AZ?!?!? Or you’re in bed with MPP….

    What would happen if in every large city in AZ there was a dispensary strategically placed every 25 square miles?!?!?! No body would be growing then except for the Non-Profit Corps, in turn making the medical patients criminals.

    I feel bad for ya DarthNole. Why don’t you ask someone from MPP to back you up since they are just sitting on the side lines letting take you take all the punches. But then again, why should they help you since you’re not part of their team, just a cheerleader. Anyone from MPP ready to come to DarthNole’s rescue so he won’t have to keep talking for you guys?!?!?! Come on now, don’t act like you guys don’t read the blogs!!! LOL

    But then again, you blog as if you’re working within MPP…..and the spin you put on is a bit MPP’ish. 🙂

  38. Sorry to jump all over ya Darth Nole, nothing personal, but I’m willing to throw a couple jabs at an MPP cheerleader just to get some kind of reaction out of your religious leaders!!! ROFL 🙂

  39. Hahahaha… this is the response I received (follow the link in the email you get saying “wrong address blah, blah, blah” and fill out the form again):

    “Thank you for contacting ONDCP.

    We appreciate you taking the time to share your comments with us.
    Your comments have been noted.

    Please note, what constitutes safe and effective medicine should
    continue to be based upon reviews of the appropriate science by the
    Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Medical evidence does not support
    the efficacy of smoked marijuana for medical purposes. ONDCP will
    continue to work closely with other stakeholders to review law,
    science, and medicine to refine the Administration’s marijuana
    enforcement policy.

    Following is some specific information and resources concerning
    medical marijuana:

    On April 20th, 2006, the FDA issued an advisory concluding that no
    sound scientific studies have supported medical use of smoked
    marijuana for treatment in the United States, and no animal or human
    data support the safety or efficacy of smoked marijuana for general
    medical use.

    There are alternative FDA-approved medications in existence for
    treatment of many of the proposed uses of smoked marijuana. For
    example, a prescription drug, Marinol, is currently available to
    anyone with a doctor’s prescription. Marinol contains THC, the active
    ingredient in marijuana, and has been approved for some of the same
    uses as medicinal marijuana.

    To learn more about “medical marijuana,” please visit the following
    Web sites:

    Medical Marijuana Reality Check

    Inter-Agency Advisory Regarding Claims That Smoked Marijuana Is a

    Medical Marijuana – Marinol

    Marijuana and Medicine: Assessing the Science Base

    Marijuana Studies/Articles from the National Institute on Drug Abuse

    Marijuana Research Report

    The DEA Position on Marijuana

    Please let us know if you have any questions.

    Thank you,

    Content Specialist
    ONDCP Clearinghouse”

    No mention of the AMA. >:-)

  40. I replied to the e-mail but I doubt I’ll get a response:

    My question was not answered. Here, please read it again and tell me why the ONDCP chose to quote the AMA’s new policy but failed to actually state the new policy:

    ““You quoted the AMA’s new policy on medical marijuana in your “medical marijuana factsheet.” But you failed to actually state the new policy (which is to urge “the federal government to review marijuana’s status as a Schedule I substance”). Why is that? I voted for Obama because I actually expected change. This is not change. This is Bush-style dishonesty.”

  41. Canna Politix:

    You can jump all over me if you want, but I know tha tthe AZ initiative is BETTER than what patients in AZ have right now… Right now THEY HAVE NO ACCESS at all. The only access is to get it from drug dealers or to grow it themselves…. both of which are illegal. The AZ initiative at lease allows them to buy from a legal place.

    Do you guys not think about Rhode Island? They passed their original bill and when there was a continued concern about access they just legislated dispensaries. I know this is a totally different bill and different regulations, but it just shows a circumstance in which continued pressure helped to change the law for the better AFTER the initial law was enacted.

    Look… I’m not trying to spin any of this. We’re talking about a RED state. We both know that Republicans are what’s stopping a rational and fair bill from being enacted (not MPP or NORML). Look at all of the MMJ states… all BLUE. So yes, they had to compromise to get a vote… Should they have had to? No… we’re talking about something that can’t kill you so what should it matter, but unfortunately the Right still believes the lies that have been told. They have run year after year on being tough on crime and to change coarse is politically difficult for them. If they had stayed true to their ideals and continued to press for smaller government intervention and personal freedoms and individual responsibilities this would be an easy issue to pass and pass the right way. Unfortunately the only Republican that seems to holds this view is Ron Paul.

  42. LOL I knew you would jump on that “ruing” Typo if I left it there. Small minds lol. Just wait till all this Obama spending catches up, just wait til all these Obama taxes catch up. You dont believe hyperinflation is coming? LOL Keep close eye on your pay check.

  43. Since the email link on the ONDCP site seems not to be working (pretty convenient that we can’t comment to them about their erroneous information) we might want to try to call them instead.


    Of coarse when I called this afternoon all I got was an answering machine so we’ll have to see if they actually call people back. I would suggest blowing up their phone lines until they get the message.

    Remember to also point out their inconsistancies: see #16 above for reference… how can you say that there are better alternatives but still say there are NO uses for treatment?… The CSA doesn’t say that it has to be the BEST treatment… it just has to be A treatment and a lot of the statements they rely on contradict their conclusion that there is NO use in treatment.

  44. I wrote to them with my opinions and demands. Below is the message I sent them.

    I am an American citizen, tax payer, and registered voter. In a nutshell, that means in essence YOU work for ME, right along with EVERY OTHER TAX PAYER AND REGISTERED VOTER IN THE ENTIRE NATION. It is NOT your job to make decisions concrning things like drug policy when a clear majority of the people you work for are telling you to change this unconstitutional law. You took the AMA’s newly publicized stance and twisted their words…the AMA themselves are telling you it NEEDS to be rescheduled, not that it would be okay to do so, as you want us to believe. As a tax payer and registered voter, I and millions of others WHO GIVE YOU YOUR PAYCHECK, DEMAND YOU ACKNOWLEDGE THE AMA’S DESIRES AND RESCHEDULE THE CANNABIS PLANT SO THAT YOUR BOSSES CAN HAVE BOTH THE TRUTH AND MEDICINE THEY SO RIGHTFULLY NEED AND WANT. We will not let up oin this issue. Until cannabis is given the recognition our Constitution demands it have, and you take the money away from these murderous cartels, WE WILL NOT STOP WRITING – WE WILL NOT STOP LOBBYING – WE WILL NOT BE DETERRED. This plant is harmless to all who choose to consume it, it is highly beneficial to millions of people with countless ailments, and it is used and wanted by most of your bosses. The law against it is immoral, it is unconstitutional, and it is based on racism and lies. Again, we are not asking – we are TELLING you – end this unamerican law, and quit ruling over peoples’ personal lives like a fascist nazi.

  45. The only difference between Bush and Obama, Bush had balls and Obama doesn’t. Every day Obama looks more like a wimp who will accomplish very little. He is letting massive power pass him by. Maybe next year he will stand up and be a man. He needs to take lessons from Tiger Woods. LOL

  46. hmmm, do i consider myself a cheerleader for MPP???

    in a word…. YES!
    -whenever i view an up-to-date interview about marijuana, i see MPP speaking up for the rest of us.

    just because some of us believe that in order to get cannabis/HEMP legal for ALL adults, not just the ill, there will be compromises on both sides of the issue, and there will be more than a couple steps from medical approval to full-out freedom for the weed.

    as for arizona… i can hardly believe that Arizona would have ANY kind of medical marijuana law. when i think of arizona and drug laws, i think of that sheriff that has labor camps for drug “criminals”.

    so… even though i am not very well versed on arizona’s marijuana climate, i CAN imagine that ANY conversation with that state’s prohibitionists would include compromising.

    sure, i would prefer that the entire nation be allowed to grow their own cannabis, but i also understand that i might have to take baby steps to get there.

    the “all or nothng” approach to negotiating with prohibitionists will fail. most politicians have made marijuana out to be the devil to get elected, and to do a complete 180 on the issues would subject them to being outed as a hypocrite.

    but… if they can use MEDICAL compassion as a tool to come around to science, without being ridculed for their recreational cannabis views, they can look both tough on crime, and compassionate.

    i believe that medical cannabis efforts are a foot in the door for complete legalization, and MPP has a big foot.

    as for President Obama…
    – perhaps he is holding out on the issue until late 2010. by then he will know if he wants to run again, and i am sure he understands that if he does NOT make a bolder move than signing the omnibus bill, he will lose MILLIONS of votes.

    so i figure that after Oregon and California PASS their legalize and regulate policies next year, President Obama will be forced into being clear about his true view on marijuana and HEMP.

    and even IF no state has passed full-on legalization, this question will be put to ALL candidates…

    “where do YOU stand regarding legalizing and regulating marijuana for adult recreational consumption??”

  47. Your Drug Czar blatantly misrepresented the AMA’s official position on marijuana. Do you actually think for one second that blatant lying is going to help your pathetic cause? I guess that’s all there is left for you to do when 53% of Americans wants Marijuana taxed, Regulated and kept from children rather than just surrendering it to the cartels to finance thousands of murders annually!

    There’s a reason why they call the ABC store the Alcoholic Beverage Control. It’s because they actually gain some CONTROL when they regulated, taxed, and controled the drug.

    The point of history is to learn lessons, not repeat mistakes. Wise up and stop DESTROYING FREEDOM!

  48. Re: post #4:
    The Obama administration moved the ONDCP position of drug czar into a cabinet level position and under the full control of the Presient. Yep. This makes this slight of hand the full responsibility of Obama. He is feeding more lies, and gives people “hope” that things will change. Don’t get addicted to hope people. It is the most destructive drug known to government and mankind and will leave you empty handed and looking for government handouts.

  49. Ok, you all are spewing about compromises, but that does nothing to explain why the MPP is making such a fuss over the AZ medical cannabis bill. They have gone so far as to say that it is the best medical cannabis initiative in the entire United States of America. Why would they do this? Why would they go so far as to say that it’s the best initiative, when there are clearly ones that even you people seem to think are better? Clearly, the medical cannabis law in Oregon, with added dispensary support & an expanded list of qualifying conditions, is better than the Arizona initiative; yet why does MPP say that the AZ medical cannabis Act would be better than even Oregon’s?

    See. This is what you are completely missing. Maybe they would have to make compromises to get this bill into law, but that doesn’t mean that it would be the best. In fact, that would likely make it the WORST medical cannabis Act that was signed into law. However! Get the MPP to say anything besides it’s the “best one”, and well… That won’t happen. They are pushing it as the “best” initiative FOR A REASON!

    See? This is the important fact that you are missing.

    Here is a post by MPP entitled “Stricter Regs Needed for Medical Pot”. This should be a nice quote: “It has the best of all worlds,” said Andrew Myers, a consultant who works for the campaign. “It has the best regulation and it has the best for patient access. It has nonprofit dispensaries so it should be the best for price controls. I think we are going to see a very effective, well-run program in Arizona.” (

    Obviously it’s going to be the best. Duh. lol – In the same writing, Bruce Mirken talks about it being the endpoint of the medical marijuana laws, and their evolution. “It’s the endpoint of a long evolution and I think it’s the culmination of about a decade and a half of medical marijuana laws,” said Bruce Mirken, a communications director for the Washington, D.C.- based Marijuana Policy Project, the prime sponsor of the Arizona effort.

    Look closely. They seriously think that the Arizona medical cannabis system is the best one; and will likely push for it to become the national model one day. Which would eliminate our ability to grow cannabis under a legalized system. The rigid punishments for growing your own cannabis will likely stay the same as now, or get worse. Thus helping to control how people obtain the cannabis, and forcing them to buy it all; since they can no longer grow. This also eliminates any leverage we have to demand a quality product, outside of a set monetary system.

    Anyway, there is no way that the Arizona medical cannabis initiative is the “best”, especially not out of all of them we currently have established. Not that those are the best either, and could use improvement on many fronts. I just don’t believe that this dispensary “halo” is the best way to do it. 25 miles is way too damn far, giving them a huge ability to control people. Especially in cities, where many people live so close together.

    Anyway, that is that.

  50. I read some of the earlier comments bashing MPP and I disagree with them. Thank god for MPP and NORML. We will take victories any way we can. Keep up the good work!!!

  51. “We will take victories any way we can. Keep up the good work!!!” -ray

    Sometimes I think like this as well, but I wonder where we will end up if we think / act like this?

  52. I received another weak response the second go around:

    “Thank you for contacting ONDCP.

    Thank you for contacting ONDCP with your comments concerning the
    American Medical Association’s and ONDCP’s statements concerning
    medical marijuana. We have provided your concerns to ONDCP staff.

    Please let us know if you have any questions.

    Thank you,

    Content Specialist
    ONDCP Clearinghouse”

    I think I’ll keep bugging them. >:-)

  53. Dear C.W.,

    Thank you for contacting ONDCP.

    Thank you for contacting ONDCP with your comments concerning the
    American Medical Association’s and ONDCP’s statements concerning
    medical marijuana. We have provided your concerns to ONDCP staff.

    Please let us know if you have any questions.

    Thank you,

    Content Specialist
    ONDCP Clearinghouse

  54. In response to James Crosby #62 Yes, you are correct. I find out about what MPP is doing months before they announce it. I’ve know about the Arizona initiative for quite some time now.

    I have confronted MPP on this legislation. Did you know that it is completely authored by MPP?

    I know that MPP wants to corner the market and gain a monopoly control on patients. I am sure MPP will push for the Arizona model elsewhere.

    It is not fair to deny a patient the right to grow their own if they are 25 miles or closer to a dispensary.

    Since when is it ok to force a service on someone? How can MPP say this will ensure patients pay decent prices when we all know that medical marijuana actually costs MORE than the same street level equivalent chronic.

    Why would I register to be a patient and grow and then find that the limits of the law prevent me from growing the amount of medicine I need.

    I know why Jack Herer is against MPP.

    MPP and others say they are non profit but no one doesn’t anything for free.

    I’d bee interested to know how high a salary MPP directors and associates are receiving?

    Why are two billionaires funding drug policy reform?

    Just out of the goodness of the their hearts?

    I don’t believe it. I am for Marijuana policy reform, but at times MPP makes me wonder what exactly it is they intend with the passing of these laws.

    It’s so easy to hide behind “defending the sick and suffering.”

    I’m tired of MPP denying these allegations.

    I tired to the lobbyists who are supposed to be supporting progressive drug policy reform accepting baby steps when we need to take giant “leaps for mankind.”

    MPP will not fess up.

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