Past Marijuana User Becomes Greatest Olympian in History

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Michael Phelps just swam his way into the history books by winning more Olympic medals than anyone, ever.

Pretty impressive, considering that the same guy was publicly shamed and persecuted just a couple short years ago for choosing to relax with a substance that is demonstrably safer than alcohol.

But should we really be surprised? We’ve all seen the negative effects that alcohol can have on athletic training and performance. And after all, a recent study showed that marijuana has no long-term negative effects on breathing or lung function.

More and more athletes are coming forward about their marijuana use, from a wide variety of sports, citing both medical benefits for treating injuries and the much lesser impact of recreational use compared to alcohol. Unfortunately, many continue to be punished for it.

UFC fighter Nick Diaz was suspended and fined for testing positive for THC metabolites after a February bout in Los Vegas, even though he was not under the influence at the time. Diaz is a licensed medical marijuana patient in his home state of California, and medical marijuana is also legal in Nevada.

More recently, Phelps’ fellow Olympic contender Stephany Lee was kicked off the U.S. wrestling team for a positive marijuana test.

It is time we stop punishing the nation’s greatest athletes for using marijuana. These individuals have the ability and opportunity to smash the negative stereotypes that marijuana users have had to live with for so long but are being cheated out of their shots at personal and national glory by close-minded officials and archaic policies.

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  1. dood… it is also time we stop punishing the nations greatest ANYTHING for using marijuana! Marijuana NEEDS to be re-scheduled and recognized for it’s medical use. It’s prohibition all over again. We need to repeal this old ass Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 too!! 1937!! Almost a century ago!

  2. baha… nice gator… i’m vaporizing some Strawberry Dream… with a dash of Super Island Skunk kief on top… away goes my pain.

  3. What the marijuana movement needs is a “Faces of marijuana” campaign with people like Phelps and President Obama to regular moms and successful judges and athletes, teachers and even plumbers “coming out,” so we can finally erase the ridiculous stigma attached to those whose who chose marijuana as their libation of choice. Nearly everyday I see radio personalities posting pics of various brands of beer on social media proclaiming their soon-to-be enjoyed happy hour and the community rejoices with them. If I were to say, “Golly I could use a puff,” those same people would be appalled and hurling “what of the children?!” Phelps’ athletic ability has never been hurt by his marijuana use and its time for this country and its press to grow up and get over the Reefer Madness.

  4. what we need are suggestions and supportive people like Dark Helmet, to speak their mind and let congress/government know.. This is outrageous

  5. I live in NY,and I have a condition where I’m in pain all the time…but persecuted for using weed.If it wasn’t for marijuana,I would not be able to interact with my kids.It takes the pain away-and helps my motor skills.But it will never be passed for medicinal use in New York state…..

  6. It is just a plant, it should be legal to grow it, eat it, smoke it, rub it on your butt if that’s what makes you happy!

  7. Dear Congressional Representative,

    I am writing to ask that you please support medical use and decriminalization of marijuana because science has now verified its therapeutic properties beyond any reasonable doubt, and this important information must be learned by every congressional representative, policy maker, and law enforcement officer so that our government and health care systems can be updated and improved accordingly. Pharmaceutical corporations even manufacture marijuana-based drugs such as Sativex and Marinol, but these synthetic chemicals do not have the efficacy that organic marijuana has for many patients. Additionally, marijuana does not have to be smoked to experience its therapeutic benefits, for it can also be eaten or juiced as well. Please consider the following scientific information:

    …[DEA] Judge Young found that “marijuana, in its natural form, is one of the safest therapeutically active substances known to man…. At present it is estimated that marijuana’s LD-50 [median lethal dose] is around 1:20,000 or 1:40,000. In layman’s terms… a smoker would theoretically have to consume 20,000 to 40,000 times as much marijuana as is contained in one marijuana cigarette… nearly 1500 pounds of marijuana within about fifteen minutes to induce a lethal response.” (New England Journal of Medicine: Legal Issues in Medicine, August 7, 1997 — Volume 337, Number 6)

    “Toxicity is virtually nonexistent in natural marijuana. The toxicity levels of cannabis compounds are estimated at 40,000, meaning that a subject would have to ingest 40,000 times the regular dose to induce death. “In layman’s terms,” according to The New England Journal of Medicine, “a smoker would theoretically have to consume nearly 1,500 pounds of marijuana within about fifteen minutes to induce a lethal response.” [1] While that amount of consumption is certainly an impossible feat, in comparison, legal prescription medications cause thousands of deaths per year. [2] Common household drugs are much more lethal than marijuana. For instance, a lethal dose of caffeine is equal to about 100 cups of coffee. [3] In 1972, after reviewing the scientific evidence, the National Commission on Marijuana and Drug Abuse concluded that while marijuana was not entirely safe, its dangers had been grossly overstated. [4] Since then, researchers have conducted thousands of studies on humans, animals and cell cultures. None of those describe any findings dramatically different from those described by the National Commission in 1972. [5] In 2008, The Canadian Medical Association Journal published a review of research spanning 30 years, concluding that there are no serious adverse effects of cannabis use.[6] Contaminants, however, are known to be hazardous, especially to those suffering from immune disorders. [7]

    [1] Annas, “Reefer Madness—The federal response to California’s medical-marijuana law.” The New England Journal of Medicine, Vol. 337, No. 6, August 7, 1997

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    University of California Studies Marijuana, Finds Therapeutic Benefits:

    Systematic Review of 37 Randomized Controlled Trials examining the Therapeutic Benefits of Marijuana:

    The Power of RAW Cannabis:

    Thank you for your time,


    Abraham Hafiz Rodriguez
    M4 Medical Student
    B.S. Biology/Neurobiology

  8. phelps was 4 yrs younger in 08 Frank…. he hasn’t swam like crap till that last finish but ok…. he still has 19…. as for pot…. I’ve been recreationally using it for over fifty years…. I feel good de de de du de de de…. just like I knew I would.

  9. Sorry guys what u don’t realize is that this was at a point after Phelps had reached a peak in the bejing Olympics and was in a depression. His performance was not increased by this and his performance has actually been not as good as Beijing. Although I’m not saying this is from smok:ng its more likely because he only trained hard for 9 months before the London gamea

  10. Actually, if all the people who use marijuana would just VOTE, we could probably change this.

    Ron Paul is the only major candidate who publicly advocated decriminalizing weed. Since he’s unlikely to get the nomination, your voting choice is GARY JOHNSON of the Libertarian Party.

  11. The county sheriff who was trying to press charges on Micheal Phelps, did he ever got re-elected? He’s the sheriff that has the sheriffs department’s amour tank with a 50-caliber machine gun and a squad of commandos pointing their fully automatic assault rifles at you. Do you remember that picture?

  12. Granny said:

    > I just fired up a tater of Gainesville Green in Phelps honor. Maybe this will help bring about change. Way to go Gaor!

    I was a student at FSU in Tallahassee and used to spend time in Gainesville in the late sixties. The green was famous then, and pleased to know it is still alive and kickin’


  13. Past my ass.Nobody ever quits tokin once they start.The assholes who have Addictive Personality Disorders to begin with have become our acchiles heel………….The closest thing i’ve found on this earth to compare weed to was the change view button on my video game controller.

  14. I too am voting for Gary Johnson since Ron Paul has stepped aside. With Paul supporters like me uniting with the same message as Mr. Johnson he has the mathmatical chance of winning! Lets see him in the debates and Vote for freedom this election!

  15. Y’all should, first vote for Obama this year. His record on MJ is mixed, to say the least.

    But you can be sure that if elected “small goverment’ Repubs will impose a large government presence on everything from MaryJane to abortion if elected anywhere.

    I taught my daughter some simple ways to tell if someone is lying to her. The first is, are they consistent now with statements in the past? Second, if you ask the same question at different times, do you get the same answer?

    If the answers to those questions is no, then you can be confident the person or organization is not being honest.

    The Repubs fail both tests and continue to fail more as Ryan’s claimed Granny Marathon run was hours 4:27 and did not have a sub 3-hour time as originally claimed.

    If he going to lie about openly accesible records, what else is going to try to put over just l0ng enough to get elected?

  16. Everyone- let’s get motivated! We passed legal mj in CO. you can do it in your state too. Sooner or later the feds will figure it out. yes I think all celebs who smoke should come out of the denial closet. Though not a celeb, I have in my small town…I go to parties and let people know I have had a toke instead of a cocktail as I quit the evil drug alcohol after living with a coke head alcoholic for 13 years! That was 22 years ago. And one does not stay into pot for life. i quit for years to clean up after the divorce. It is possible. Then got back into it recently, partly for recreation and partly for politics. And partly to help my back pain, as I have a med cert. People are nicer generally when stoned than when drunk.

  17. AND you KNOW it does not hurt athletes. They are celebs who should come out too! Sanctioning them for THC in their blood is absolutely ridiculous.

  18. This plant has made living with Crohn’s Disease possible for me. I do have to deal with the side effects such as peaceful mental state, ability to eat, and pain control to name a few, but I am willing to put up with that. This has literally changed my state of health almost overnight. The people that know me have seen the incredible effect that rs oil has had on the Crohn’s and many people have had a change of opinion about the medical value of this easy to grow plant. Amazing!!

  19. I’m not sure why but this web site is loading incredibly slow for me.
    Is anyone else having this problem or is it a
    issue on my end? I’ll check back later and see
    if the problem still exists.

  20. I never liked drinking and never used bad drugs. Its oblivious to see in other people what the effects of abuse can be. I found that weed was the way to relax and reflect. I always worked therefor I tested positive on a drug test and had to pay dearly for it. Been there. Done that, Didn’t like it. I’m thrilled to see weed more acceptable. To; All the NARSISTITIC HATERS,,,,,,,,,,HOW YA LIKE ME NOW!!

    Good Texan
    Jimmy Potseed

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