Mississippi poised to (again) become 37th medical cannabis state!

Jan 26, 2022

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Mississippi poised to (again) become 37th medical cannabis state!

Today, the will of Mississippi voters was restored! Mississippi is poised to — once again — become the 37th medical cannabis state.

In November 2020, nearly 70% of Mississippi voters approved a ballot initiative to legalize medical cannabis. But the state Supreme Court overturned the voter-approved medical cannabis law on a legal technicality in May 2021. In the aftermath of the law’s invalidation, Mississippi legislators crafted a compromise bill, SB 2095, to restore a medical cannabis law in the state. Both legislative chambers have approved the bill by a veto-proof margin, and it now heads to the desk of Gov. Tate Reeves (R). You can find our summary of the legislation here.

In one of the most conservative states in the nation, medical cannabis boasts strong public support. When 69% of Mississippi voters cast their ballots in favor of enacting a medical cannabis program, 74% of them voted for the broad program, Initiative 65, while rejecting the far more restrictive alternative lawmakers had placed on the ballot, Initiative 65A. But even when we win overwhelmingly at the ballot, our prohibitionist opponents try challenging voter-enacted cannabis laws in the courts. Today, though, justice and compassion prevailed, as Mississippi legislators upheld the will of the people of the Magnolia State.

We can’t sit back while politicians ignore what constituents demand or attempt to trample on policies enacted by the people of their states, especially when patients continue to suffer needlessly. Despite tremendous support for medical cannabis in every state and nationwide, patients are still considered criminals in 13 states for using it. Please donate today to help us change that. MPP will continue the fight for medical cannabis access in the remaining states without medical programs.

Congratulations to Mississippi voters, patients, and advocates!