John Walters' Drug (Office) Abuse

Oct 16, 2008

Congress, drug czar, drug war, MPP, ONDCP

Funny Bruce should mention White House drug czar John Walters' taxpayer-funded boondoggle to Michigan to throw his political weight against the state's medical marijuana voter initiative yesterday.

It just so happens the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform released its report on White House abuses of the Hatch Act, which governs executive branch employees' participation in partisan political events, the very same day.

The report singles Walters' office out for its audacity, saying, "Even offices with statutory provisions prohibiting political activity, like the Office of National Drug Control Policy, were enlisted in the election effort" supporting candidates identified by the White House.

In addition to his extraordinary willingness to flout the law, the committee also noted the drug czar's enthusiasm for doing so. Indeed, White House political affairs official Doug Simon called Walters one of their "superstars ... going above and beyond" to abuse his authority for political purposes in some of America's most "god awful places." That's right, America, Mr. Walters loves his party so much he was even willing to come to your lousy town – on your dime – to push its partisan agenda.

By the way, we're not sure how Walters could have inadvertently run so far afoul of the law – we've been trying to warn him for years.