Illinois Bill to Add Seizure Conditions to Medical Marijuana Program Advances

Apr 01, 2014

Illinois, Iris Martinez, SB 2636, seizure, Senate Public Health Committee

[caption id="attachment_7485" align="alignright" width="152"]Iris Sen. Iris Martinez[/caption]

Last Tuesday, all eight members of the Illinois Senate Public Health Committee who were present at the public hearing voted to advance a bill that would add seizure conditions to the list of qualifying medical conditions to the state medical cannabis program. The bill, SB 2636, sponsored by Sen. Iris Martinez, would allow access to both adults and minors for this serious condition.

Unlike the 19 other states with workable medical marijuana laws, Illinois currently prohibits physicians from recommending the use of medical marijuana for seriously ill patients based on a seizure condition. It’s time for Illinois to stop leaving behind people with seizure conditions and the families that support them. Seizure patients and the parents of children with the condition should have safe access to a medicine that is safer than many pharmaceutical medications.