Delaware: Bill to allow home cultivation for medical patients introduced!

Jun 24, 2019

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Delaware: Bill to allow home cultivation for medical patients introduced!

Ask your lawmaker to allow patients to grow their own cannabis and also expand decriminalization!

Last Thursday, a bill that would allow Delaware patients to grow their own cannabis was introduced. The bill, HB 243, would allow registered medical cannabis patients to grow up to six mature cannabis plants in an enclosed facility.

Ask your legislator to support HB 243!

For some patients, medical expenses and a reduced ability to work make the price of store-bought cannabis out of reach. This important improvement to the medical cannabis program would provide people who could benefit from medical cannabis with safe, legal access to the medicine they need.

In other encouraging news, the Senate has approved a bill (13-6) that would expand decimalization to those under 21 years of age. It now heads to the House for consideration. Under current law, those under 21 years old still face criminal penalties for marijuana possession. This bill would save young adults from life-altering criminal convictions, which can close the door on opportunities including jobs, housing, and higher education.

Ask your representative to improve decriminalization by voting YES on SB 45!

These pieces of legislation are important steps to improve Delaware's cannabis laws. Please also ask your representative to support HB 110 to end cannabis prohibition and replace it with a system where cannabis is taxed and regulated similarly to alcohol.