Big Wins for Marijuana Policy Reform

Nov 05, 2008

We'll have more on this soon, but voters in Massachusetts and Michigan appear to have passed both MPP ballot initiatives, making this one of the biggest nights for marijuana policy reform ever.

Massachusetts is now the 12th state to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana -- and the first to do so by voter initiative in the world! -- and Michigan is now the 13th medical marijuana state and the first in the Midwest. That means that one in four Americans now live in a state that protects patients who use doctor-recommended medical marijuana from arrest.

Like I said, it's a big night. Congratulations and thanks to everybody who worked so hard to pass these important reforms and to all the voters who saw past the fear-mongering and distortions from opponents of these sensible policies. Check out our complete list of marijuana policy-related ballot initiatives and their results here.