Barney Frank introduces medical marijuana legislation

Jun 12, 2009

Barney Frank, H.R. 2835, Medical Marijuana

Congressman Barney Frank introduced legislation yesterday aimed at making marijuana available through a doctor’s prescription nationwide.

Please help MPP support H.R. 2835, by e-mailing and calling your U.S. Representative. MPP's online resources at make it quick and easy to ask your legislator to cosponsor this important legislation.

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H.R. 2835 makes two important changes to federal law. First, it eliminates federal authority to interfere with patients, caregivers, and collectives operating in accordance with state medical marijuana laws. Second, it moves marijuana from Schedule I under the Controlled Substances Act into Schedule II. Schedule II drugs have recognized medical benefits and can be prescribed by doctors to patients in need (for example, morphine is a Schedule II drug).

Congressman Frank’s legislation comes after months of growing debate over marijuana policy reform, but it will still face significant opposition in Congress -- so please visit and do your part today!