2014: The Year for Medical Marijuana in Minnesota

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Gov. Mark Dayton

Is Gov. Mark Dayton – thankfully – softening his irrational opposition to medical marijuana? It appears as though that might be the case. Yesterday, ECM reported that Gov. Dayton will allow staff to work with patients and advocates on the issue of medical marijuana. He even expressed interest in researching the issue himself. While we still “don’t know where he stands,” according to Heather Azzi, political director for Minnesotans for Compassionate Carewith your help, we can educate the governor’s staff and demonstrate just how ridiculous law enforcement’s “blanket opposition” to medical marijuana really is.

Twenty states and Washington, D.C. all have workable medical marijuana laws protecting seriously ill patients from arrest and prosecution for using medical marijuana with a physician’s recommendation. Why should Minnesotans suffering from cancer, HIV/AIDS, Dravet syndrome, PTSD, ALS, MS, and other enumerated conditions be forced to break the law in order to have a better quality of life? Ask the governor to listen to patients and providers and be skeptical of the “chicken little” opposition with which certain members of law enforcement provide him.

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  1. Dear Governor Dayton,
    Please legalize Medical Marijuana…..I am a Minnesota resident who suffers with variety of ailments. I fell at work in 2013 resulting in a Traumatic Brain Injury, I suffer with depression and anxiety attacks several times daily because of my memory loss. I suffer with chronic head and neck pain. I am also diagnosed with Firbromyalgia, chronic pain disease. I have been on up to 11 pharmaceuticals prescribed to treat my conditions. The side effects were worse than the pain and suffering. I chose to eliminate them. I am currently on a lower dose of Effexor for my mental issues and synthroid for my Underactive Thyroid. I smoke “pot” to treat the rest of my symptoms. My TBI, Fibromyalgia or the low thyroid but I can live a better life and I will at all costs because my life is important because I am a mother, future wife, daughter, friend and an AMERICAN! I have the right to good health…
    Here lies the problem, marijuana is an illegal drug in Minnesota. EVERYDAY I commit a criminal act but I am NOT a criminal. I feel disgusting and dirty when I have to buy “weed” or paraphernalia to smoke it. I had to learn language and quantities and dollar amounts….do you know what a dub is? Ever wonder how many grams of marijuana are in a 20? Have you ever had to risk your life to get something? It isn’t a pretty world when you have to see the things I have. I have been sold bad product, under weight bags, ripped off and afraid for my life. Marijuana is not cheap, especially if you get ripped off, paying $120 and get the “shake” and the bag is short more than 1.8 grams is not right but it is also not regulated so the scum dealers will continue to take advantage of ones in need. Another complaint is that I don’t always get a strain of marijuana that is beneficial to treat my ailments.
    LEGALIZED MARIJUANA for me means getting the right prescription for my medical needs at a fair, regulated price and in a safe place. It also means I don’t have to be a criminal. I deserve this right to live without fear.
    Governor Dayton, I am a 42 year old female, I am a good person…….please help me.
    Tina Mecie Jordan
    513 Ramsey Street
    Monticello, MN 55362

  2. Am a vet with ptsd and tbi bolth caused from deployments to iraq and Afghanistan this could be the only thing that can help me with the pain I suffer from everyday we have tried so many man made drugs that are not doing anything to

  3. Dear Mr. Dayton:

    I’m a lifelong depression/anxiety sufferer who happened to have some friends in college who introduced me to marijuana, and without it my life would not have turned out as well as it has.

    I eat very healthy, exercise regularly; however, once again I find myself on an antidepressant due to a flair up in my mood disorder. I have a high profile job for a local corporation where I’m very successful, and I’m a visual artist and composer, and depression/anxiety exhausts me and thus prevents me from doing my best work. However, from my experience with marijuana in college, I know it can be of great benefit to people like me. With the help of marijuana, I was able to calm my mind and focus more effectively to the point of escaping repeat academic probation, earning a poetry scholarship and a Masters degree. Honestly, I would not have been able to complete my college education without the help of marijuana.

    Please move this legislation forward. People who smoke marijuana are no more criminal than they would be without it. I’m an educated professional, and with medical marijuana, I’m not going to suddenly rob a bank or become a gang member or thug. On the contrary, medical marijuana will help calm my nerves and stop my obsessive, negative thoughts, as it did during my college years. This will allow me to again relax my mind and also deal with my depression in a more calm, rational way without an artificial substance like Prozac or Wellbutrin, which numb my senses and have side effects like constant ringing in my ears and a dulled mind and decreased memory. Mind you, I try my best to only take the minimal dose, 20mg of Prozac, but the side effects are troublesome still.

    Thank you for listening. Again, please support this legislation.

    With respect,


  4. I am 30 yrs of age and a LEGAL US citizen that grew up in our wonderful state Minnesota. I would love to put my two cents in on this discussion. The way that I look at it, look at what alcohol does to people. Driving drunk, killing people, feeling like crap the next day. (I don’t drink but don’t get me wrong I have in the past but feel its not worth it.) There are a lot more serious if not fatal things that happen to innocent people from drunk drivers or people that are drinking than you ever hear of from smoking “pot”. I smoke daily to help with chronic back pain and anxiety. I was diagnosed with mild Scoliosis and Degenerative Discs in my back. I don’t like using prescription pills because the side effects are most of the time bar far worse than the side effects of smoking pot. Tell me this do you think that those of use that do smoke would love to be able to go to a regulated place of sale and give money back to the state or a legal business instead of paying someone 60 for 3.5 grams and who knows if you will even get that amount and the quality. Think about it this way. You are helping people with chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and many, many other things. What people need to look at is how many deaths are involved from smoking pot? How many people benefit from it? How much revenue could our state make off the sales or tax of medicinal marijuana? There are so many more questions about “pot” that could be answered with a positive answer but I don’t have all day to sit and type them out. In all reality there are way more positives that I can come up with than there are negatives. You see on t.v. all the time about all the drug busts in the states that have crazy street value. Now think if the state would make that legal. How much revenue would that bring out for the state? How many more jobs would come about because of this? All I can think about is all the positives that would come from doing this. Anyhow feel free to contact me if you would like to. I would love to discuss more about this topic.

    Nathan Gieser
    Villard, MN 56385

  5. I am a senior female with a lot of arthritis pain. I have had a full knee replacement that did not help, plus blood clot in lung that almost killed me as a result. I have never done drugs and drink an occasional wine socially. I want to be able to have legal access to medical marijuana for pain only, not to get “high.” It would be good if it were in a liquid or pill form. Because I am on a blood thinner for life, I am very limited and sensitive to any pain remedies other than Tylenol. My quality of life is very low right now, I still work full time, but am retiring this year. I cannot imagine the anguish others, with far more issues than I have, go through because they cannot get the help they need & deserve. Big Pharma is ruling the world and this has to stop.
    Please, please be sure we get the help we need and that Law Inforcement learns to be proactive where crime, not health care is involved.
    Yours truly,
    RC Richards
    St Paul, MN 55101

  6. Come Gov Dayton!! Legalize it. Marijuana don’t hurt nobody. Just look at what the states of Col and Wash are doing. Don’t make a bunch of citizens move to another state because that’s what’s going to happen.

  7. Why not just vote these Prohibitionists out of office?

    Send them ALL a message by not voting for them.

  8. Please legalize this pass the senate bill, I am diabetic type one, I suffer from pain in my legs from the pump inserts + I feel my nerves are damaged a little from diabetes, I also have poor eyesight now because of my diabetes please the senate has voted 48-18 support the senate bill I will be grateful, thanks. As a few years ago I got caught with 2 ounces and I am now on probation for a couple of years because I was treating my diabetes the only way I could see fit, I did not want to take pain medicine that slowly kills you, Weed is different high cbd and medium thc to balance it out please, I beg of you.

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