MPP Releases 2018 Strategic Plan

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MPP is excited to be moving into 2018 at a time when marijuana policy reform has unprecedented momentum. While there are sure to be challenges ahead, MPP is confident that we will make great strides this year.

You can find the strategic plan here.

In a great sign of things to come, one of our goals is already on the verge of success. On Thursday, the Vermont legislature passed a bill that would make possession and limited home cultivation legal in the Green Mountain State! The bill is expected to be signed into law in the coming weeks.

5 responses to “MPP Releases 2018 Strategic Plan”

  1. So discouraging. Year after year donating and working for change, but here in Louisiana MPP still hasn’t anything even on the strategic plan to begin to try and help recreational users within a day’s drive each way of here. Nothing at all on the horizon to even hope for.

  2. Lets tell Sessions to stick his law up his ass. The Geistopo will not stop states law. Go to Russia were he belongs🖕🏻Take Trump with him.⚖

  3. I live in Ohio and I understand that medical marijuana was passed but all we hear about is where the possible grow sites will be. How long does it take to put this into action. I think the voters spoke their voices and Ohio really doesn’t want it here. And how do we get it on the ballot to legalized it, if that is the process for legalization. It’s and for sure source of money for Ohio. Lottery isn’t doing to well for the schools. They need a better source and Ohio needs to make the money .

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