Tax and Regulate

Delaware: Volunteers needed to help advance legalization bill!

Last week, HB 110 — a bill to legalize, tax, and regulate cannabis for adults 21 and older — advanced to the full House of Representatives for a vote. The bill needs a three-fifths supermajority (25 votes) to advance to the Senate, and several representatives have not yet taken a position on legalization.

We need your help to advance HB 110! Here’s how you can get involved:

1. Volunteer to help generate phone calls to legislators in key districts! We have a system that allows you to volunteer from home. Please email for details on how to get started.

2. Encourage others to contact their state reps and urge them to vote YES on HB 110. Forward this message to your friends and family, and share the action link on social media.

There are just two weeks left before the legislature adjourns on June 30.

It is important representatives hear from as many of their constituents as possible. Supporters like you can help us send a strong message to the General Assembly to end cannabis prohibition in the First State!


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Tax and Regulate

We’re close, Rhode Island: Contact your legislators to help legalize marijuana!

With just two months remaining in this year’s Rhode Island legislative session, marijuana legalization is still very much on the table. If enough supporters of sensible marijuana policy reform take action, Rhode Island could become the first state in the country to to legalize and regulate marijuana sales through the state legislature!

The General Assembly needs to hear from you:

You can also help raise awareness about the issue by publishing a letter to the editor. Go here to use our action tool to quickly and easily submit a letter to your local newspaper!

Conversations about the fate of legalization — and the details of the legislation — are happening in the State House. Now is a critical time to vocalize our support for legalization and advocate for a law that addresses the historical harms of the war on marijuana.

We could end marijuana prohibition in Rhode Island by July if enough of us do our part and respectfully communicate our views to lawmakers. Please don’t sit on the sidelines. Take action and forward this message to others so they can help, too!

Thank you.

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Tax and Regulate

Rhode Island: Your legislators need to hear from you about marijuana legalization

If you live in Rhode Island, click here to send a message to your state senator and representative.

We’re just over halfway through this year’s legislative session, and the fate of legalization remains uncertain. A clear majority of Rhode Islanders are ready to end the failed policy of prohibition, but lawmakers may not act unless they hear from their constituents. Help us move the issue forward and contact your state legislators.

Rhode Island will only dig itself into a deeper hole if the General Assembly fails to pass a legalization law this year. Multiple states around us are moving forward with marijuana policy reform legislation, and if Rhode Island becomes an island of prohibition, the state will lose out on an opportunity to gain a foothold in the fastest growing economic sector in the country.

Gov. Raimondo’s proposal to legalize and regulate marijuana could be improved in several ways, and as we advocate for passage of a legalization law this year, we must also urge the General Assembly to adopt amendments around medical marijuana patient access, competition and fairness within the market, and provisions to address the historical injustices of marijuana prohibition.

We need supporters of sensible marijuana policy to take action. Without a broad push for legalization, Rhode Island will continue spinning its wheels while Massachusetts, Connecticut, and other New England states move forward. We need progress this year, and you can help make it happen by sending a message to your state legislators right now.

Thank you.

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