Wyoming: Ask your legislators to support cannabis policy reform

Feb 18, 2022

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Wyoming: Ask your legislators to support cannabis policy reform

Take action to support HB 106 and HB 143!

Wyoming is one of just a few states that continues to criminalize adults and patients for possessing and using cannabis. 

Lawmakers recently introduced two proposals that would change that. HB 106 would decriminalize small amounts of cannabis for adults, while HB 143 would establish a medical cannabis program for patients with serious health conditions in the state. Both bills would reduce senseless arrests for cannabis and make Wyoming a more just state to live in.

These bills will be considered soon — please contact your state representative now and ask them to support these important reforms. 

It’s crucial that your state representative hears from you on these important issues. Public opinion surveys show that both of these issues are overwhelmingly backed by voters, but if your lawmakers don’t hear from constituents, it won’t be a priority for them. 

Please forward this email to others who support sensible cannabis policy reform and ask them to take action too. Thank you for being part of the movement to end the failed war on cannabis.