Father's Day Has Passed, But It's Not Too Late to Start a Conversation

Jun 19, 2013 Morgan Fox

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For Father’s Day, the Marijuana Policy Project created a video called “Dear Dad” in which a young man talks to his father about his preferences after a long day’s work. He explains how they're a lot alike -- they both work hard and have good jobs -- but at the end of a long day, he prefers to use marijuana instead of having a drink.

It is these types of conversations that are going to build the support needed to end marijuana prohibition. This video is an opportunity to show your dad, granddad, or any loved one that enjoying marijuana can be a relaxing activity much like having a glass of alcohol. It is a way to bridge the gap between generations and their understanding of marijuana and its objectively safer effects.

You can also find MPP’s "Dear Mom" video that addresses the same issue between a daughter and her mother. Send these videos to those you love to let them know you’re ready to talk about the choices you want to make.

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Tax and Regulate

Moms Support Marijuana Regulation, Too

Mothers who support Proposition 19 held a press conference in California yesterday to make the case for regulating marijuana and removing it from an illicit market that makes it readily available to young people. (Video below)

“When I think of what kind of world I’d like my children to grow up in, [I’d like] that they grow up in a world with marijuana being legal and controlled, and not this out of control system that we have today,” said Hannah Liebman Dershowitz, an attorney and mother of two kids, aged 7 and 5. “It may be counter-intuitive, but legalizing marijuana would be safer for our children.”

On a related note, the Women’s Marijuana Movement has teamed up with the Just Say Now campaign to create an online phone-banking tool that allows marijuana-reform-minded women across the country to make phone calls to female voters in California. If you’re a woman who supports Prop 19 and has a few minutes to spare, this is a great way to help make a difference.

And speaking of lawyers, last week more than 65 professors from the nation’s top law schools joined the growing number of groups speaking out in favor of Prop 19.

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