Moms Support Marijuana Regulation, Too

Oct 20, 2010

Hannah Liebman Dershowitz, Just Say Now, mom, mother, Prop 19, Proposition 19, Women's Marijuana Movement

Mothers who support Proposition 19 held a press conference in California yesterday to make the case for regulating marijuana and removing it from an illicit market that makes it readily available to young people. (Video below)

“When I think of what kind of world I’d like my children to grow up in, [I’d like] that they grow up in a world with marijuana being legal and controlled, and not this out of control system that we have today,” said Hannah Liebman Dershowitz, an attorney and mother of two kids, aged 7 and 5. “It may be counter-intuitive, but legalizing marijuana would be safer for our children.”

On a related note, the Women’s Marijuana Movement has teamed up with the Just Say Now campaign to create an online phone-banking tool that allows marijuana-reform-minded women across the country to make phone calls to female voters in California. If you’re a woman who supports Prop 19 and has a few minutes to spare, this is a great way to help make a difference.

And speaking of lawyers, last week more than 65 professors from the nation’s top law schools joined the growing number of groups speaking out in favor of Prop 19.