Tax and Regulate

N.J.: Let’s legalize marijuana in the lame duck session!​

New Jersey legislators tabled the state's legalization bill in March, believing it lacked the votes needed to pass the Senate. But Senate President Stephen Sweeney recently gave the effort new hope when he expressed a willingness to try to pass legislation during the "lame duck" session in late 2019.

Securing the votes needed to pass the Senate will require all hands on deck — several lawmakers who are on the fence will need to come around. Please do your part. You can send your state legislators an email using our free software. Our pre-written, editable letters make it a quick and easy process.

We also encourage you to schedule a meeting with your state senator to discuss the issue in person. You can look up your state senator's phone number here. (Your state senator is your "upper chamber" member.) Let us know if you secure a meeting, and we can help prepare you.

Please also let us know if you have a special connection to the issue that could be influential. Are you a medical professional, clergy member, former or current law enforcement, or someone who was hurt by marijuana prohibition? Let us know.

And don't forget to reach out to your state senator, and to spread the word to other New Jerseyans. Together, we can end the disastrous policy of cannabis prohibition in the Garden State.

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Tax and Regulate

New Jersey so close to legalizing marijuana

If you live in New Jersey, contact your lawmakers today and tell them to support legalization!

As you know, the New Jersey Legislature has been grappling with how to best tax, regulate, and legalize marijuana for adults. Until recently, Governor Phil Murphy and Senate President Stephen Sweeney were at a public impasse on a few key details of the bill. Recently, the two have come to a compromise to pass legalization this year. But they don't yet have the needed votes.

That's where you come in.

Please contact your lawmakers now and ask that they support the legalization compromise and end marijuana prohibition.

New Jersey is poised to be the first state in the nation to fully legalize marijuana (including regulated sales) through the legislative process. Please help make history by contacting your lawmakers today. Together, we can bring common sense marijuana policy reform to the Garden State.

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