NJ Gov. Murphy signs legalization bills!

Feb 23, 2021

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NJ Gov. Murphy signs legalization bills!

Exciting news! Yesterday, Gov. Murphy signed three bills into law that officially enact legalization in New Jersey!

Gov. Murphy’s signature ends a three-year campaign to regulate and tax cannabis in the Garden State. As you likely recall, in November 2020, New Jerseyans overwhelmingly approved a ballot referendum supporting cannabis legalization. The following month, the legislature responded with the passage of A.21/S.21 and S.2535. However, both measures stalled due to concerns surrounding penalties for underage use.

Late last week, the Senate Judiciary Committee advanced A.5342, which addresses penalties for underage use. Today, both chambers voted to approve the bill, and Gov. Murphy immediately signed all three bills into law. You can check out a summary of the bills here.

Effective immediately, adults can now legally possess up to six ounces of cannabis or 170 grams of concentrate.

Although Gov. Murphy’s signature means the end of arrests and prosecution for cannabis in New Jersey, it will likely take a few months before residents are able to purchase cannabis from retailers, as the recently formed Cannabis Regulatory Commission will develop rules for adult-use licenses.

We’d like to extend sincere thanks to all of you who helped push to make cannabis reform in New Jersey a reality.