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N.H. Senate passes medical cannabis home grow bill

Focus returns to the House legalization bill and Gov. Chris Sununu — Email your legislators and call the governor!

Yesterday morning, the medical cannabis home cultivation bill (SB 420) passed the Senate in a voice vote. Next, it will proceed to the House, which has passed similar bills by overwhelming margins. Gov. Chris Sununu vetoed a similar bill in 2019, and the Senate was three votes short of overriding his veto, so either the governor or three senators will need to change their positions if the bill is to become law this year.

While we wait for the House to schedule a hearing on SB 420, we will resume focus on HB 1648, the adult-use legalization bill that is pending in the House. Yesterday’s House session was cancelled because of snow, so the vote is currently expected on February 19 or 20.

Please email your elected officials and call Gov. Sununu today!

We are running a Facebook ad to promote the bill to the general public.

Please donate to help us reach more Granite Staters with our message of support for HB 1648!

You can read a summary of HB 1648, which passed the House Criminal Justice Committee in a 13-7 vote, here.

After you contact your elected officials, call the governor, and donate to support our ad campaign, please share this message with your family and friends.

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Tell Facebook to stop censoring organizations like ours

Sign the petition and urge Facebook to stop its discriminatory practices

In the age of social media, Facebook seems to be living in the past when it comes to its attitude towards marijuana. In addition to rejecting advertising from numerous legal marijuana businesses, the platform is unfairly suspending pages and “shadow banning” organizations like ours, making it difficult for supporters to find us and see our content.

Facebook should know better. Poll after poll shows that an overwhelming majority of Americans oppose marijuana prohibition. And dozens of states have legalized marijuana in one form or another. By restricting legal marijuana businesses and advocacy organizations from fully utilizing their site, Facebook is siding with prohibitionists and tilting the social media landscape in their favor.

We are joining the National Cannabis Industry Association in urging our allies to call on Facebook to immediately change its policies. Sign the petition to end the discrimination against legal marijuana businesses and advocacy groups like ours.

Thank you for taking action. Please share this email and the petition with others. We will continue to fight back until Facebook changes its policies, so stay tuned for further updates.

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Tax and Regulate

Coalition for a Safer Illinois Launches to Support Ending Prohibition

MPP is proud to announce the launch of the Coalition for a Safer Illinois, a group of organizations and community leaders committed to replacing marijuana prohibition with sensible regulations. We know prohibition has failed in Illinois, and we think it’s time for a better approach.

Check out the coalition’s new website, including our awesome members, like it on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter.

If you are part of an organization that might be interested in endorsing marijuana regulation, or if you are a member of the clergy, a doctor, a current or former law enforcement officer, an economist, or other stakeholder, please contact us at

Please also let us know if you are a casualty of marijuana prohibition — including if you’ve been arrested or stuck with a criminal record, or if you’ve been in a bad situation due to the underground marijuana trade.

And no matter what, if you are an Illinois resident, please help put pressure on your own lawmakers to support ending marijuana prohibition. Our email alerts to supporters often include a way to easily contact lawmakers and get the message across.  Sign up for coalition alerts here.

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Tax and Regulate

California Initiative to Legalize and Regulate Marijuana is Headed for the November Ballot

The campaign in support of the Adult Use of Marijuana Act announced today that it has collected more than enough signatures to place the initiative on the November ballot.13051785_1561302290867287_3261976781645789533_n
If you want to see California end marijuana prohibition this year, please sign up for the campaign to follow its progress and show your support for the initiative.
The Los Angeles Times reports:

A measure to legalize marijuana for recreational use in California appears headed for the Nov. 8 ballot.

A coalition that includes former Facebook President Sean Parker on Tuesday said it has collected 600,000 signatures, more than enough to qualify the initiative. …

The coalition, which includes some law enforcement and civil rights leaders, needed to collect 365,880 signatures of registered voters to qualify the initiative, which would also place a 15% tax on retail sales of the drug.

The campaign held a news conference featuring several prominent supporters of the initiative, including California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, the president of the California NAACP, a former deputy chief of the LAPD, a former president of the California Fish and Game Commission, and the chief physician of the Hematology-Oncology Division at San Francisco General Hospital. Staff from the Marijuana Policy Project, the Drug Policy Alliance, NORML, and other coalition partners were also on hand.
Lt. Gov. Newsom issued the following statement:
This November, California voters will finally have the opportunity to pass smart marijuana policy that is built on the best practices of other states, includes the strictest child protections in the nation and pays for itself while raising billions for the state
Learn more about the campaign and the initiative at You can also follow the campaign on Twitter and join it on Facebook.

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Tax and Regulate

Nevada Assembly Misses Historic Opportunity to End Marijuana Prohibition

Earlier today, the Nevada Assembly missed its last opportunity to vote on Initiative Petition 1, which proposes legalizing, taxing, and regulating marijuana for adults 21 and over. Since the legislature did not approvenevada-welcome the measure itself, the measure will appear on the ballot for the 2016 general election. This inaction means Nevadans will have to wait until late next year for the chance to end their state’s destructive and costly prohibition of marijuana.

Please "like" Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol in Nevada on Facebook so that the campaign can keep you posted as the ballot initiative campaign gets underway. While polls show strong public support, we can’t take victory for granted. We’ll need your help to get the word out and run a strong campaign.

As many in Colorado and Washington have already learned, legalization allows adults who prefer a substance that is safer than alcohol avoid arrest, jail, and damaged futures. The Initiative to Tax and Regulate Marijuana also affords greater access for seriously ill patients, because patients who suffer from conditions that are not currently included in the state medical marijuana program — such as Alzheimer’s disease — lack legal protections. And, of course, legalization saves scarce law enforcement resources for serious crime, while providing revenue to the state.

But while the Nevada Legislature missed this opportunity, history continues to move forward, and Nevada voters will have the final say come November 8, 2016. Please stay tuned for more updates.

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New Hampshire Governor Says She Still Opposes Decriminalization

[caption id="attachment_8614" align="alignright" width="215"]dt.common.streams.StreamServer.cls Gov. Maggie Hassan[/caption]

As New Hampshire legislators move closer to achieving consensus in favor of decriminalization, New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan says she remains opposed. She told the Nashua Telegraph last week that she did not support HB 618, a modest bill that would reduce the penalty for possessing up to one-half ounce of marijuana to a violation.

If you are a New Hampshire resident, please take a moment to call her office today and urge her to change her mind!

You can also urge her to rethink her position on Twitter and Facebook. (Please be respectful if you do — rude or hostile public comments will not help convince legislators to pass HB 618).

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Tax and Regulate

Alaska Legalization Initiative Poised for the Ballot

Alaska is one step closer to becoming the third state in the nation to legalize marijuana!

Tuesday, the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol in Alaska AK logo croppedreceived word from the Division of Elections that it collected enough valid signatures to qualify for the August 2014 ballot! The lieutenant governor will certify the initiative after the remaining signatures have been counted. Once that happens, Alaskans will officially have the opportunity to vote on whether to end marijuana prohibition this August.

The Associated PressAnchorage Daily News, and USA Today all featured stories highlighting this exciting development. Please help us spread the word about the campaign by sharing this news, especially with anyone you know in Alaska. You can also like the campaign on Facebook if you'd like to follow its progress.


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Help Legalize on the East Coast

Oct 30, 2013 Kate Zawidzki

Facebook, Just Say Now, Maine, phone bank, Portland, Question 1, Twitter

On November 5, voters will decide whether to approve a local ballot initiative that would remove all penalties for possessing up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana by adults 21 and older. Portland is the most populous city in Maine – where we intend to run a 2016 statewide initiative to regulate marijuana like alcohol – and a victory on November 5 would provide a dramatic boost to our efforts.

It's going to be a very close election, so we need your help. You do NOT need to live in Maine to lend your support in one of the following ways:

1. Call Portland voters using our online phone bank. Our allies at Just Say Now have created an easy-to-use system that provides voters' phone numbers, instructions, and a simple script.

2. Email anyone you know in Portland. We've created a page with a pre-written email to send to your friends and relatives. It also includes tools for sharing this message on Facebook and Twitter.

3. Make a donation to MPP. If you support our work to pass local initiatives in Portland and elsewhere, please donate today in order to move the ball forward in Maine and other states.

By taking just a little time out of your day to call some voters, send an email, or make a financial contribution, you can help us make history next week!

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MPP's Top 50 Most Influential Marijuana Users of 2013

We’re excited to announce MPP’s second annual list of the Top 50 Most Influential Marijuana Users! There has been quite a bit of variation since last year, including several additions and a number of people dropping in rank or off the list entirely.

To create the list, we adopted the criteriaTop 50 used by Out Magazine to select their “Power 50” list of LGBT Americans. That means our choices are based on “power to influence cultural and social attitudes, political clout, individual wealth, and a person’s media profile” – not just on popularity or support for marijuana policy reform. Fortunately, many of them have expressed support, but there are some “bad guys” on there, too.

As you look at the list, you will also notice that our selections do not consist entirely of current marijuana consumers. Rather, it is a list of the most influential Americans who have used marijuana at some point during their lives (although some of them do speak openly about their current use). The goal here is to dispel the myth that marijuana users are losers who lack motivation, and highlight the fact that they are typically productive and oftentimes quite successful people – particularly in these 50 cases!

In order to change marijuana laws, we need to change the way people view marijuana and those who use it. So please check out the 2013 list today, and then share it with your friends and relatives by posting a link on Facebook or bringing it up during a conversation.

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Prohibition||Tax and Regulate

Endorsements, Donations Power Prop 19’s Momentum

There are just 21 days left until California voters decide whether their state becomes the first in the nation to make marijuana legal for all adults. And as the campaign enters its final stretch, support for ending marijuana prohibition in California continues to pour in from all kinds of sources.

Late last week, the League of United Latin American Citizens of California (LULAC) – part of the nation’s oldest Latino civil rights group – became the latest statewide organization to endorse Prop 19. "The current prohibition laws are not working for Latinos, nor for society as a whole," said Argentina Dávila-Luévano, California LULAC State Director, in a statement. "Far too many of our brothers and sisters are getting caught in the cross-fire of gang wars here in California and the cartel wars south of our border.  It's time to end prohibition, put violent, organized criminals out of business and bring marijuana under the control of the law."

LULAC’s endorsement came on the heels of major financial contributions to the Yes on 19 effort from Napster co-founder Sean Parker ($100,000), Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz ($70,000), and David Bronner, the president of Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap Company ($75,000). Though the Prop 19 campaign has not yet received the multimillion-dollar funds required to launch a full-scale TV ad campaign, these donations will be a tremendous boost to get-out-the-vote efforts among California’s electorate.

To assist in that effort, MPP is directing our supporters to an online tool set up by the Just Say Now campaign that enables users to reach out to likely supporters of marijuana initiatives in California, Oregon, Arizona, and South Dakota. If you have any free time, this is a great opportunity to contribute to the cause.

For a more detailed look at the battle lines being drawn over Prop 19 in California, check out some of Phil Smith’s reporting over at the Drug War Chronicle.

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