N.H. Senate passes medical cannabis home grow bill

Feb 07, 2020

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N.H. Senate passes medical cannabis home grow bill

Focus returns to the House legalization bill and Gov. Chris Sununu — Email your legislators and call the governor!

Yesterday morning, the medical cannabis home cultivation bill (SB 420) passed the Senate in a voice vote. Next, it will proceed to the House, which has passed similar bills by overwhelming margins. Gov. Chris Sununu vetoed a similar bill in 2019, and the Senate was three votes short of overriding his veto, so either the governor or three senators will need to change their positions if the bill is to become law this year.

While we wait for the House to schedule a hearing on SB 420, we will resume focus on HB 1648, the adult-use legalization bill that is pending in the House. Yesterday’s House session was cancelled because of snow, so the vote is currently expected on February 19 or 20.

Please email your elected officials and call Gov. Sununu today!

We are running a Facebook ad to promote the bill to the general public.

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You can read a summary of HB 1648, which passed the House Criminal Justice Committee in a 13-7 vote, here.

After you contact your elected officials, call the governor, and donate to support our ad campaign, please share this message with your family and friends.