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MPP’s video ad that began airing Friday on a jumbotron outside the NASCAR Brickyard 400 was pulled later that afternoon by the media company that owns the video screen. Grazie Media, which had solicited the ad from MPP, approved its content, and accepted payment for it, reportedly came under fire from marijuana prohibitionist organizations such as Save Our Society From Drugs, which claimed the ad’s message that marijuana is safer than alcohol was false and misleading.

In a statement, MPP’s Mason Tvert said:

We find it odd that this company is willing to run ads at an alcohol-fueled event, yet unwilling to run an ad that simply highlights the ways in which marijuana is less harmful than alcohol. This is the exact type of hypocrisy that motivated us to run this ad. We wanted to make people think about the absurdity of laws that allow adults to use alcohol but punish them for making the safer choice to use marijuana instead, if that is what they prefer.

Despite only airing at the race for a few hours, the ad generated a wealth of national and local media coverage, including two segments on CNN and one on CNBC. The video has already received more than 550,000 views on YouTube.

3 responses to “MPP NASCAR Ad Pulled”

  1. Well, from a PR standpoint, this is the best that could have happened. With major networks reporting about this, the ad will reach a lot more people than at the NASCAR event itself.

  2. My name is Ramiro humara, or Davila, lol well I was raised in Texas.
    And marijuana , we’ve all been blinded from the truth guys , it DOSE NOT KILL BRAIN CELLS,
    They had that “theory” by making a monkey (they are the closest to a human being within DNA ) making it inhale over 500 grams of weed at ONCE, that’s a WHOLE POUND PLUS. What the fuck you think is going to happen ? Just by holding your breath you kill brain cells by the second. So yea. I have connected with weed, spiritually πŸ™‚ , I used to use it to make money, for girls, to get laid and all that. I am a changed person, and I’m still young , I don’t want to say my age that’s how young xD,
    But…. I have spiritually connected with it :), I’m happy , my mood is awesome and I’m chilled and kicked back and very giving and open armed to people :), really weed is good,
    GOD made this plant for a reason
    I suggest you all take advantage of it
    #legalize people,
    THE marijuana plant IS THE NEW PEACE SIGN,
    For love, hope, togetherness, and most important peace within πŸ™‚

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