“He is a political consultant being paid by the booze industry to protect their turf.”

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SAFER executive director Mason Tvert calls out an anti-Prop 19 spokesman  — “what this gentleman’s job is here is to raise doubt, and to scare people, and he’s again being paid by the alcohol industry” — on CNN. I’d say more, but the clip speaks for itself. Enjoy!

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  1. AWESOME! It’s absolutely amazing to see mainstream TV hosts giving short shrift to illogical arguments from prohibitionists, and giving reform advocates the majority of the speaking time.

  2. Are there any arrows left in the quiver of the prohibitionists?

    What a gift for us to recieve, the beer distributors donating money to defeat prop 19. See how difficult it is to think on a hangover?

  3. At 4:20 of the video. (funny coincidence)

    The SAFER gentelman mentions that the prohib is paid by the alchohol lobby to spread fear and disinformation. Watch his boo boo lip quiver when the SAFER rep drops that bombsell.

    Talk about a “tell” of a facial expression. Hope that guys doesnt play poker.

  4. That is so ignorant!!! When alcohol was legalized there were no laws created for drunk driving or going to work drunk. These are laws instituted as the need arises. This is a mute point! This money was strictly a payoff from the alcohol industry. I sure hope voters aren’t stupid enough to believe this garbage. We can think for ourselves.

  5. I live in Arizona where we will likely pass, again, a medical marijuana initiative. Cali is way ahead of the pack on this and it’s looking like Prop 19 may pass. I hope so. It’s silly to put all those restrictions on dispensaries, limit use to medical needs, keep prices high and access difficult. Legalization renders all that nonsense moot. Go Cali! Things will change more quickly for all of us when Prop 19 passes. All the lies and fears of folks like this alcohol spokesperson will soon be seen as the pure nonsense that they are.

  6. Wow, someone that would have the balls to come on National TV and argue that marijuana is worse than beer…

    Someone should have played the tape of the Tenn. Senator asking the FBI administrator how many deaths have ever came directly from marijuana use…..a big fat 0

    I have 1 tattoo on my arm from my 1 best friend I ever had that drank alcohol and tried to drive home and died on the way.


    What is really the price of a life? Someone ask those prohib’s if they have any first hand experiences of alcohol-death related incidents in their past. then ask them the same of weed. the truth is in their eyes.

  7. I like the host. He was fair and was the best debate moderator I’ve ever seen on CNN. He gave me a little bit more faith in CNN. Way to go!

    Anyone feel like this?

  8. All correct, but… Big 2WackGo kills four times as many Americans a year as alcohol and also has more to lose from cannabis legalization.

    As against this particular $10,000 gift, consider other more indirect ways the tobacco industry has been fighting to keep marijuana prohibition intact:

    1. Individual politicians’ campaign donations– in the 2008 Presidential race “Crack Down on Pot” Giuliani received by far the most tobacco industry money.

    2. Party– since the 60’s when Helms, Reagan, Sinatra et al. switched from Rep to Dem (Southern Strategy = War on Drugs), tobacco industry donations to the Republicans have averaged near twice those to the Democrats. Polling for the 2010 Prop. 19 initiative show Republican voters nearly 20 points more OPPOSED than Democratic voters.

    Misadventures with alcohol (but not cannabis) benefit $igarette profits. 1. A “$igarette or two” emboldens a drunk to try driving home after the party. 2. A “$igarette or two” helps an angry drunk remember to take the gun along. 3. After binge drinking, a teenager turns to nicotine to “sober up” and stay up all night cramming for the big school test.

    But cannabis threatens $igarette profits two ways:

    1. Yes, cannabis could replace tobacco for smoking use, but

    2. (Worse) Many cannabis users learn to use a vaporizer or a 25-mg. serving-size one-hitter instead of a hot burning “joint”, and once legal, this rational harm reduction behavior could spill over bigtime into the 700-mg. $igarette puffsucker population, permanently destroying industry profit margins.

  9. Corrigendum– in Point 2, “Party”, above, “Rep to Dem” should read “Dem to Rep”! Hard to believe isn’t it, Reagan was once a Democrat. He also appeared in a 1943 magazine ad, “Chesterfield is my cigarette– Ronald Reagan” even though he was personally not a smoker. So much for truth, I guess the money helped him win elections later…

  10. Jamesbo #2 said it all; let’s get our friends, Twitter crowd, Facebook group, etc. registered to vote!

    Jesus said to treat other people the way we would want to be treated. I know I wouldn’t want my college kid to go to jail with the sexual predators, or my parents to have their house stolen by the police, if they used a little marijuana.

    Let’s change the world. Let’s get registered and vote.

    Citizens and college students in in California can register at
    w w w . sos.ca.gov/elections/elections_vr.htm
    (just fill out the form and mail it in)
    And you can request a ballot by mail at
    w w w . sos.ca.gov/elections/elections_m.htm

    In other states, Google your state name and the phrase, voter registration. Print off the form and mail it in (or drive it down to City Hall).

    Five minutes. Register to vote. Pass it on. Change the world. Right now.

  11. haha was it just me who noticed the guy stuttering his ass off? i think what made me an activist for marijuana is seeing how there is a rebuttle for every fucking think a prohibitionist says. They drive points that are proven wrong and if you just look just a little its easy to see that. and i love the fact that our guy here didnt try to pound in the fact that its safer to use pot but hammered at the fact that this dude is paid by an industry that stands to lose money with legalization. bravo my man bravo.

  12. That was awesome. Even the host tore up the ETOH lobbies weak argument. No one is saying drive or go to work stoned but the facts don’t lie. Alcohol use privledges come at the most sever consequence to our society, in contrast to cannabis that has virtually none of the afore mentioned traits. Cheers everyone from MPP, and all my fellow bloggers.

  13. That was awesome. Mason, you did an unbelievable job of getting the facts to the public in proper fashion. The utilization of your wisdom, the programs ability to stay on topic:) and putting this hired gun in his place at the same time , was outstanding.

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