Former U.S. Surgeon General Calls for End to Marijuana Prohibition

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Former U.S. Surgeon General — and MPP VIP Advisory Board member — Joycelyn Elders appeared on CNN yesterday to argue against the criminalization of marijuana users. “Marijuana has never caused anybody directly to die,” she said. “It’s not a toxic substance … We can use our resources so much better. I think we need to legalize marijuana for adults, and tax it so we can use the money for much better things.”

Elders is just one of the countless other esteemed medical, legal, civil rights, law enforcement, labor, and economic leaders and organizations who have endorsed Proposition 19 in California, the measure to make marijuana legal for all adults.

Only 15 days left until Election Day!

24 responses to “Former U.S. Surgeon General Calls for End to Marijuana Prohibition”

  1. The scientific community is not against legalization and regulation of cannabis. Only those in business (alcohol, tobacco, urinalysis), those employed with specific interests to maintain prohibition (correctional facilities, drug enforcement), and those spouting religious dogma are against Prop. 19.

    Look at the self interests of those who favor prohibition and you can understand where their true influence lies.

    Prohibition is NOT better for our society, as proven by the millions of cannabis offenders who have been caught up in the racial and class biased criminal justice system of the U.S.

  2. Furthermore, ‘disproportionate minority confinement’ should be the number ONE reason why we regulate and tax cannabis on the Federal level.

  3. This is pure anti freedom for cannabis to illegal for the sake of keeping law enforcment employed and Govt programs going that benefit a few but enslave many. YES ON 19! CA

  4. It’s great to see high profile medical people like this come out and state publicly what I’m sure many of them know but don’t have the courage to speak up about. Bravo, and may this trend continue. Cannabis prohibition is an absurd policy. An economic boom is waiting for the day when all strains and uses of this amazing plant can be developed.

  5. As much as I want to commend these people for speaking out as it does help.

    Where were they while they were in office, not just her but all the others. It really makes you think. Especially all the ones who are currently in power weilding positions that refuse to loosen the grip on prohibition.

    What magical, dark, sinister, force has these people by the short hairs while they are in a political position and can do something about prohibition with a pen and paper, but when they are retired they are all of a sudden spokepeople for the repeal?

    Really starting to believe Jesse Ventura when he says the CIA has an official in each govorners office and that person controlls alot of whats going on in that office, not the elected official.

    I know it sounds crazy but it’s not far fetched anymore.

    I kind of think the repeal of cannabis by public referendum could be the unraveling of alot of broader topics that seem “out of public control” even though they should be in public control.

    Dear CIA & DEA

    Up yours.

    Sincearly Paul Revere.

    p.s. I’m sure you’ll pull my internet records now. I see you at my doorstep in a few hours. cookies or cake with your milk?

  6. Why should we trust a medical professional instead of a law enforcement offical? I mean, this is America god damnit we don’t use logic!

  7. Because she is a black woman, she will be ignored by prohibitionists. Sad, but true. This is America and when given the choice between a black man and a white woman, America reluctantly (because at heart, most Americans are racists) chose the back man and are quickly turning against him in favor of anybody who is white. Ms. Elders (whom I have high respect for) will be ignored.

  8. The health, science, and the medical community would of oppose having marijuana classified as Schedule One on the “Controlled Substance Act of 1970.” That is why former President Nixon got the law passed through Congress without any medical review.
    President Nixon hated marijuana because it was associated with the counter-culture during that time.

    It has been a horrible and costly failure ever since.
    End marijuana prohibition now!
    Vote YES on Proposition 19.

  9. This may be a bit off topic, but there is no forum.

    Can anyone tell me, if Prop 19 passes then will anyone be able to grow in their gardens without hassle from police or the state? Everyone is looking at the commercial aspects of it, but Cannibas is a sustatinable key plant and many many people will grow their own.

    I would love to hear the point of view about this.

  10. Since there aren’t any models to look at to answer this question i will take an educated guess. I live in Redding part of the emerald triange of North Ca. It takes alot of expertise to grow commercial grade cannabis. People could potentially grow this at home but most who work don’t have the resources or time. Just like tobacco it will be sold at a store i believe

  11. I thought I was proud of my country when I was on Obamas side during his Campaine, Boy was I wrong but guys I have that sense of pride again, That sence of excitement again for California. Make me proud again California. Please show me the people still have the nuts to do whats right no matter what the gov. says. YES ON PROP 19 WooHoo.

  12. Aron the Prop 19 does give adults the right to grow a 25 SF space I believe. Now your question about hassle free or not that is a question no one will be able to tell you untill this passes and we see what the cops and gov. do in retalliation. But according to the Prop 19 law you would be covered legaly.

  13. I think its a 5×5 foot area, not sure. It doesn’t matter how much space anyway, a clever grower could still get enough to smoke for a few months out of a closet!

    I spoke to a ‘stoner against prop 19’ and the idiot kept saying he wanted to grow his and own and not pay taxes. I kept telling him you are allowed to grow your own tax free. Then he said it shouldn’t be sold at all but be given away for free. Okay man… you go ahead and grow and give me a bag free every few days. Lets see how much work that’ll take you for compensation at all!

  14. A simple Request ..

    I do not live in California, so Prop 19 does not apply to me. However, Of californian’s I ask this :
    1. Please keep in you minds the Damage done not ONLY to California but to the rest of America from the Violent Gangs that Plaque’s our streets.

    2. To keep in mind We are also oppressed by government.

    3. To keep in mind the Horable Killings of thousands of Mexicans, that is still on going.

    4. To keep in mind our Econamy and what help that Prop 19 can give is better than Spending Money that we don’t have on a War that we can’t win.

    5. To keep in mind that in this Issue you DON”T stand alone.

    And Finally I ask you to remember that When you Go Vote on Nov. 2 That Our hopes and hearts go with you. If I was californian, I would Say “YES ON PROP 19”

    Go california Lead us into a Better way of Life.

  15. Marijuana prohibition is just a small part of the corruption in this country. The authorities pick & choose who goes to jail & who doesn’t. I know, b/c they destroyed my sons life. He was a Nuclear Operator in the Navy. IQ of 155 & can’t even further his education, b/c of all the fines & charges St Tammany Parish has trumped up. They make money off these people. You should see all the people working at the Humane Society. It is sad that when a parish or county can’t support themselves, they get more arrests for the free labor at all the parish or county sites.

  16. This is unkind to say but if the people who want to continue to prohibit marijuana were stricken with cancer and had to undergo chemotherapy, it would be they who would BEG for it!

  17. yah 15 days till elections we elected the twit who said he would only he turned intoa drone pushing gun stealing tax mongering lame duck

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