Texas Judge Spills the Beans

May 07, 2013

We often make the case that some law enforcement officials want to maintain marijuana prohibition because enforcing it provides them with job security and bigger budgets. This Texas Monthly article quotes a former Texas judge making that case for us while discussing his support for a bill that would reduce penalties for possession of up to one ounce of marijuana.

Bryan-College Station Judge John Delaney reported that probation officers in Brazos County had told him that passage of the bill, with its removal of incarceration and therefore of probation, would devastate their offices. Why? Because almost half of the county’s misdemeanor probationers have been convicted of possession of less than two ounces of marijuana. “We live off our under-two-ounce misdemeanor guys. They pay the rent.” [MPP emphasis added]

10 responses to “Texas Judge Spills the Beans”

  1. Sorry your honor, but your deputies have to graduate from arresting docile pot smokers to
    fighting armed and dangerous criminals. The SWAT teams might make sense then.

  2. What is worse, is that reliance on marijuana use as a criminal offense by law enforcement when every marijuana user knows that their use of marijuana is in maturity an intelligent use of a GOD-given herb, is a battle of wills that dooms prohibition to failure as certain as the failure of claiming 2+2=3; the facts do not add up: law enforcement is living a lie and hurting the very people they are sworn to protect from people like themselves who tresspass, lie under oath, steal by the legal measures provided to them by prohibitionists in power, RICO, etc. etc. etc.

  3. The corruption of our judicial system from the war on drugs is just one of the reasons every drug czar and president that has kept this farce going should be tried for crimes against humanity.

  4. I am adding a link to this article to append to an article we posted yesterday, ironically, speaking to an attorney in Oklahoma http://www.hempista.com/2013/and-liberty-for-all-the-drug-lawyer/ who almost verbatim repeated the same information about the profitibility of the prohibition system in Oklahoma.

    Clearly, these people need jobs. Legalized hemp & cannabis has to be able to offer them better job opportunities and more of them than the status quo to be successful in these regions of draconian drug laws.

  5. Governments could make all drugs legal & give private companies more powers to regulate drug taking. Individuals will have the right to drug themselves, but their medical insurance will rise, people’s employment opportunities will be restricted, shops may deny access ect ect. People will have to learn to take drugs in a more responsible way instead of being treated like children.
    This would create whole new industries making drugs safer, employment opportunities, be good for the economy & community. Think outside of the box stuff.
    Besides I am personally tired of paying taxes on enforcement of drug laws that do not benefit me.

  6. It’s a calamity of epic proportion when the entity that’s sworn to uphold justice actually profits from the injustice and the character assassination of its people.

  7. He is right. I used to live in Bryan/College Station. Those cops will take you to jail for the smallest roach. Come on vacation, leave on probation, then be brought back on a revocation. Recently had a friend busted who had a baggie in his car. That bag he was charged with possesion with had just a tiny tiny tiny spec of weed in it. He is now doing 2 years of probation paying $75 a month in probation fees plus $100’s of dollars a month for drug classes.

  8. This only goes to show just how addicted the power structure and their lackeys are to the money and jobs that marijuana laws create.

  9. It’s extremely sad so many Americans are HELD BACK IN LIFE because of pure government greed/hypocracy. It’s “ok” and “legal” to drink alcohol EVEN IN EXCESS , or take “prescribed” narcotic pharmaceutical garbage………..but take one puff of a PLANT, a natural flower, and be punished!?!?

    WTF is wrong with these ( reefer madness ) government officials who FORCED DRUG EDUCATION upon the youth! Did they ever add up that their “beer” is a DRUG? Or there “happy pills” are even more DANGEROUS DRUGS? Pure ignorance. It’s so sad.

    We need to force these dumbasses to open a book or take “classes” on DROOGS.

    In time the reefer madness generations will die off.

    Untill then, I pray for a better time.

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