San Diego Mayor Urges Jurors to Ignore Federal Law

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The Mayor of San Diego is encouraging jurors of an upcoming medical marijuana case to reject the prosecution’s argument, which rests on the fact that marijuana is banned at the federal level.

The feds arrested Ronnie Chang of San Marcos in 2009 for operating a medical marijuana dispensary. He is just one of the many Californians who have faced legal consequences for their state-sanctioned efforts to bring relief to patients.

Filner 2
Mayor Bob Filner

Mayor Bob Filner is outraged at Chang’s situation. “Someone should not be going through this stage of prosecution for trying to help people to have access to medical marijuana,” he told reporters.

A champion for civil rights and a former Freedom Rider, Mayor Filner wants jurors to send a message to the federal government this fall, when Chang’s trial is expected to begin.

“[I]t’s time, like with Prohibition, to step back and say this was a stupid thing to do…and juries ought to take the lead in saying that to the federal government.”

In a process known as “jury nullification,” Mayor Filner hopes that those selected to listen to Chang’s case will place their consciences above the evidence and acquit him of any wrong doing.

Let’s hope the jury heeds Mayor Filner’s bold cry for action.

14 responses to “San Diego Mayor Urges Jurors to Ignore Federal Law”

  1. Dear Mayor of San Diego,
    Please go on with your crusade. Adults who were forced to give up marijuana for their ailments turned to doctors for help, only to find out that their prescriptions are laced with poisons so evil and addicting! For example: Cymbalta (reuptake inhibitor) antidepressant prescription withdrawals are so sever you want to go back on it rather than go through the withdrawals for up to 8 months. Medicines like popular sleeping pills like Ambien and Lunesta actually stop your body from producing natural sleep inducing melatonin, all to trap you into an addiction, only to find out that the sleeping pill will eventually stop working altogether. Give us back the miracle cure plant and start targeting the real enemy: Monsanto and the FDA

  2. Jury nullification has always been our last line of defense against Federal and State tyranny. Our Mayor notes this approach as a means to thwart unconstitutional federal lawlessness, good job, but I want to know where he stands on new federally mandated State regulation. Who has the right to tell me what I can grow and put into my own body for any self motivated reason I choose? The right answer is me and me alone. How can we possibly believe that California or any state can do a better job regulating marijuana then they have done On their regulations up to now? Isn’t that how we got into this mess in the first place? Jury nullification should work for all State and Federal attempts at tyranny and plunder, but it requires a knowledgable public on what liberty and responsibility actually actually are. Read “The Law” by Frederic Bastiat if you are really concerned about medical marijuana and apply it to all regulation.

  3. Good for you Mayor – educating the public about Jury Nullification needs to be done – Judges also should be required to instruct the jury as to their right to over ride an unjust law – when in court you nor your attorney is allowed to even mention Jury Nullification without being in contempt and silenced by the Judge.

  4. Its about time an elected offical does something for the people who elected him and pays his salary! Good for you mayor, you would have my vote again!

  5. Fantastic! A politician who is intelligent, wants to actually solve problems, and has the courage to stand up to the stupid people who contribute little to our society, yet who too often seem to be the deciding votes in our peculiar form of democracy. This is a very hopeful turn of events!

  6. I applaud this move by the Governor. However I don’t know what the feds might do to retaliate. If they can do nothing then this will work, but with our legal system so convoluted, I worry the they might face some type of federal ‘retaliation’ for this type of move. It would be like them to pull some obscure law out and attempt to prosecute the jury. Don’t you just our Government!

    Like when a doctor told me to try it, “it’s legal”, well he was wrong in the fact that I have firearms and if you have a weapon and a Medical Marijuana ‘card’ you are considered a “Prohibited Possessor” which means you can be prosecuted for having a weapon and indulging in ‘illicit drug use’. People have faced this and it needs to be advised to everyone that it can happen until we cut the funds or something to curtail the governments ‘our of bounds’ retaliation towards Medial Marijuana patients. Fortunately I found out before an application was made.

    As a retired officer, I know that one of the last checks on if a law is legitimate, is if it is applied to a situation and the jury approves. If the jury can say no, that’s great, and if some law doesn’t effect this process he might be headed the right direction.

  7. Has anyone ever bothered to read what Spain told the US years ago about the studies they ran on the medical values of marijuana.I haven’t seen a thing on the news about it.Their studies showed that THC laden hemp oil cures cancer.What in the hell are we waiting for.Get chemo and radiation out of the hands of doctors and hospitals.Stop them from killing anymore people.I know the UN is trying to get countries to get rid of people because of the threat of overcrowding.This is still no reason to just kill people with the poisons they are using.There aren’t enough people telling the truth about this marijuana or else someone is scared to tell it the way it is.

  8. Bruce,
    Cancer is a BIG moneymaker. Money money money.

    What I would like to know : how has this jury nullification been going so far since the mayor’s recommendation? Have there been any jury nullifications in San Diego yet?

  9. The people are behind you Mayor Filner! I congratulate you on your bravery and intelligence. As more politicians, like yourself, defend the patients’ rights to access better treatment, defend the voters’ choices, and defend the people against abusive federal power and the federal denial concerning the scientifically-proven medical advantages of cannabis and the federal irrational thinking and vindictive punishment, more politicians will follow the example you have set and gain confidence to do the right thing.
    Please run for the President of the United States because I will surely vote for you.

  10. More and more as the discussion continues to intensify it looks like more people are coming to their senses. There is finally a sense of support and understanding as far as the benefits medical marijuana can have on a society both from a financial and health care point of view.


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