MPP’s “Money Bomb” Generates $694,383 for Colorado Campaign!

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Last week, during the five days leading up to and including 4/20, MPP promoted a 10-to-1 matching challenge for the Colorado campaign.

Thanks to the generosity of one donor, we pledged to give $100 to Colorado for every $10 donated to our general fund last week. And, more importantly, we pledged to give $1,200 for every $10 monthly donation we received (because monthly credit card donations are 12 times as potent as singular donations).

The results from last week are in the box below. A few observations:

– This was MPP’s first-ever money bomb, and I’d have to say it was a success. The power of monthly credit card donations massively increases MPP’s revenues, which is why we promote the monthly pledge program so consistently

– As of March 31, we had 582 monthly pledgers nationwide.  But now, because of last week’s “money bomb,” we have 712 monthly pledgers!

– Unfortunately, raising money via Facebook continues to be a challenge. If you have any ideas for how to do better on this front, please leave a comment below.

Thanks to the generosity of the 381 folks who participated in the bomb, we will now be sending a minimum of $694,383 to the Colorado campaign! We plan to send $500,000 in the near future, which will allow the campaign to invest in television advertising for the fall. Additional checks, totaling $194,383, will be sent periodically to help the campaign cover other important expenses  (such as billboards).


Two National Email Alerts:

One-Time Gifts: 145 donations, $10,884.48 total

Monthly Pledges: 115 pledges, $3,846 total

Social Media Fundraising:

One-Time Gifts: 21 donations, $470 total

Monthly Pledges: 10 pledges, $77.50 total

One Colorado Email Alert:

One-Time Gifts: 85 donations, $9,201.96 total

Monthly Pledges: 5 pledges, $149.99 total

Total Donations:

One-Time + (Monthly Pledges x 12): $69,438.32

Total Donation to Colorado from 10-to-1 Promotion: $694,383.20

2 responses to “MPP’s “Money Bomb” Generates $694,383 for Colorado Campaign!”

  1. On the Facebook front…the first step to raising money is raising awareness. I noticed on my Facebook page I regularly see status updates from music artists promoting their music. I am not subscribed to any of these artists nor have I clicked the “Like” button on these artists’ pages enabling them to show up on my news feed. You should look into raising awareness on Facebook from that aspect because I can envision a “MPP’s “Money Bomb” Generates $694,383 for Colorado Campaign!” headline on my news feed right now! Not only would people click on the headline link for the full story but they would also click on the donation link that should be attached to it! Hopefully my suggestion helps raise money and awareness.

  2. There’s a pretty common psychological phenomenon that people like to be associated with winners. I think any way you can promote the amount of money raised through this money bomb may actually sway people into supporting MPP and the Colorado initiative.

    As a general thought regarding the low facebook response, I’m wondering if it’s because that news will go out to only people that have liked MPP on facebook, and I would imagine that that population is very closely related with the population that receives e-mails from MPP. I will generally see my new e-mails before I check my facebook, so by the time I would see a facebook post, if I was going to donate I probably would have done so via e-mail before I even saw the facebook feed.

    Does anyone know how expensive targeted ads are on facebook? I wonder how expensive it would be to get a sponsored news feed alert to anyone that:
    a) has liked any other pro-cannabis group
    b) lives in Colorado

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